17.0 Hotfix Update

Well, the problem wasn’t the breaking and shuffling into the deck when it reached 0 durability; the problem was that it never reset its damage. Can confirm that that part’s fixed though.

However, it isn’t fixed if you Doomerang it. Tried it in the same game. The weapon remained damaged in that case.

May also want to verify that the Eternal Army anomaly and Sword Dancer Sirinell in Tombs of Terror are fixed as well. They both keep enchantments and were exhibiting the same issue.


So I am curious, why did you release this version 2 weeks before the actual beginning of the year and release of the new set? A significant number of issues would just never have happened. Is this to help keep download bandwidth better controlled, anticipating that more people than usual will be playing on April 7th (and that mobile users would certainly not be happy about having to wait longer)?

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Can you guys fix the issue when I try to talk with someone on the Iphone? It closes the app everytime and I had these bug for many months (I reinstalled the app, I changes the language) anything works :confused:

While playing on my iPhone I’m noticing the mana amount on the right of the screen is displayed incorrectly sometimes. Makes games difficult.


If I had to guess, they probably anticipated that the patch would bring a huge wave of issues now that they’ve suddenly introduced a whole new class to the game and made a bunch of changes to their ranking and card distribution systems. This gives them a little time to work through those issues before the expansion goes live. When it does, they’re gonna get yet another wave of bugs from the new cards. Easier on developers to stagger all these changes out.

Right here is not consistent.
Onvoke cards is class specific and the cards that generate cards is one of the example of Clever Disguise Add 2 random spells from another class to your hand
So what is the pool of cards in 17.0 patch in the abilities that generate other class cards , what does this includes and excludes ?

  • And it not only Clever Disguise that was broken , all Rogue cards that generate cards were affected. Please refer to the post in BUGs section

For those who abused the system and dusted living roots are you going to get back the balance of the dust refunds?

For those who abused the system and dusted living roots are you going to get back the balance of the dust refunds?

Don’t think they have the ability to figure out who disenchanted it unless they keep very detailed records every time a user disenchants/crafts something, If I had to guess I would say they are just letting users keep the dust if they did that

That makes sense. This patch is huge, for sure! Lots of major changes, the vast majority of which I am very happy with. This way the actual expansion launch will be smoother.

Edit: @Kerfluffle: do you think it would be possible to cross-post this kind of announcement on the Bug Report forum? That would probably reduce the number of duplicate reports in these busy times. Thanks!

It looks like during your opponent’s turn, his mana is displayed on the little side pop-up rather than ours - the one that pops in when you “open” your hand to see the cards better. If you put away your cards, that mana indicator seems to display correctly.


Invoke card mechanics changes:
Before, Invoke cards were excluded from Discover before. They changed it, but it caused new bugs, so they are reverting to the old behavior until it is fully fixed in an upcoming patch.

What other Rogue cards were broken? I only saw reports regarding Clever Disguise and the cards used against Demon Hunter in Practice mode (which has also been addressed in the OP).


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Your post is gibberish. Do I need to go to other web site to find what you are saying ?
and you mixed things

  • Discover
  • Invoke
  • Add random spells or minions from another class to your hand.

some @Celestalon Tweets are my own opinions.

That would make sense, but it does not answer the question.

And it is so, why the other junk is generated that is unusable and really only class specific use, and no other class can benefit from its use.
No filter on junk ?

unlocking a basic card arena reward lol

When are you going to fix the Android bug on battlegrounds, it’s still unplayable even on patch 17.0 after round 2 It won’t allow me to buy or sell minions or only get 1 chance per round at around the 30 second mark to either pick or sell then I can’t pick or sell again untill the next round and if I accidentally drop it I can’t pick or sell anything this has now made my MMR rating drop. Playing on xaomi redmi S2

Anyone else get the questline - but still not being offered the choice of free deck after completing it?

Doomerhang make kingsbane come back to the hand with only one durability, is It correct ? Will you planning in force a nerf on the deck anyway ?
Please DONT
Or give the dust from kingsbane AND doomerhang

What? Abuse? I needed dust and saw that card as epic soni dusted, never intended the abuse part :frowning:

Someone can please answer me ?