14.4 Arena Balance Update – June 10

Hey everyone,

With today’s hotfix we’ve also done a post-rotation Arena balance update. Here’s what we’ve changed:

  • Updated the appearance rate of specific cards to ensure class balance remains close to the ideal 50% win-rate.
    • The win-rate of Hunter, Mage, and Paladin should now be decreased.
    • The win-rate of Priest, Rogue, Shaman, and Warrior should now be increased.
    • Card appearance rates for Druid and Warlock remain untouched.

The Arena Buckets have been updated on the Current Arena Rules thread. We will continue to monitor Arena balance and adjust as needed, especially around set rotations. Thanks!


Hopefully this means conjurer’s calling will show up very rarely now. It’s baffling how powerful this is in arena.


Why decreasing hunter winrate and increasing rogue?

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What do you mean decreased and increased rate of classes on wins or lose. If did you just did the same thing casino would do with A slot machine to rig it control of win or lose.
If this is case you did so it against the law for any game or gambling to control anything dealing with real or fake money dealing token’s or actual money rewards.
Your gold same falls under a win of fake money because you can buy things within your shop same as real money too.

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They adjusted how often certain cards cards are offered to the player to make the global winrates of all classes as similar as possible. Is it really so hard to understand?


How does one INCREASE or DECREASE a players win/loss rate based on class? That is fishy and sounds like per-determining who is going to win…

Sounds like Hearthstone Devs just admitted to rigging the games.

If you make the average deck quality of a class lower the average winrate will go down, it’s pretty simple.


Great another quote that dumb people will read incorrectly to make stupid claims. Wheeeeeeee


That’s one way of reading it. A dumb and inaccurate way of reading it, but a way of reading it nevertheless.


That’s how I read it with devs post that it was rigged in win or lose classes instead of randomness.

Awhile back there was a rumor of activision, doing stuff like this.

Allow me to repeat myself:


This is not a matter of mismatching words, but understanding the context of each sentence and the domain of references that each statement is made with.

This is not something that is restricted to English so you will struggle with this in any language.

You’re not very smart.


According to hsreplay, rogue was already in the top 3 arena classes… I find it odd that you chose to buff rogue in light of this. Any explanation is greatly appreciated.

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I have to say i am very shocked it took this long for them to adjust that in card in arena. It’s just way to powerful in that format.

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This kind of tinkering is exactly why I don’t play Arena. If sets were designed with limited play in mind, as it is in other games, messing with card appearance rates wouldn’t be necessary.

what do you mean by limited play ?

Limited is a term from MTG and refers to Draft and Sealed type events.

I’m not smart with way it was worded and made it sound like.