Rip rtx 3080ti - be warned

Diablo IV bricked my Gigabyte RTX 3080TI. I’ve done a forum search and seen that this has happened to multiple people now regarding the 3080TI.

My card was ~15 months old. Never had any problems. Runs everything perfectly smoothly. Never overheated. I don’t tweak any of the settings/setpoints. The card is run at its factory settings out of the box.

Here are details of my experience:

While playing the game, all of my monitors went black and said no devices connected. At the same time the fans on my card went to max. I turned the computer off and let it sit for about 45 minutes.

I then came back and everything booted up no problem. Got back in game and about 15 minutes later it happens again. I was in a different area of the map this time so it doesn’t seem to be specific to a particular area.

I waited about 30 minutes before booting back up. This time, no recovery. I can hear my computer booting and loading into windows. I can even type my password (blindly) and hear the windows login sounds but my monitors are black and state no devices connected.

I attempted multiple ports on my monitors, multiple ports on the video card and different sets of HDMI/Display Port cables. Nothing. I took out the card and put it into my wife’s computer, same deal. Computer would boot up and load into windows but monitors indicate no devices connected. I was able to take my wife’s video card out and put it in my computer, everything booted up just fine and all of my monitors displayed correctly.

My RTX 3080TI that I bought roughly 15 months ago is dead.

I submitted a ticket to Blizzard to which I was replied with a link to the Blizzard TOS where they state that Blizzard isn’t liable to any damage to your machine when running a game in beta. Under the acknowledgements it states:

Acknowledgments. You acknowledge that:

  1. the Game being Beta Tested is a work in progress and may contain bugs which may cause loss of data and/or damage to your computer system;
  2. you have, or will, back-up your hard drive prior to installation of the Beta;
  3. you have the resources necessary to easily reinstall the Beta Test System’s operating system and restore any and all data that may be lost;
  4. Blizzard is not liable in any way for the loss of data or damage to the Beta Test System, interruptions of service, software or hardware failures, or loss of data or disruption of service;

I’m not surprised at their response but it is still pretty crappy. I’ve been PC gaming for 30 years. I’ve played countless games in beta. I have never had a beta damage any PC components or disrupt my system(s) in any capacity before. I’ve been a customer of Blizzard for 20+ years. There are multiple reports of this game damaging customers hardware. It would be nice to see Blizzard do the right thing.

Not posting for your sympathy, empathy or any other reason but to document the issue in hopes that others are warned that if you have a 3080TI, don’t play this game and hopes that Blizzard recognizes that their game is causing expensive damage to their customers and hope they step up to address the situation properly.


Just to add on because I have a 3080ti also, with the newest game ready drivers. I played for extended hours probably 9 hours on Friday, maybe 12 hours on Saturday all combined and outside of the choppiness in zones I didn’t have any issues. One time I did have to hard reboot my PC, this was after I had closed the game itself already and was at my desktop the screens went black. I attributed this to the memory leaks the game was having issues with and played most of the evening Sunday without issue. I didn’t bother checking any error logging.

I was able to play several hours on Friday with no issues other than some frame lagging and server disconnects. The issue I’m reporting began Saturday morning.

Also, I’m not sure what driver I was running. I’m set up to download drivers automatically, not sure if that had occurred prior to the issue. I know I didn’t look for or manually install a driver prior to playing. That could certainly be a contributing factor.

I did see this thread too, if it helps at all.

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Thanks, I added to that thread as well.

Yup burned mine up as well.

I also have an RTX 3080Ti and noticed artefacts and screens going black after playing the early access Beta. I had the most up to date nvidia drivers at the time.

I have a EVGA 3080TI FTW3 GPU.

I played Diablo for most of the beta test period. I even streamed the game for nearly 21 hours solid, with multiple applications running.

Before I logged into Diablo IV, I did run full updates on my system and performed general maintenance just to be ready for the beta period.

Didn’t have any issues whatsoever, aside from the ones that affected most people (login q, choppiness, being trapped in areas by invisible wall, couple areas had things that did not spawn right, etc etc). I even had my EVGA Precision OSD turned on, and I never noticed any spiking or alarming data presented by the OSD. Mostly had 60 FPS at 2k, aside from occasional frame drops.

I even fell asleep at the PC and the game ran at idle in town until I was booted off the game due to inactivity.

Everyones computer is different, and you may have had an issue specific to your system that caused the bricking when coupled with the beta game programming code of Diablo IV. You may never know.

Lastly, disclaimers are pretty common these days, due to sue happy people.

This is my saga with the Gigabyte 3080ti series video cards. First the internet is littered with threads about Gigabyte 30x0 series cards having an issue where the screen goes blank under heavy load. Gigabyte has done a great job trying to down play this issue. I had 2 Gigabyte 3080ti cards that were each returned twice for the noted issue. One card they noted couldn’t replicate with standard benchmark software and the other had an “undefined issue” and sent me a refurb card that had the exact same problem. Thought it was my rig until I bought 2 Nvidia 3080ti replacement cards and surprise….never had another issue. Oh and not an image / driver issue as rebuilt the image several times. Many posts on the internet note Gigabyte is well aware of the problem and in one thread it was noted that some companies sourced substandard components (i.e. to say capacitors) during the pandemic to keep production going which fail under heat/heavy loads. Believe what you will, but just look at the pattern emerging shortly after the CoD and D4 releases. I will never buy another Gigabyte product!


We also saw this in the New World beta with EVGA and Gigabyte cards. At some point EVGA came out and said it was due to poor workmanship on the soldering that lead to the GPUs bricking and that those specific GPUs were bound to brick at some point because of it.

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Your card was going to brick eventually. All D4 did was expose the the issues the card already had. NO GAME will brick a card that doesn’t have some type of flaw that will brick eventually anway. Period. End of story.

Specifically 10:30 to 10:40 for those who just want it point blank no nonsense fed to them that its NOT the game.

You need to contact the manufacturer of your card… and with Gigabyte, right now, gooooood luck.


I have An EVGA 3080ti I didn’t get bricked but I did have an issue with losing video that would happen randomly when using the map , it would flick to a black screen then back to the game 3 seconds later.

EVGA is so good, damn shame what nVidia did with them.

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It is not crappy.
A userspace software never ever can damage hardware.
Software may trigger a certain load that trips already faulty hardware over the edge, but the hardware has to be faulty in first place to make this happen. So it is obviously that it is the responsibility of your hardware vendors warranty to cover that failure and not the software that potentially triggered it.

Yeah EVGA is so good they had to design their own fan controller instead of the standard parts already provided by Nvidia, that could run mad and send deadly voltages through the card.
Nice engeneering.

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Be aware Nvidia put out new drivers today. Update your stuff and see if that helps. REMEMBER do a CLEAN installation.

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I also have a gigabyte 3080 Ti, i lost my screen connection 3 times and the card just starts going on full load, have to turn off the computer. So far it hasnt bricked, but i cant play the game if i want to be safe.

It was the graphic driver update that caused the exact same issue, that Windows would boot but no screen.

My brother and I each have the Gigabyte RTX 3080 TI. I’ve had an issue where D4 locked me up and screen went black, but was able to reboot. Didn’t have the fans going haywire. My brother wasn’t so lucky. 2x his did the black screen and then the fans screaming. 2nd time it fried his card.