20.0.1 Server Patch

Deck of Lunacy, The Caverns Below and Far Watch Post all need nerfs

Can you fix the bug where some people got only a quarter of the dust they were supposed to receive for the classic pack compensation while others got like 4 times the amount they were supposed to? Don’t take dust away from the people who got extra but at least give the people the extra they were supposed to get. I hope it’s a bug because that would be stupid that the compensation I got for a legendary was 400 dust.

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Deck of Lunacy became a lot more powerful when they reduced the number of weak spells in the Classic and sets that rotated out.


Maybe they’re warming up to a Pen Flinger nerf. You’re now limited to one copy of that thing in Duels. It’s nice to see some bugs fixed too.

Pen flinger is from the last expansion so a nerf will come now that it’s not the newest

It’s been 2 days and you’re already asking for nerfs? At least wait a week or two for the meta to settle in before we go around asking for nerfs

I think the best option for a Pen Flinger nerf would either to make Pen Flinger only target minions with it’s battlecry OR to change it to where when it’s Spellburst effect triggers, it goes back to your hand with no Spellburst.

Or return it to your hand at the end of the turn.

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Please consider a rework of Tickatus, and change Jaraxxus hero power or Jaraxxus hp. The deck is unfunny to play against with 10 less card to play and infinite 6/6 spam and countless removal tools.

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Was Nitroboost Poison supposed to be “nerfed” where if you use Secret Passage, and then proceed to corrupt Nitroboost, it goes back into the deck after you end your turn? I know that before FITB released, whenever you corrupted the card, you kept it in your hand after ending your turn.

Deck of Lunacy doesn’t require a nerf imo, and Far Watch Post is literally fine, it’s meant to be annoying.

Please remove or nerf Pen Flinger and reduce amout of heal what can have warlock… one i got game when he healed well over 50hp… this is bullsh1t…

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Let the meta settle or let you keep winning with your broken deck? Which one is it, be honest. Anyone can see the statistics and have the understanding nerfs are clearly coming sooner rather than later.

imgur com/hoKFnvZ

This bug cost me a ladder game today and this arena game twice in the same game. I couldn’t come back after the second spell damage-related play you see in the picture. My opponent played Stormwind Champion to deliver exact lethal. Will I get any compensation? Heh. You are neither ‘sorry to hear’ I ‘experienced such an issue with the game’, nor you are ‘happy to assist!’.

I’m really frustrated. I used to spend so much money on the games I loved playing, not just Hearthstone. Scarcely did I think I didn’t get my money’s worth. As I grew up, however, it came to my attention that companies started to become more and more (I don’t want to say lazy, but) complacent with their works. I have no clue as to why that is. I only know that I have no intention of spending a single dime on live service games anymore. I hope I’m alone on this as a miserable, boomer, old fool and everyone else enjoys live service games.

I came back to the game a month ago, full of hope and already pondering on quitting again.

Edit: I have to clarify what exactly is going on in the picture because my hovering over the card obstructed the board. They played Sorcerous Substitute, the 6 mana 6/6 from Scholomance that summons another copy if you have spell damage on the board.

It could transform a fixed number of spells, instead of all.

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When I was growing up, the Internet didn’t really exist. So if you got a game it had to be good, and mostly bug free, from the start, or it sucked forever. The Internet now enables bug patches, and laziness.

In an unrelated note, I’ve noticed no whining about demon hunter lately. Is demon hunter actually a somewhat balanced class now?

Nice, could you please nerf the card “Oh My Yogg”, it now reads, whenever an opponent plays an spell with an animation, counter it. How it is possible that i keep on losing games because of this???


It’s sitting comfortably in tier 2 currently, there’s still a few haters lately, but that’s died down.

It’s no longer the god tier class it was, it got some good decks that play well (Soul Demon Hunter is actually one of my favorites) and while it will probably not be bottom tier ever, it’s not oppressive. Also, it’s obvious that we’re stuck with it for good now, so it’s just part of hearthstone.

need to add a hot fix in BGs too. more than one mama bear is not giving beast both mama bears +4/+4. they are only getting 1 of the bears buffs.

Nerf Far watch post maybe ?

Its technically a 2-4 taunt for one mana with a powerfull snow ball effect since you know you hit minimum one opponent card with the effect and its a card you need to kill ASAP making it basically a taunt minion except if you enjoy losing to a snow ball effect… ON TURN ONE IF COIN OUT !!!

Seriously … do you even play test bro. That card is not just broken, its plain stupid and make me wonder if you play test your card before release.