[Main thread] Can't connect to Battle.net or D4

Had to use my phones 5g hotsopt aswell xfinity is showing no outages in my area currently…

Every day i experience a new problem with this game. Same code 1703. Xfinity works just fine for everything else in my house. Also on ps5 but ive never had problems with any other game on the console until i spent 100$ on this game.


Yeah it’s probably the cloud services both use and not their own hardware.

“Works fine for everything else”

There is no way anyone can test every service and connection to reach this conclusion. Twitter users are reporting the outage to Spectrum and Comcast, without mentions of Diablo 4, so it is definitely the ISPs. :smiley:


the problem is DEFINITELY xfinity guys. im on with ny phones hotspot. i even swotched back to xfinity wired and it cant log on again

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My phone’s hotspot works, so it seems its an Xfinity thing even though there are no reported outages in my area

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Just annoying there is no option to play offline. Idk maybe I’m getting old but that seems kinda ridiculous to me for a single player game

I cant argue with that, but no way for me to know about Twitter’s posts since it will not even load

P.S. working for me now. I’m comcast and was down for about an hour. Try again if your like me

FAIR POINT :sparkles:

But you could check it from your phone as long as you turn off Wi-Fi.


Yeah, same here… Xfinity/Comcast … only thing down is connecting to battlenet app/game

I don’t think Bnet and Twitter have teamed up for an outage, so I would continue to ask Xfinity for answers.

Welp mobile hotspot worked for…time to drag xfinity to hell with me

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Get 'em. :boxing_glove:

But seriously, gl.

Its working again , im on xfinity fyi


Boston, PC, Comcast
Launcher once again able to connect to battle.net and I am back in game
D4 /battle.net issue seems resolved.
(web twitter still not connecting) EDIT 12:18EST Web Twitter now connecting too

Hey anybody having outages on xfinity but everything is actually working but cant play diablo4 or cod smh!

Oh okay, yeah twitter was down all at the sametime. Are they all on a same worldwide server or something for all to falloff the sametime

Likely same cloud services or main route (like a highway they both use).

this is the most passive aggressive tech support Ive ever seen, people just paid 100 bux for a game and are frustrated they cant play on their day off, relax dawg.