23.4.2 Patch Notes

The team is currently in the process of rolling out a server-side patch with the following updates:

Game Adjustments

  • Added Lord Barov back to the Battlegrounds Hero Pool.
  • Removed Goblin Bomb, Naval Mine, Helmet Hermit, and Frozen Mammoth from the Arena Draft Pool. Made several appearance-rate adjustments to impactful Neutral cards and to Demon Hunter, Druid, Hunter, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, and Shaman classes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where playing Immolate caused subsequent chain effects (multiple effects on the same trigger, such as Mass Polymorph) to lag.
  • Fixed a bug where Shattershamber affected non-minion entities (like Deathrattle weapons).
  • Fixed a bug where a Golden Minion received off Mr. Bigglesworth’s Hero Power would not offer a triple reward.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the Y’Shaarj Mercenaries Bounty from dropping Y’Shaarj Coins (note: there still remains a visual issue where the Y’Shaarj Coins are not shown, but they are still being awarded to your account).
  • Fixed a bug allowing Bleed effects to trigger while a Mercenary is on the Bench.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the Divine Intervention Bounty Treasure from functioning.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Xuen’s Task 17 from tracking correctly.
  • Fixed bugs related preventing Hooktusk Tasks from progressing when using Cutthroat Negotiations and Shiver Their Timbers alternate versions.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Mulgore Might from granting Heal Power.
  • Fixed bugs causing the Chain Heal Ability to not function properly.
  • Fixed a bug where the Earthmother’s Fury Ability had Cooldown 1 instead of Cooldown 2.
  • Fixed a bug where Holy Judgment’s Freeze effect would trigger without satisfying the Holy Combo condition.
  • Fixed a bug where Brann’s Extra Spirit Equipment unlocked at Level 4.
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Baine’s equipment still shows +attack in the collection review, instead of +health. (It works fine though, just visual.)

Happy to see some Mercenaries fixes, but what about the stability issues with the game mode? Getting kicked out repeatedly mid-bounty or while upgrading mercs is becoming very frustrating.


Another garbage patch. Thanks

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The team is aware of this issue and is working on something they believe should help with this issue, too.

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What about the attack order being all messed up in Mercs?


What about “kill 2 enemies by …” tasks progression?

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Yes, this is probably the most important Mercenary fix needed. My combos don’t work half the time because of it.

was the nagaling choose one bug fixed ? last time i got a choose one card i coudlnt choose …

No fix to the Duels Hero Power/Signature Treasure unlock progress being frozen?


Checked, they are working correctly now!
Despite not mentioning it in notes

so when will you fix duels unlocking cards?


Great, only fix half of brann, his abilities and equipment are still broken and what you do is nerf his worst equipment. no elemental resistance from any spell school, bronzebeard spirit broken with golden monkey advancement, thanks blizzard

Time event task 9 bugged … For god sake, assign someone capable for QA


Umm… So Earthmother’s Fury is supposed to have cooldown 2? Because there’s still an issue related to this. In mercenaries, click on the tavern and select Baine Bloodhoof. It still shows Earthmother’s Fury as having cooldown 1.

Asking again for the cards added to the core set this year to be updated to match the ones that remained in from last year. Last year, owning the golden, non-core set version of a card made available its core set counterpart to use in Standard and Arena, achievement completed or not.

The cards that were in the core set last year and stayed in this year (ie Cenarius, Tirion Fordring) still work this way, while cards added this year (ie Reno Jackson, Brann Bronzebeard) do not. The result is not being able to use golden cards which you own in your collection in Arena or Standard if you don’t have the achievement completed like we were able to last year.

Thank you.

How is it possible to release a task that can’t be completed? Unless of course, it was never tested. Not even once. That is an epic QA failure that should deeply embarrass everyone in the company. It won’t, but it should.


Do we need to point every single bug (there are plenty of those)
For Baine alone his healing power equipment shows attack and not health, his 3-rd ability’s deathblow doesn’t work. You looked into this merc, didn’t you?!

Besides, Brann’s second equipment speeds up abilities, but doesn’t give shadow resistance at all - easily testable at 1-1 heroic… Blues there do shadow damage.

Plenty more other bugs as well which I already commented in several other posts.

BIGGEST of which the speed tie on our side - many of us lose bounties/time because of this.

Aren’t we in a new patch? Just saying.