Feature suggestion: ultimate skill button

I think there should be a seperate skill button for the ultimate skill. Currently the number of skills feels very limited.
For example as a rogue I bascially need to take:
-a basic attack
-an energy spender attack
-an imbuement to improve my attack
-the ultimate skill for its power
This leaves only 2 skill slots open , that are usually filled with utility skills like the dash. This heavily limits build variety - usually I don’t even have a second energy spending attack in my efficient builds.
The result is the rogue feeling like a one trick pony: for example I can shoot normal and stronger arrows with my bow and occiasionally call down a rain of arrows with the ultimate while being good at kiting enemies with caltrops and dash. It would be much more interesting if I could alternate between different attacks, have a bag of tricks at my disposle to deal with different arising situations in combat and such more interesting playstyles would require 1-2 more skill buttons. A seperate skill button for the mandatory ultimate would be a good start.


This please, Posted about this the other day.


I agree, if we don’t get more skill slots at least give us an ultimate skill slot like lost ark.
It would feel so much better

+1 OP


Any mobility skill should replace the default evade button.


id rather another button in addition to evade than a replacement with mobility skills


Yes, this was just brought up, so report my comment:

All things considered; 7 skill slots are probably the best balance for build diversity and the fun factor.

(Please don’t bring up the balancing argument, because these skills can be accessed in combat with the S menu tab)

Those that say it encourages hard choices to be made; Why then not have 5 skill slots on the bar? If you think 6 is the happy medium, then consider that almost ALL builds will have 2 auto attacks (builder and spender LMB/RMB). IF you decide to run ult - which is usually the flashy AOE nuke - then you have 3 slots for your build synergies that you would want utility, mobility and spammable nuke on.

What happens now is that if you want 1 extra mobility/utility skill to mix up your play style and stave off boredom, you can’t. You need to sacrifice the Ult, or a nuke.
This is a sad state to be in, and after trying MANY builds it felt like they always start to gravitate toward the core rotation loop within minutes of fighting, you lose interest even if it is a strong build.
This is going to be a particularly problematic flaw when the game starts and we dont have all classes and tiles yet

Or experiment with giving ULT a dedicated 7th slot

I posted about this so much i’l just paste it here XD.

•Bad Ui design. - Gems could have a different tab, as well as 2 buttons for stats and materials.
•Bad fonts. - Looks like a placeholder.
•Bad Blacksmith buttons - Same as the fonts. They look like a placeholder
•The Ultimate skill should be a separate button, not using up the normal skill slots.
•Dungeon backtracking which will get extremely annoying and stale fast.
•The stash should be in every town not only the main city.
•Also the Cellars having the exact same look and layout. - kinda looked extremely lazy and just copy-pasted it everywhere instead of making each one look unique.

Also the Inventory redesign this user made, which shows elemental resistances and separate buttons for stats and materials as well as a different tab for gems.


I like your separate materials and stats tab and gems inventory (even if we could settle for being able to put gems in the aspect tab)

Other than that I have no problems with the UI at all. EDIT: Oh, and the font change is quite nice.

Yeah, I had the same idea talking with some friends, with every class I felt bad giving up a slot for a button I can only use every minute or so, yes they are powerful and look amazing but you give up so much QoL for it, maybe that’s the intended design, but I do believe that an extra skill slot for ultimates only would feel great.


I thought long about this, then realized that if it was (and it likely is) then it is a bit anti-fun when you consider that you either have to forego some mobility/utility or the fancy ult. The rotation starts to become barebones, and to add to these woes, you can actually access more skills with the S menu. So it seems bad.
Rather have it so that we cannot change skills in combat, but put ult on a separate, dedicated 7th slot.

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Yea when i finaly got to the ultimate tree i thought it would add a skill slot for it i was like no way. They shouldnhave gave u a slot for each tree besides the last buff tree.

I can use example by build, but that reply would be very verbose and I’m not sure who would want to read all that. Bottom line is that having a ult slot would solve a lot of build boredom.

I agree. Mount/Unmount, Dash, Pot, Ultimate + 6 Action buttons sounds pretty good number. Having 12 Skill Slots on top of that might be too much imo. This is not WoW. I had over 80+ skillbinds during Wrath on my MM Hunter. It was fun back then but not anymore and has absolutely no place in a faster paced game like D4 considering how deep the customization in this game will go.

On the other hand if they expand action bars to 12 slots and if you can drag Pot, Dash, Mount and Ultimate there you would still have 8 slots left. Go figure. :stuck_out_tongue:

This seems to be a universal thing that most agrees on, seen it suggested by so many people. I feel like they should just do it. It opens up more build diversity to separate the Ultimate skills and put them on their own button.

Lots of people are saying it would limit build diversity because if players have too many options in 1 build the build loses its unique identity. Well, I am trying not to type out a long essay on this problem, but have concluded that this is a terrible argument. All things considered 7 slots seems best. One of the problems is that Blizz wants to avoid having an “ult-always” build scheme.
And if you have 7 buttons where ult is NOT dedicated, then you suddenly have 2 slots open for ridiculous utility+mobility. However, I considered the worst case scenario and still believe that 6.5 is better than what we have now (especially considering that most ults are AOE nukes!)

This also means we can extend the cooldown on ult across the board (which many wont like, but CD is obviously an important balancing metric)

No Ult gives you +1 extra Dash and Pot charge? :stuck_out_tongue:

Absolutely 100% agree with this. I feel it would solve many problems. The game really does feel “One button short” of being able to have a more fleshed out character, and who in their right mind would want to leave out an ultimate skill? It should have its own button to free up a slot for something else.

I am worried however that we wont get this, since it might not work on a controller as well, and it seems this game is heavily designed for console.


I agree we should of had more button combinations! There are ways on controller too, look at FF14 or PoE, that said theres zero chance before launch they will change that…ZERO.


It is doable on controller- other console payers were making suggestions, heck some console games have almost double the button spread of D4. Streamlining the controls for console has shot D4 in the foot, build-wise.
It may be tough for Blizzard to rebalance on short notice if they add a 7th slot, but there are many supporting arguments.

Kripparrian wants 8 slots :confused: I think 8 is too many and 7 is perfect. Having to provide a build example to argue from will be a massive essay

I think 8 would be too much as well, I really just need one more button to be satisfied, and I think its a good compromise. But I have a hard time believing blizzard will budge on this. I hope though that a reasonable suggestion like an ultimate button might be doable.