[Main thread] Can't connect to Battle.net or D4

Is this for the code 1703 error? My ISP seems fine since all my other devices and streaming services are working fine

The route you use to reach Blizzard and the route you use for your other services are not the same. If the routes to Blizz are down, you have to use a VPN to get around the problem—like avoiding an accident on a highway.

I was doing Helltide than hide connecting to Diablo servers error message pop up on my screen on PS5, then the game froze. Attempted to log back in, now getting error code 1703 and unable to get back in.

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Ive got the same issue on ps5. Paid for a game i cant even play

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Same i was in helltide then reconnecting to d4 popped up and kicked me now i got error 1703 and cant log in wtf ps5

Same, fine 45 mins ago, now can’t log in ps5 also

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Same here, keep getting Code 1703 warning on PS5.

damn I thought it was just me. if any can log back in give some update

Looks like Comcast and Spectrum have multiple outages, causing disconnects for lots of people.


So far nothing. Reset console, cleared cache, rebuilt database, reset to default, still nada. And whats crazy, is battle.net is down for me and Twitter is down as well for me, very suspicious or just coincidence

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I have xfinity everything else works fine just not diablo

Same, def not xfinity

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Looking at Comcast’s Twitter, Xfinity is experiencing an outage. So maybe you got lucky and picked things it can still connect to.

I have Xfinity as well, everything else works fine, well except battle.net and twitter that is

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So not everything, right? :slight_smile:

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You got me there, still kind of coincidental battle.net, twitter, and diablo IV all at the same time, just weird

Such is the life of ISPs. They are just not good in the US, truly.

i will try to hotspot offmy phone and see if works and update that ots definitely xfinity.( ive used my phones 5g to play numerous times)

Some people are reporting that the service is recovering, so maybe give it a few mins.

I Was booted about an hour ago and same thing code 1703 over and over ive rebooted and restarted everything but didnt help…i use comcast/xfinity internet but everything else working fine…sux