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Dude I’ll be wearing one of my Hawaiian shirts tonight. No wait I might wear my D3 shirt for Halls of the Blind, Hawaiian shirt for tomorrow on my bday.

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what would iggi wear? a 3piece pinstriped suit??

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You going for the Kent Hovind look?

And for some it’s always yesterday!

A gownless evening strap?

weird choice for a guy, but to each their own

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I’m going between 700 and 50 lol WTF

It was just the first silly thing that popped into my mind :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Cocktail dress, just below the knees.

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never below the knees, should always be a couple inches above the knees. show them legs off

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praise blizzard for their incompetence right

Don’t forget to say “twitch views don’t matter” in the upcoming weeks as player activity declines again.

Blizz is doing their part by ensuring player count can’t be viewed and thanks you for your continued adamant defense of them!

As for LE, plenty of us still playing it, Helldivers 2, etc. Brb, getting :popcorn: for the inevitable forum drama in the mean time.

Hi all, I don’t see any D4 update option in my app. Is it already installed…or not?

remember you can start playing before the patch is finished.

Aint no one want to see guy thighs, let’s be real. :running_man:

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If you have 1.4 yes. If you have 1.3.5, no.

less than 5k people still play le, but sure if thats plenty


Thanks… so looks like I will have to wait.

patience is a virtue :slight_smile:

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Just like every other ARPG with seasonal rotations, but I’m SURE 100’s of thousands played D4 S3 day after day lol.