Game Crashing specifically after patch 1.0.3 (June 27th) (Addressed with Patch)

even changing quality to low / medium the number dont stop climb

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They put a hotfix today has any one seen any improvement?

For me it doesn’t crash, but the game remains running and i can move and cast spells, but nothing else is reacting and nothing’s working. I can access the menu and everything else normally ( also worked fine before patch )

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Exactly my point. But if you change textures in game it should reset that climb. Then after a little while you have to do it again.

How to refund game? send halp…

Well, for me and several others here. VRam leaking was causing these recent crashes since the patch. I can time crashes to that leak. I never crashed a single time before this latest patch.
I’m on a series 9 CPU @5ghz and running a 3080 like many others claiming they need a bios reset, OC removal from CPU or XMP OC removal from their system RAM. I’ve even seen a few people in here claim it’s heat related…

If it were CPU specific why are some of us able to fix the issue by monitoring and manipulating the VRam issue? Without ever touching any of our OCs? But then again, the way OCing has trended over the last several years I wouldn’t be surprised if people here aren’t just running factory OCs that just aren’t stable to begin with.

The hotfix did not do anything at all.

Is it a hotfix on the servers?
Because a download was not started ?
Is it too much to ask from a community manager to share such information?

I have tried every suggestion and solution that was mentioned in the forums.
To be honest, I also do not believe in such a solution, since as probably for all D4 players, D4 before the patch ran without any problems for very long hours of play. Since Tuesday 27/06 and the patch, I can no longer play D4 and so slowly I lose the desire to play the game.
Why should I continue to invest time in a game that requires so much grind, when then patches appear that make the game unplayable and simply lock out the buyer?

I was really surprised at the good release state of D4. Especially since so many AAA titles have been disappointing lately. And now? With simple bugs you can get along, but with such major errors, which make a game completely unplayable. Honestly, I haven’t experienced that in years. Even the biggest bug-infested titles at release, like Cyberpunk, you could at least play. But D4 currently, for probably everyone writing here, which is certainly only a small part of those affected, 100% unacceptable and a disgrace.


Yeah so for me it was different, my game ran perfect for 2 weeks then it all started even before the patch. I’ve tryed everything, like I don’t how they haven’t put a fix, they just don’t care because the other 90 percent of people can play just fine, but us 10 percent screw us right

Look man it’s day 3 I just got off work where I stand outside in the heat. Fix it or roll it back it’s 4th of July weekend what’s going on over there it took you two days just to respond to any post on the forum or Twitter. Quit dragging your feet.


I would not expect them to fix this on a Friday. It’s going to probably be Monday at the earliest before we see a patch for it.

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i see not hotfix for today when i go on the launcher or anything soo whats up with that?

Hitfixes are server side fixes so its not as much the client as it is their servers. It does affect the players so they will report them.

there still would be a patch not update for a hotfix though on the launcher which there isnt… even if it was implemented in the backround it did nothing to help like others mentioned i crashed like clockwork in 5 min

It definetly did not. And the CS did not claim it will. Most likely this issue needs a client patch.

Same here. It makes it so stressful to try and enjoy the game knowing that at anytime all my hard work is going to be erased for no reason. I hope they fix this before the season starts.

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+1 all I get is report id: 2CB8DE4E-9F2A-4AAE-8EAF-01FFC52FECB7
I was in town selling stuff to vendor

Same problem here, game now is unplayable, from 27th June since 1.0.3 patch - crashing every 1-5mins. I tried like everything and nothing helps.

it is still the same for days now crashed even twice in 2 minutes… 90% is in town… Selling or walking. Please get the stuff together…400+ crashes in 4 days aint fun…

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Have you tried disabling your overclock on your CPU or GPU? I had a mild overclock on my CPU and went into bios , loaded up a clean profile with no OC and problem resolved.

Funny how the patch would cause this problem, it’s almost as if they have tuned the game to run at a certain threshold. Cannot figure out why they would set it this way.

Edit: Video posted above, too much scrolling. Here it here.

Diablo 4 1.0.3 Crash Fix - YouTube

Here we go again, did another NM, went town to sell, crashed on vendor while selling again.
Report id: 932CB11D-DBDA-4692-B262-F4D18CCF3A52