19.6 Patch Notes

19.6 Patch Notes

The 19.6 patch includes a balance updates for Battlegrounds, Duels, and one minion in Standard.

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i can still do alura combo at 4 even after the patch lol


Patch isn’t live yet. Go live when?

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even after it goes live i will be able to do the combo on 4


Hey, hey, HEY, HEY!

Blizz, you do realize that the problem with discard warlock in duels is not the treasures, it’s the hero power, right? You keep nerfing the wrong damn thing. If you removed all treasures, the hero power would still be OP since it lets you burn through your deck at lightning speed and spill out big early game boards with discard synergy.

There must be some mistake! Many cards needed to be nerfed but I only see Alura.


quillboars ?? did i miss it ?

I’m getting the Update prompt for Hearthstone now, in US on a Mac. Also, Quillboar tribe art was shown during Blizzcon, but they didn’t say much about the tribe’s mechanics or any specific minions. I think maybe they mentioned that they would have their own resource.

EDIT: I saw at least two big cats in the art for the new expansion. Cats deserve to be a tribe, and human Kel’thuzad will be their hero. Fear the kitties.

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No fix to the Collection Achievement system? Lame.

I noticed my guburish armor card cost 1 is missing. that get retired or something? also some other cards are missing

The Arm of the Empire update seems overpowered, should be interesting to try out.

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All excited by new content and then you throw nerfs in our faces overnight, just a month before rotation. Team5 defo missed the point on this one, cutting the arm because the finger is sore. We don’t want a refund for Alura but for Nozdormu & TtScales.

Also, this pattern of very easily nerfing decks that are perceived by “high skilled” top legend players as dumb while leaving other strong swing strategies in “higher skill cap” decks untouched for months is very obvious now.
And I am mainly looking at Warrior and Rogue who are loved in high levels of play. Not the same sensitivity about Edwin for years, whirlkick or skipper/armormsmith+bloodsworn for months. Or maybe these are not too strong swings I guess and they leave much more space for interaction.

And it’s not that I won’t be able to play another deck. Being legend every single month for a year in both formats, top 200 wild top 1000-1500 standard and almost full collection. It’s just annoying and tbh unfair seeing a couple of “privileged” classes just because they don’t receive the same community hate.

Overall some good changes, but the LAST thing elementals needed in Battlegrounds was a buff! Molten Rock was already way overpowered for a Tier 2 minion and you gave it more starting health? I’d like to ask the reasoning for this change. And still no Tier 6 minion for Murlocs??


Tell me how???

Still nothing done about Kadgar, should be removed from BG completely, no need for him to be in the game - until they do BG is a stinking pile

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Hummel the Druid Hero in the Mega bundle has very simple, non creative and poor bad emotes!

add coins to your hand

  • Instead of checking for triples after each minion is summoned, all minions will now summon first before any triples are generated.

This change is extremely relevant to Khadgar, his use as a gigantic triple generator (potentially together with Brann) is now gone. You can still get some triples but this is such a big “nerf” to that strategy it is likely no longer worth to even try, I doubt you will see it in any of your games going forward.