17.4 Patch Notes

The Felfire Festival welcomes Pirates to Battlegrounds, the Trial by Felfire Solo Adventure, and more!

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Thank you Trump for fixing zephrys :pray:

I’m wondering what will rotate out for every minion type in battlegrounds. For some minion’s its obvious and for other’s it isn’t if they will get rotated out.

Can we have a moment of silence for Holy Mackerel?

No. It deserves nothing.


What does the 0/2 Treasure do?

I’m guessing it gives you gold in some way for future use

Looking for iOS improvement … looking for iOS improvement… no? nothing? alright, guess I just have to miss out on this content.

I don’t play BG, but at least I will get a golden Sunstrider!

Colour me excited! Nice BG changes

Captain Eudora is in Battlegrounds! … eventually … I do not have the Battle Pass. Now she’s one step away from being playable in all modes.

Mana glitch on mobile finally addressed (we had it for three months). Good job. God. That must have been some bug.

This is the most exciting news for me.

full tribes will rotate out each game, so in one game, you dont have murlocs, but in the next you have murlocs but no demons

i think

No new cards except for battle grounds? No class balancing? Is it time to uninstall?

Indeed. That was so annoying. Glad this finally got fixed.

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