14.4 Arena Balance Update – June 10


I believe HSreplay averages 30 day statistics. So it still includes even last rotation of arena.
Blizzard has some real data, so I’m sure if they say rogue was down it was actually down.


No, class winrates are based on last 48 hours


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What the second amendment actually says.

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I think it’s way better than it has been in the past in this regard. There is much less absolute trash printed that ruined Arena. Almost everything printed now is at least useful. Also, other card games don’t have the ability to craft digital solutions (like bucketing and drop rates), They are built around physical cards, take them or leave them.

The problem was in the best they weren’t balancing printing around limited AND they were doing anything on the digital side for balance. They have come a long way and Arena players for the most part appreciate these balancing moves (as it keeps problem classes in check). Paladin and Mage have not been fun to play against recently.


Not only are you blatantly incorrect with your analogy as several other people pointed out, but you dusted all your cards two days ago so there’s really no point posting here any more.

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