17.6 Patch Notes

17.6 Patch Notes

The 17.6 patch includes pre-purchase for Scholomance Academy, Battlegrounds updates, balance changes for Standard, and more!

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SMH… no improvements for low RAM devices.
go to h***, blizz

Thank you for hypercancer aggro nerfs to Demon hunter and Weapons, but with spellburst and quest mage drawing/playing 4-16 cards in a single turn with evocation + apprentices + flamewaker pings and otking turn 6 while also having ice block. It’s really really hard to kill a combo deck that can otk you as fast as aggro while having a ice block. Contrary, i don’t mind combo decks in wild, i rather enjoy them, but i want them to at least take time to build up combo or take turns 8-10 to go off, not see them start the combo in hand with a 70 damage on t6 8 out of 12 games. That’s just way to early for combo. it’s hard to do anything against them before they ice block and otk you.

Reno Quest hybrids come with built in reno iceblock basically forcing you to kill them two times and Apprentice + evocation + Elemental invocation + 0 mana mana cyclone basically gives them full quest completition with up to 10-20 damage of unavoidable pings and 5-12 random cards into their hand in wild. 1 card quest completition for a otk with Evocation is just way overkill.

It might be worth watching them imo, or requiring spells cost at least 1-2 mana or not have reduced costs to count for quest mage/flamewaker to prevent 1 turn otk completions due to evocations giving out 20 cards for free in a 1 mana cast 8 spells add 8 spells to your hand deal 16 damage to random enemies card.

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4 beast tier 6 how can this balance?

Russian page with this article consists wrong information about date of arena rotation – 30 july. Please fix it and fire incompetent employee.