Diablo 4 Bricked my GIGABYTE 3080 TI

I posted on Reddit roughly an hour after early access release and was met by tons of toxic trolls downvoting my post and burying it. Now tons of people have bricked GPU’s with no official response from Blizzard. Something needs to be done about this.

Original Reddit post URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/11tzj1w/diablo_4_just_bricked_my_3080_ti/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=mweb3x

PC Info Requested by Blue Post

  1. GPU card vendor and model number: Gigabyte 3080 Ti Vision OC ‎| GV-N308TVISION OC-12GD
  2. Display resolution when running Diablo IV: 1440p
  3. Display mode (Windowed/Windowed Fullscreen/Fullscreen): Windowed Fullscreen
  4. Max Foreground FPS, Max Background FPS: 150, 30 (Default settings)
  5. Diablo IV graphic quality settings, preset with Low/Medium/High. Or more detail with custom settings.: Just used “High/Ultra” settings. Nothing special.

Noticed my fans go near full speed despite having set everything to lowest, something is iffy with D4.


It just bricked my 3080TI Gigabyte as well. Same thing happened. Great to see a company like Blizzard bricking freaking cards and costing its player base thousands of dollars.


mine just goes all fans on max and pc freezes
gigabyte 3080ti


at the begining i’ve changed textures quality from max to mix and that helped for some time (~48 hours) but now it’s crashing with mid


cap fps from 150 to 60 should give you most impact.
But also make sure you select dlss.
i noticed right away fans loaded it, dropped to 60fps, and it was quite quiet. I also have 3080ti
It wouldn’t be first game for me that tries to get all juice out of gpu by trying to push unlimited fps.

Suspect those that got it broken got issues with PSU rather then cooling, but who knows.

This gpus are designed to run at maximum I believe, but most of PSU aren’t and if cheap can dmg your hardware when overloaded.


Gigabytes warranty page is down as well. Sounds like a whole lot of claims are trying to be processed at once.

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for me capping fps to 60 made the game stuttery with 10%~cpu an 50%~gpu

seems to be connected to texture quality, it defaulted to high without my input and that causes my 3080ti to crash system

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It’s mind blowing the amount of people trolling those who unfortunately got GPUs bricked. Mine got stuck, no video signal, fans spinning at 100%. Happed twice. I acted fast and turned my PC. It looks like the GPU wasn’t damaged, but I am afraid of playing the game again.

I have the frames locked on NVCP since I installed it on my PC. I’m not denying a hardware issue, but it has been working well on several games for more than one year. D4 is definitely triggering something on the GPUs. I have a Gigabyte RTX 3080Ti, but I’ve seem people reporting issues on other models as well. This issue shouldn’t be ignored. Too much of a coincidence for so many people being affected.


Games themselves can’t brick a GPU. The game CAN cause the GPU to run at 100% and there had to be something wrong with the GPUs (particularly the 3080ti from Gigabyte)to begin with, for the game to fry them (bad voltage, poor air flow, poorly seated GPU cooler etc) and it couldn’t handle the load.


i think it’s linked to psu too, bios maybe

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The problem is a game triggering a specific scenario that no other game did in nearly two years, in my case. Mine GPU wasn’t damaged, though. Maybe pure luck. I just don’t agree with saying that the game isn’t playing a major role in those failures.

I am going to play devil’s advocate here and say that it might not be entirely blizzards fault. Yes, it probably helped a little, but I am running a full AMD am 4 setup Ryzen 5 5600x 6600xt 16 3200 ram and my setting for the game are maxed out and have not adjusted them since I started the beta. My fans to speed up when I get into the game but I am not having any issues. It might be your gpu driver. Then again you guys might have just had the D4 beta pull more power from your card than they could put out and they decide they were done. There really isn’t a way to say for sure what the problem was that bricked your cards.


Don’t need to play devils advocate here. It 100% is the game that caused this. Regardless of whether or not the Gigabyte 3080 TI’s were flawed, its Diablo 4 that bricked these cards. I play all top-end games max settings, 100+ hours a week on one of the highest-end PC’s money can buy right now. My PSU is more than capable (Corsair RM850x) for handling a 3080 TI. There is no need to defend the company for releasing a game that created the conditions to brick potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of GPU’s. It’s getting tired at this point.


I don’t understand how people can’t see that there’s an obvious issue with the game and the GPU.
It’s pretty much the same GPU model, mostly the same manufacturer (Couple of PNY and my very own EVGA 3080Ti) same cutscene, same result.
It’s not lack of ventilation. It’s not a PSU issue. There’s something here that needs serious investigation.

Just look at the amount of threads here and reddit. Even the Gigabyte RMA site is down, which means A LOT of people who aren’t posting here are experiencing the same issue.

Once the Open Beta begins, there will be WAY more threads like this one, guaranteed.


It is indeed a powerdelivery issue, the GPU triggers the PSUs OCP.
So if you have an insufficient Multirail powersupply (below 1000w) your GPU will trigger overcurrent protection. (and the GPU may even lock itself up to further protect itself)

It is the games fault bc regardless of load it maxes out the powerlimit at all times tho. Its the same thing that happens for 2years with diablo2 resurrected.

Workarounds are undervolting/limiting FPS.
Real fix is to buy a good PSU, bc realistically they wont change the games engine for you, that just works that way.


This is confirmation bias. Your GPU is faulty if turning a game on “broke it”. It’s not the games fault. Contact Gigabyte.


Wrong. It is the games fault.

That’s not how it works. The game didn’t break anything, it simply pushed the GPU hard enough to shine a light on a fault with the card. The blame lies with Gigabyte, not Blizzard. I thought we covered this with New World.


3080’s seems like trash with so many “games” bricking them. While they could do better on the games end performance-wise, if they break that’s because of the card and not the game.


My Gigabyte 3080 TI is also bricked… PC doesn’t turn on with it, just with Intel Graphics. Changing from OC to Silent doesn’t do nothing. Help.