Pre-release download

If you click the cogwheel and check for update it might force it to start.

Restart battlenet App, it might show after that. That was meant to reply to the guy saying the update was not showing, not replying to Iggi… Not sure what I did to cause that…

considering d4 sold 30k copies on steam and le sold over 1.5mil copies on steam and right now they have the same steam player counts. id say thats a problem

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No pre-relase. But the season 4 is now live and patching started 20 mins ago

Does LE have a billion dollars to spend on advertising and 25 years of history and a company with thousands of employees?

i mean d4 has roughly the same player size on steam as le, with the difference being that the d4 steamplayerbase is extremely low compared to battlenet.

not really, but they are supported by tencent. so you cant say they are “small”

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Seems Blizzard pushed out update to the streamers first since they are in game when everyone else starts a 6gb download at the launch time. Seriously Blizzard not cool decision to ensure the streamers have a smooth launch by making sure the vast majority of players cant get in because of update.

Most play through the launcher. so no problem.

Did tencent give them a billion dollars of advertising money and send hundreds of employees to their office to help them with the game?

This wasnt ideal for sure.

We have a war-room going and there have been talks about looking at improving this in the future and allowing players some more of a window to prep with downloads in the future.

Sorry about this guys. Hopefully everyone gets in speedy quick here.


It’s all good. We entertained ourselves.

lol, i almost thought someone used your name to troll ^^ saw your above post from the non-cm account you deleted ^^

also no biggie. isnt really like the world is going to end when we get to play 10 mins later.

Predownloading technology has been a thing for a long time, I’m pretty sure other blizzard games have done it. Can you really not just put up the patch a few hours before it goes live? I know you can, you just aren’t doing it for some reason. I suspect it has something to do with consoles because it almost always does. But you probably can’t admit to that in public.

There are no priority queues. We don’t have that capability nor will ever implement that as there is no need.

Only thing we have is an internal allowance to anyone with accounts with to test before windows open.


Lies I know Asmongold has his own private server! :open_mouth:

No worries blue man. There’s always problems on expac/seasonal launches with most games. It’s part of the fun tbh.

No streemer got into game early genius. Just because they have a video up with fancy title doesnt mean they are playing new season. Rax and others were merely playing what was left of s3 before servers went down.

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28k peak vs. 284k.

Both near or at end of season. My goodness I love the constant mental gymnastics here. Let’s also disregard that Greater affixes are “Exalted” items.

Don’t care either way, it and Helldivers 2 have far better loops. Of course I’ll hop on my eternal characters in the “Season without a theme but hey we finally fixed loot a year later” to see what I think of the changes after not touching D4 in months.

And I still question anyone with thousands of posts actually even playing the game.

Seems a bit suspicious that you post an update showing BigdaddyDen76 in the game streaming before the update was available on the launcher. I was repeated checking right up to launch time for an update as it seemed odd that it hadn’t already happened. At least be up front about it, we get it you get revenue and exposure from streamers but all in all not exactly good look on that.


16GB in about 5 min for me so looks good. And I only have a crappy 300mb downstream cable internet. Sighhh… won’t get to play till later.