18.0 Patch Notes

18.0 Patch Notes

Prepping for Scholomance Academy, the 18.0 patch includes Battlegrounds updates and more!

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I am excited for the new hero!


No changes to cannon or megasaur? FeelsBadMan


Have you guys still not figured out a way to release patches on mobile at the same time as PC? Oh wait, small indie company.


The free legendary on login is much appreciated


When is this update coming to Android and IOS ?


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make minions that spawn from Deathrattle effects only have 1 star (like Robosaur). As we see an increase in random generated minions from cards like The Dread Razor and Nat Pagle, it is becoming increasingly common for your opponent to get a bunch of random higher tier minions that do a lot of damage if you lose the round.

I played a game yesterday where my opponent got a Dread Admiral, an Amalgadon, and Ripsnarl from their pirate ship and hit me 16 extra damage. I might be missing something but I don’t think keeping these randomly generated minions at full tier adds anything to the game and overall creates more negative situations.


It would have been really nice to see some tuning with BGs, like fixing the animation skip or making tokens unable to turn golden. I understand that additional balance changes so soon after the previous one would not look very professional, but there are ways to make updates which would not have to be announced as balance changes.

didnt find a bugfix for the endturn button bug in there …


Thank you for returning the cupcake card back to the shop upon expansion launch.

Intriguing list of card improvements. Poisonous gets a new indicator, some cards get their delay removed, Evocation lost some style points, more accurate targeting shown from the opponent.

Any fix for t-mobile or sprint users LTE?

all nice changes would like to see a ready button to speed the whole game up abit:D

new hero is bugged. Or is the hero power only supposed to happen once?
I got a discover after the first player died, but did not get one when the second one died. (I died the round after, so don’t know if it works for 3rd hero or what)

The mobile is delayed because playstore needs to check the att.
by what I know, THIS one is not on blizzard

Can you also pls speed up the (summoning) animation of serpentshrine portal?


Still no nerf to Murlocs? Blizzard, watch some games and you will see how many fun strats are getting ruined by full poison/devine shield murlocs. It’s really hard to counter from scratch and it’s pretty much in every second game where murlocs are in play. And ofc getting top position almost guanranteed.

Yo, the update crashes iOS more frequently than usual. Might want to get on that.

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How about adding the total games played stat for battlegrounds? Would it be such a inconvenience?:new_moon_with_face:


Pls speed up all animations.