Cellars are pointless

I think they’re probably worried about abuse. Since cellars are so small and you can instantly reset them after leaving, it would be pretty trivial for people to just farm them over and over and over again if it was found to be even remotely efficient. So they’re probably stuck in this weird spot where they want them to exist but they can’t have them actually be good for anything.

I had a goblin pack of 4-5 goblins in one. 2 legendaries. Yeah, I check them all now.


Blues and yellows are hilariously common, I have no idea what point you’re trying to make.

These are all low level cellars, imagine late game ones. Imagine doing a Torment difficulty cellar and finding a real badass champion waiting for you…I wouldn’t completely right them off until the game launches.

cellars have an elite which has a greater chance of dropping better gear, they can have goblins in them as well, they aren’t pointless. If you want to skip them that is up to you.

Not really true. I was doing them on repeat for like 20 minutes just to see how much they drop and sometimes u do get a really bad loot but sometimes u get 3 treasure goblins. And its just a room clear. U go in kill everything and go out and reset.

So what your saying is they ARE worthless, all elites have a higher chance of dropping better gear and the ones in dungeons are weighted to be even better drops with Mutiple elites AND a boss, they literally are not worth the load screen for cellars.

if you think treasure goblin packs are worthless then sure, skip cellars.


So what your saying is D3 DARK CELLAR RETURNS???!?!?!

There goes what little sanity I had left…

haha honestly I was running them cuz im lazy doing the whole dungeon. I did find few I liked a bit more than the others cuz they seemed to be faster at least for me but when i feel like i cant be bothered i was spamming cellars xD

i had 3 treasure goblins. i was like hell yeah

I have to disagree with this:

If that were the case, move+interact would be on left click, or assignable to one of the skill slots on the skill bar without reducing the number of skill binds you have available.

As it is now, if they do fix the awful implementation of
1)Move only + interact with an entirely different key
2) Move + interact + skill
It would require an entirely new, fundamentally different UI.

Which means, if we are discussing intelligence related to ARPGs, the developers are at least two standard deviations below the players, because the very first iteration of movement, before assets were even introduced, would have included a standardized movment mechanic.

Agree I do hope that they are going to change that it’s quite annoying that they reduced skills by binding it onto left click as your basic attack.
They could have simply left click as a base attack skill without a bind so they give us one more extra space and interact with something else like an F or E as in most games

If they all had special events to them, yes they would be interesting. Most of the one’s I’ve gone into, though, are just head to the main room and clear the mob/ambush and leave.

I am confused, so wouldnt your option to be to not do them? Or are you so upset by them that you want them removed? I dont understand the purpose of this post, unless you wanted validation because you were so triggered by them. Is that the reason?


It’s pretty clearly to suggest that they need to be made more interesting, nice false dichotomy though.

im not sure they fully finished the, or at least some seem buggy, as soon as i entered, i would kill 1 or 2 normal Mobs, and CELLAR COMPLETE!, then i would activate the event by opening a chest or talking to a ghostly npc, and i would have to do the intended event. noticing how lil reward if any was given, i just assumed they wernt finished/finalized.

Months away means they still have stuff to do.

What do you propose that is? Bug fixing?

No, they’re not counted toward the dungeon total.

There 23 dungeons in the first zone alone, there’s just as many in each of the other 4-5 zones.
You know what that adds up to? About 120 to 150, as advertised.

They’re actually fairly useful.

They have events in them, like cursed shrines, cursed chests, boss spawns, save the people etc…

Some of them have a “mastery” that gives you better rewards.
Any time there’s an event i usually get at least 1 legendary. When you get a boss you can get a prism which adds sockets to your gear, and this is the ONLY place that you can get them outside of the world boss and helltide boss, and perhaps some of the larger event bosses.

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I would love to see cellars be super rng areas. By this I mean you could get what we have now, you could get a room full of treasure goblins, you could get 10 chests and all but one is cursed (good luck opening all of them), a room with a portal to some super rare instance, this one has a super rare boss that is really hard but if you kill him you get a super rare title/banner/something cool, etc…

Just more than they seem to be now.

That kind of is how they are, but only a few events have been added so far.

I think a lot of events will come after launch, with seasons.

They have big plans for seasons, where they add to the non season game and persist through to the next season etc… and that will likely be new events in cellars, new portals, new bosses, new goblins, among other things such as skill points, items, paragon boards, paragon gems, and more.

The initial launch will be fairly bare, but it will become huge over time.