18.0 Patch Notes

After increasing the animation speed of Zoobot by replacing it with Menagerie Mug, could you now speed up the animation of Khadgar? PLEASE!

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New minions are awesome. Can help everyone in the early game and both strong. Menagerie was already back since amalgadon and it seems that it will get stronger. Nice !

New hero looks decent, not op but not awful. You can get crazy minions with some luck but it take some times and you need to stay alive. Kinda like those late game champ.

On the other hand still no nerf for Eudora, yikes… And nothing for the awful pirate’s animation where they take a TON of time to attack while getting buff by other units. Those jerky three steps attacks are just horrible to watch no matter what side you’re on.

the megasaur is alright But that cannon man , game after game after game all you see are cannons and whatever crap and half the lobby dead by turn 10. battlegrounds my **s its firing squad all day long

player could sell all the minion to avoid your hero power
I would do that if I am going to lose and my frend still in the game

I’m sorry but i’m not sure how your mobile carrier relates to the game

Did you ever consider changing some golden Cards? I find it very dulling that T6 cards like Maexxna, Nedina are absolutely not tripple-worthy. It would be cool if e.g. Golden Maexnna has cleave, Golden Toxfin has “give a murloc and adjacent murlocs poisonous” or something along those lines.
Please think about this. Would add a lot of freshness to the game

Fix it?
For me it was introduced with this patch!

are you going fix Priest,Mage or rogue none of them fun to vs and Priest players are attack all nerf ideas people trying post with same copy and past augments

(mage and rogue player seem be less of a problem this days in wild and stander)

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been around since the last nerf patch

Since legacy mobile device hardly handle Hearthstone, new patch means less performance… or lead users to purchasing new mobile device…

It would be nice to see in future updates bundles that instead of adding card back, new hero and golden packs… that would reduce the price for new mobile device purchase. Ex: latest iPad Air model at 100$ rebate when pre-purchasing 100 hearthstone packs. So kinda the same stuff as we see with free new games when purchasing new GPU for desktop.

Remote play from PC streaming to mobile device who would provide controls would also be a nice implementation for Hearthstone.

Keep up the good work and the great music!

See you in-game or on the forums when game gets too laggy… =P

please allow us to buy khadgar again! i beg you! i missed it due to my grandmothers death

New Hero seems ok, but not overpowered in my opinion