Game Crashing specifically after patch 1.0.3 (June 27th) (Addressed with Patch)

For my specific computer setup, i9900k windows 10, turning off my overclock did make the game playable. its been 2 hours now of 3 NM dungeons, helltide, inventory, paragon. Before the change i was lucky to get one NM dungeon done.

If you have an i9900k overclocked, just save your bios profile and load the default one. Give it a shot, you might be able to play.

Still no crashes after OC disabled. Finished world boss and a few other tree quests and NM dungeons. I have reverted my graphics settings to my preference and so far so good.

Ill try it when i get home, I have that processor.

I’ve noticed when teleporting to different waypoints, vram usage goes up by .2-.5gb and doesn’t go down unless you switch graphic quality settings (say from high to medium then save, it’ll reset. BUT also causes crashes sometimes) which only works for a little bit anyway. It keeps stacking vram usage till you inevitably max your card and crash. Sucks, I’m a first time Diablo player and I’m not having the best of time here. Let alone, this game uses more resources than BF2042 or CP2077…

I want to play the game without crashes so I removed my mild overclock and it’s working so yea this worked but we should not have to do this. Luckily I have my OC Profile saved so when this hopefully gets addressed I can flip back to it but really not happy it has come to this. It’s 2023 and overclocking is a thing and blizzard games should be able to support CPU overclocks.

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Look through the bug reports. Every time my game crashed for this reason i found this:

I 2023.06.30 16:17:27.137447 [Game] [30.06.2023 17-17-27][streamline][info]commonentry.cpp:668[ngxLog] Info: No buffer registration synchronization needed!

You would think engineers would know how to use the directx API by now.


Still happening. This is pretty bad. RIP hc…

Just turned my fog & shadow quality down to lowest along with keeping textures on low, definitely eeks out a little more stability & leeway for the memory leak. Will definitely still crash randomly even after u reset ur textures back down to low VRAM usage lol. Ahhhhh computers are silly.

Hey thanks for your info and please provide updates if it changes.

I’m testing some hardware acceleration (only) options atm. Will try OC remove if this fails.

I had random crashes after this week’s patch and troubleshooted anytime I could.
What seems to have done it in the end was:
Lowering my OC (went from 4.8 to 4.7 GHz on my i5-9600K)
Setting FidelityFX Super Resolution 2 to Off
Disabling NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency

After doing this I had nly one crash after completing a sidequest (which was once in a 6h+ gaming session)

Mind you I have done a LOT of things (messing around with settings mainly several times, using only 1 monitor, etc) but only after doing what I mentioned above did I get a stable experience.

I had no issues whatsoever before this week’s patch that introduced the random crashes.

Here are my specs if it can help:
i5-9600K (OCed at 4.7 GHz)
GTX 1060 6GB
Running on an SSD.

Just an update on this.

The team has been working to figure out the source of the crash that players are experiencing. We will be working to prioritize and get something rolled out over hotfixes and client patches as soon as possible to address these.


I just finished my session with no crashes, probably like 3-4 hours of game play. I did have some minor stutters and one major one, but no crashes (only after putting graphics settings to my preference).

Fingers crossed this works for all the i9 windows 10 peeps.

Blue post to the rescue!

Hope the hotfix will drop sometimes very soon , because not being able to play for more than 3 days now sucks , i can bet people can’t wait any longer :confused:

Its been so frustrating that I bought a game for 100 euro’s this week, was able to play 1 day, then 4 days of this problem that makes it unplayable with complete radio silence from blizzards end.

A small comment like this goes a long way to feel heard and to give some peace of mind now, so thank you.

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Yeah it’s been 7 days for me, i still can’t play 5 mins without crashes, like this should be blizzard number one priority, like 1000s of people can not play the game they payed for. This ridiculous and still no fix. Try everything.

Thank you for the update. Should we anticipate any form of fix prior to the July 4th holiday? If a client update is needed, perhaps a beta client opt-in could be provided that those affected could test with?

Can you guys at least acknowledge that this thread is also exists [Main Thread] Game Freezes/Crashes GPU fans screaming when opening specific UI Elements - June 2023 - #421 by Meatface1975-1765 ?

If you don’t know, there is x3 stress to GPU when opening vendor window(ui). GPU goes from ~100watts and 50c to ~300watts and 70c. Yes, just by opening VENDOR ui. Stop ignoring this Blizzard. Ty.

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10th gen cpu here, same.
For the start i removed all OC from DRAM and CPU - no-crash-session, about 5-6 hours of nonstop helltide-NMs.
Then i turned on DRAM OC back - still no crashes.
Now i have only 3 options difference between constant crash setup - VCCIO, VSSIA voltages and offset value of my undervolting. Turn on offset - we’ll see, how it will go then.

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Hot fix is out. Working for you all?

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what hotfix ? no client update