Game Crashing specifically after patch 1.0.3 (June 27th) (Addressed with Patch)

We should not have to lower our graphic settings or remove any overclock we’ve done to our machines that’s clearly working for every other game and tasks. Blizzard needs to fix this on their end instead of us trying to find a bandaid fix.


Exactly. If my computer is stable in Prime95 and Aida64, there is no game that should have issues. Doesn’t matter with me anyway because I’ve already tried removing the overclock, underclocked, reset the bios completely. Doesn’t fix it for me.


Change the XMP profile in the BIOS to default? That’s a questionable way to fix a problem with the game plus I don’t see how that relates to a memory leak issue. My CPU is not overclocked anyways and I use the XMP profile to get the proper RAM speed. Could it be a red herring? I think we’re having an intermittent issue with the game and sometimes it will run fine until it doesn’t.


This is the 4th day of not being able to play…

Fix the game…fix the game!


i have the same problem C9414533-C469-4D32-9BA1-A87E04C16011

I’m on day 15. Hotfix 10 did to me what the patch did to you. Main difference is I was playing from launch on a combo of low to medium settings, and many of the people affected by the patch were playing on higher settings it seems.

I think their Hotfix 10 may have been the beginning of the issues for people with older systems, and the following Hotfixes and patch just cumulatively added to the issues until high end systems were affected.

I am running a i5-9600KF 3.7 and an RX5500XT, which is well within the requirements, but not a top end system. What they have changed affected me earlier since I have less VRAM than people affected later. It seems they have ramped the issue up to a point where now the big boys are having issues.

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Quit to Desktop - Non Fenris - No box pops up just quit to desktop

same here suddenly nothing pop up.

Tried some of the fixes here such as lowering resolution, texture quality, DLSS, and Nvidia Reflex. Seemed to increase the crashes rather than slow them. These are just from last night:


How about this, I’m not going to undo a 5 year long, Working Oc on my cpu, just to play 1 game. How about a fix from Blizzards side? Or you know, at least some kind of acknowledgement that the 1.0.3 patch Borked the damn thing.


Not true we are ALL eating ISH… My PS5 is bricked from this update. I can’t get it to turn on since it crashed on the 27th. I’ve tried every option in safe mode and Sony wants $230 to repair. I think the PC master race is still winning.

It’s fantastic that on the forum where players are attempting to get Blizzard to assist with technical issues that are preventing them from using the product they paid for, there is a big red button on the top right that just says “BUY NOW”.


Blizzard update us with whats going on??? You tricked us into buying a beta game and then made it even worse. Now we cant even play it at all.

We need answers!!

Right!? At least Cyberp***K was pulled from stores while they got it together.



I love how they are all partying as if they released something to be proud of. Game devs really do live in a bubble, separate from the real world; floating around in lala land.

This game is like some Chinese tofu dreg project.

That being said I still want to play it, so I have to try to remain confident…

What a quandary.

I had issues a week ago where the game was actually locking up my pc. I did a system reboot, yes actually did that. Then got my computer back functioning well and haven’t reinstalled D4. Waiting until they fix this, IF they fix it.

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15 days for me as well. I am going to uninstall the game till this is fixed. New computer with 4090 and WD black 2 TB. Maybe it is the 4K Gigabyte monitor—new as well. I was a Blizzard fan since D1. Not anymore. I am 66 years old and not a techie.


3 days and still no hotfix. Communication close to zero. Frankly, I remain perplexed by such inertia.


Edit: Nevermind. Still crashing!

Crashing all the time


It did work. Now it does not. Enough said. Not my computer. It is Blizzard. Joe Shelly----What do you say??? Nothing! I can not turn textures down. It freezes immediately.