Is the drop rate of Tempest Roar absurdly low?

I have had 9 unique helmets drop on my way from 70-89. All 9 of them have been Vasilys. I want to try the storm wolf build out. Why is a build gated behind such a low drop rate item?

Can we please have some way of crafting or targeting build specific uniques in the future? Maybe some epic druid quest that is insanely hard and time consuming?

Seeing a unique helm drop on the ground or at the end of a NM dungeon and having it be vasilys is extremely frustrating. I cant imagine raising the drop rate of the helmet to somewhere around 50/50 with vasilys would cause blizzard to lose money or player base interest.


I have been playing a poison shred build so far, and like you every unique helm that drops for me is the earth/werebear helm. I have gotten so demoralized that I have been tempted to start playing bear, but to re-do the whole paragon board would be a huge pain, and I want to play a wolf not a bear…


I’ve gotten 3 tempest roar helms since I started t4 at 62. (72 now) I think it is just luck? Everyone feels that an item drop rate is low just because they haven’t gotten one. I haven’t got an umbral ring legendary yet, but I have at least 2 of every druid unique besides only recently getting my first crone staff. From my personal experience I would say every class unique has a similar chance to drop ( even though I’ve gotten at least 6 zenith rings )

I’m pretty much on the same boat. Tempest Roar refuses to drop. I’m level 92 now. Not a single Tempest Roar. When people claim that they have dropped multiple even before they hit level 90 I feel like my character is somehow broken. It feels especially bad knowing that most, if not all, of Druid’s end-game builds require the item.

I still have a long way to go before 100. Hopefully it will drop until then.


Bigger question.
Why play before season one starts?
Also, I was playing werewolf and got all storm and bear drops. Switched to bear and go storm and wolf drops. Still garbage drops but seed odd.

Any of you guys having trouble with drops tried farming specific monster families or NM dungeons that have those specific monster families? Different monster types have their drop rates more skewed towards different items. See here: (add “https://“ because it won’t let me post links)


Honestly I think the people posting to the Forum (including myself) are just absurdely unlucky. Its kind of a reverse survival bias.

In a clan of 200 People, I am the ONLY druid who still havent found a roar by lvl 80, as everyone else got it between lvl 60 and 80, and I would guess the other people here are the equally unlucky bottom 5-1%, with people who hit lvl 100 without ever seeing a tempest roar being reverse lottery winners. Still, the fact that this happens at all and there is no bad luck protection or trading is a travesty …

Edit: This however has been an incredibly teaching moment to never play a build in a season that requires a core class unique, as there is just a non-neglible chance to spend 100+ hours suffering on a B/C tier build and never get to play a Fun, superior version at ALL.


Because I want to get the crappiest leveling classes (Barbarian and Druid) out of the way so I don’t have to level them in seasons.

But if you’re not going to play them in the seasons, then whats the point of leveling them?

I got mine at 78. But I’ve only seen one. I have several bear helms, but it seems whichever somebody is looking for, is the one that doesn’t drop.

You are able to proceed with some of the builds with just the chest/weapon… But the helm does really bring it all together.

@spawn - you have to start a brand new character to experience the new content of the season.

Whats the point of leveling in seasons when you have to level a new character in the next season anyway? Can just rush the campaign, do the new content bit and then stop at lvl 50 or below.

Same, Level 83 and still no Tempest roar. Been grinding Nightmare dungeons and I’m tired. I can do T40’s with my Trampleslide but I am so tired of playing bear. I Need the tempest roar because there’s no other GOOD way to play Lightning druid.

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i feel the pain in this thread. lvl 100 and a number of t50+ nm dungeons later still no helmet.


I feel the pain too. Just shy of hitting lvl 80 and I’ve never seen a tempest roar or crone staff. I’ve gotten 5+ of every other Druid unique, and quite a few non class uniques as well (about 1.5 stash tab). I’m the only Druid out of our group to not find it either, so I definitely get the reverse survivor bias.

Really makes me wish we had a Kadala equivalent in this game to try and smooth out some of this rough RNG.


Got 3 crone staff but zero tempest roar. Spamming 40 level NM like crazy and nothing. Tired of trampleslide build for a while now.

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I am 92 now, got every druid unique between 1 and 5 times, most neutrals too, still no tempest. I have just made my peace grinding to 100 without it.

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About to tick 83, zero Tempest Roar’s (no Crone’s staff, too).

7 of the werebear helmets have dropped though. It’s infuriating. At this point the completionist in me is going to 100, but I am kind of livid that I’m locked out of any of the other builds because the game simply refused to cough one of them up for me.

Saw an ancestral unique helm drop this morning and I screamed when it was my 7th Vasily’s.

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I’m in the exact same boat. I feel your pain.

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Almost level 97, 1 staff, no helms. wont even get to try the build!

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