What a disappointment of a response you lost all integrity as a company even you admit it wasn't fair

Continuing the discussion from HOTFIX 2 - July 7, 2023 - 1.0.4:

You showed us the data, that is good. You know exactly which account acquired the uniques , AND You mentioned clearly about fairness so you understand the impact of this and how this may affect the integrity of your game and you as a company. Yet, you chose to do nothing about it.

You chose to not uphold your own ToS …

Totally speechless


Not playing the game again and won’t be giving them a dollar again. They’re a incompetent company that is completely full of themselves.


it is really sad a large company like this would not own up to their responsibility to do what is right. The number of accounts which acquired the uniques through exploit or bugs isn’t even the focus point here, what people wanted or waiting to see is how they would resolve this issue.

Such a disappointment


This sounds like total BS to me. I bet its actually worse and instead of actually doing some work to fix the problem they’re taking the easy way out. #PlayItAFailedWay


I don’t think they grasp that that “small” number is actually a monster increase. Now the FOMO will be astronomical to the point that some folks aren’t coming back (at least until an expansion).


No one gives a damn about items on the eternal realm, they’ll be irrelevant to a vast majority of the population that plays this game long term once the seasons get rolling.

A negligible % of players are going to stick around playing nothing but the eternal realm. Most of the accounts that got them likely aren’t even going to stick around in the eternal realm long term.


That is not the point of this. The morale is so F’Ned this case it is saddening.

You can say you don’t care all you want - that doesn’t change the fact of what happened one bit and the action behind it, especially how they chose to resolve this.


Pathetic response, roll back the drops. Good work encouraging people to exploit as much as they can before it gets fixed.


It is beyond pathetic.


You seem surprised lmao

I had some hope in me about blizzard. They were once a good company. Maybe long time ago before Activision acquired them. Anyways, now I completely changed my mind.


Nice slap on the wrist BS that sets the precedent for unfair treatment of the playerbase and keeps the items stupidly impossible to get and punishes everyone for not being in the right place at the right time during their hastily implemented poorly tested patch.

Beyond absurd, just REMOVE THEM.

Also, lower the rarity of these damn things, if this incident isn’t the catalyst to get the dev team to realize that players are not happy with the astronomical odds, what will get that message accross?


they also changed helltide chests to drop random uniques so no more target farming the one thing they actually did right as a change but im sure ur happy with that also lol


Nothing, they dont give a crap about us sadly, all they cared was the sales of the game and the sales of the next crap they wanna sell.


I hope they won’t get a penny from anyone moving forward with this kind of attitude and how they handled the situation.


Their announcement made quitting a no brainer for me. I was not entirely thrilled with the D4 end game and now they basically said they know who exploited but won’t do anything to remove the items? It’s unacceptable and quit worthy. It’s just disappointing that I will have to tell my friends at work that I quit because Blizzard didn’t maintain fairness with their game.


If your a streamer, feel free to exploit everything, record it and don’t worry because they are above TOS.
Now this. They clearly know where these shako are, they say as much and then they basically tell the entire player base that they are just going to let it slide. I don’t care about the shako itself but what a messed up message to send to your player base.


Its worse. The accounts that streamed and then posted on the forums the method will not be punished either.

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Stop been salty. Its not the players fault in this incident, Blizzard f ed up and they are responsible for it, not those players. Where’s QA? Internal testers before launching the patch?

Grow up and move on.


Exactly. There is a reason I don’t buy Powerball tickets. Because the odds are obvious. And now Blizzard has said that they want those same odds for those items. I appreciate that. It makes it that easier not to waste time on my max level character.