Game Crashing specifically after patch 1.0.3 (June 27th) (Addressed with Patch)

There isn’t one, he’s Trollin’.

It’s actually there, but I didn’t notice any update downloading and if it downloaded itself and I didn’t notice it, it still crashes the game anyway…

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there’s literally zero mention to the issue we’re having in the bug fixes so yeah not fixed yet …

I HAVE A FIX. I had the same problem as you guys after the patch, mostly crashing in kovashad, sometimes in other areas. Fenris crash etc. Start the battlenet app, change it to APPEAR OFFLINE, then launch diablo. In game change to windowed, apply changes, then change it back to fullscreen windowed. I havent crashed in like 5 hours yesterday and whole morning today. DO this everytime you launch the game until blizz fix it

Edit. I dont know why it works(must be a memory leak), but it works

I just bought the game an hour ago and i’m getting this same exact crash/error lol i just wanted to play the game i bought.

I am genuenly curious how you thought to do this. I dont even know if it works(neither care TBH), i just wanna know how and why.

So I tried your advice and it crashed after 5 minutes of playing… so nothing but thanks for the advice :smiley:

try it. Game was crashing, so i started trying everything ppl suggested here. Nothing worked. I gave up so changed to appear offline so i wont get invited by my friends cause the game was crashing. Someone suggested to change it to windowed, didnt like it, change it back and never crashed again. Played heavily and havent crashed again

Crashed after 43 seconds. Yes I timed it. Hotfix fixed nothing.

Will re-enable my OC and see if this hotfix works…

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uh I wasn’t aware of a hot-fix but my game just crashed in the same fashion after 20 minutes. Seems like a no-go for me :frowning:

maaan iam sorry, worked for me idk why. The problem is def on blizz end. Worked perfect till the 27 update

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It’s cool, man :smiley: It’s definitely their problem. I didn’t have a single crash before the patch.

Resetting BIOS to default and removing all overclock I have now been able to play for almost 2 hours.

I think this last patch they tried to stop the game from over heating peoples PC and put in something to give the crash. It is tweaked to high and just going off with any OC done.

So Diablo 4 is the new benchmark for testing overclock stability? Lol


So people are still neglecting the fact that VRam is leaking? The VRam leak is most likely the cause of all this. You can time your crashes by it. It’s easy to monitor. Why are people trying all these extra steps by removing OC’s and resetting their Bios? Just change your in game textures every so often before your VRam gets maxed out and it will drop the VRam usage back down, like someone stated yesterday in this very thread.

Don’t think it’s just VRAM leak as my VRAM doesn’t exceed 10gb on my rtx 3080. Changing my settings to medium dropped it to 5gb and never went above that and it still crashed.

Monitor it. It will slowly climb. It doesn’t jump up out of nowhere.

No matter, good luck with your “fixes”.

I did monitor it, and those values were the max value it topped off at before crashing. Im not saying VRAM leak isn’t there but it’s probably not the cause of my crash. Game is poorly optimized

Vram has been leaking since beta and never was fixed. I have been monitoring it the whole time. Its not that causing the issue. I was not crashing until last patch.

I removed the OC and now I can play. Think what you want and sit here crying about not being able to play or make changes and play. I would rather them fix the issue and not have to remove a stable OC I have had and used on many games. I just want to play D4 and this has worked for me and many others.