Pre-release download

might want to check twitch, they were in the game right at the launch time as soon as the link went on the bnet launcher

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EU here, 300KB/s - 30MB/s and I enabled that “limit download” trick in settings. Looks like even this doesn’t work anymore this season.

Looks at you all suspicious like

yeah it’s not like you’ve had 12 years of experience since Diablo 3 or anything

just a small indie developer

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Ready to play here, in 33 minutes

So its not too bad at all, Off to play! See ya on the other side folks! Stay Strong!

I’m STILL downloading because of yalls idiotic choice.

We promote our Diablo Streaming Partners on the launcher. We have done this since Diablo III. Those are scheduled by our team when we are spotlighting creators. We had him scheduled at 10am when the season began. Just like Lexyu will be up there at 4pm on the launcher and 10pm for Rob tonight.

He also is only level 8 at 10:33am when I just checked his stream.

Its ready to play at 48%. Think I’ll wait until the full DL is complete though. Took 30 minutes to get to 48% for me though. :frowning:

If I am in within an hour of starting my DL, I will be super happy. That’s damn fast for anything I usually update through battle net.

That’s not the point, the point being he was given access to the downloads before anyone else.

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queue is broken or what?

Time to refresh an old latin proverb… errare humanum est perserverare is Diablo…

That is great, nothing against steamers and it is good that you support them. But the link showing he was live came before the patch pushed out or even the status update saying hey make sure you patch to avoid problems. Again its great that you support the streamers but it seems a bit unfair and not good for the community that somehow only the streamers were able to get patched and in game on season start while everyone else started patching at the launch time.

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I have the same problem :confused:

long waiting line i guess.

you have a whole war-room filled with people to figure out something that simple?

Guys, cut them some slack. They’re just a small indie studio.

Almost an hour and still “patching” this is ridiculous.

Again, he was not provided a download before. We didn’t even open downloads up on PC until 10am PDT.

No one was given a link to pre-download the patch. The patch did not release to anyone until 10am PDT for players.

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Could you guys conceivably do a preliminary patch for the Eternal realm for inventory off-loading? When your previous seasonal stash that you need to clear out is full of a hundred aspects and other baubles that will have their utility changed in the next season with nowhere to put them, it becomes a very annoying tetris session. I know aspects are gone moving forward, but I’ve no doubt that future iteration on itemization and crafting will put people in a similarly frustrating situation. Just making the changes a day in advance would be really helpful. :v: :slight_smile:

Closing this.

We plan on looking at better options for players in the future to pre-download the patch in the future as opposed to releasing it at the time at launch which we did for ALL players this season.

The team is aware and will look to address it in future seasons.