23.4 Known Issues

6/13 Update:

The team is aware that Y’Shaarj’s event task 9 can’t be completed as written. The team doesn’t care! We won’t even acknowledge it. You keep spending money in our shop so we will keep releasing badly coded and untested updates because that’s working for us!


FYI, DeckTech says they’re aware of the Y’Shaarj Task 9 issue and it’ll be fixed “very soon”.

“Started Friday and then it was a weekend (as is always the case with Fridays). It’ll be fixed very soon, everyone just take a breather.”

Nicholas “DeckTech” Weiss (Twitter)

This is a whole lot of nothing. He’s probably a nobody. Give us an official feedback, not some random dude’s tweet.


So which Blizzard employee would you have preferred to hear from instead of Nicholas Weiss?

they probably assumed a hearthstone employee would have blizzard or hearthstone or a checkmark associated with their handle/ account. as far as I can tell it says ‘writer associated with blizzard’ …not sure myself how meaningful that all is.

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Do we need to point every single bug (there are plenty of those)
For Baine alone his healing power equipment shows attack and not health, his 3-rd ability’s deathblow doesn’t work. You looked into this merc, didn’t you?!

Besides, Brann’s second equipment speeds up abilities, but doesn’t give shadow resistance at all - easily testable at 1-1 heroic… Blues there do shadow damage.

Plenty more other bugs as well which I already commented in several other posts.

BIGGEST of which the speed tie on our side - many of us lose bounties/time because of this.


Anyone stating pronouns in their bio is anything but credible for me (and in general) so he is irrelevant. I said official, like warcraftdev, not self-proclaimed insiders.

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Really? Really? After all that happened you didn’t even bother testing the final task at least once? Are you freaking serious? How lazy do you have to be to not bother to at least test this one last task at least once? That’s beyond ridiculous! Unbelievable!

Edit: OK! I managed to complete task 10 by buffing him to 150+ so he would do 150 in a single attack. So the task is coded to check for 150 damage in one attack, not one turn. At least we don’t have to wait for them to fix it this time.

Edit 2: Well, since Blizzard’s new way of telling us what’s going on in the game is through some guy on twitter instead of the official forums, I should edit this in case someone sees this post before their answer. The actual error in the task is that it requires 200 damage in one turn instead of 150. The reason I got it by buffing him to 150+ was because it hit multiple enemies. So, it still counts total damage done in one turn, you just have to do 200 or more.


So freaking tired of their “check your baggage,” “just take a breather” and putting this on players kind of posts. If they did their jobs IN THE FISRT PLACE, and PROPERLY TESTED this junk, none of this would be happening!

It’s time microsoft came in and gave these people a “breather” with some pink slips!

Whoever fired team 5 and replaced them with competent devs.


6 minions killed and the achievement is still at 0, waaake up blizzard

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Reno Jackson’s Dazzlin Flex ability does not carry on to next turn. The skill reads “Their next ability targets this Merc” yet it seems to be reset when turn ends. Opponent kept rooting my only attacking green unit w/ 0 speed Malfurion, ignoring Reno’s flex from previous turn, making his Chi’ji unkillable and single handedly losing the match. Blizzard™ Moment.

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Not sure if anyone mentioned this yet/if someone else is also experiencing this, but I’m having huge problems in the merc group builder mode. I made a group, but it won’t let me click it (rename/delete), nor will it let me add mercs. Now I just have a slot with an empty group I can’t delete.

When I made a new group it was giving me the same problems again, but that one I was able to delete. I kept trying and eventually got a group together, but it’s definitely EXTREMELY buggy.

Anyone else have this issue?

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Vanessa Vancleef task 14 still doesn’t work.



Mercenaries: treasure “all your team becomes pirates and gets +X to attack” breaks renewal ability of the Old Gods. They just don’t renew.

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That’s not a bug, that’s working as intended since your mercenaries are no longer old gods, they are now pirates.

And the hits just keep coming


I truly doubt this the more time goes on.


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I would just like to know they’ve read this and have been made aware there is an issue to be resolved. Seems I’m not the only one that has (in my case it’s still ongoing) had this issue before. Do they normally do so or no?

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Been running into this for months while playing Duels on Android and just had it happen again. Enemy player takes an action that causes me to disconnect and I’m unable to take another action for the rest of the game. I can see the enemy player swinging at my face. This last disconnect occurred when I was hit with a Woecleaver.