Cellars are pointless

No, they don’t seem to have super cool stuff right now that is rare. What I have seen both in game and on streams are just different events but all are basically the same and boring.

  1. Save my kid, kill thing
  2. Kill the demons
  3. Click the thing, kill the demons
  4. etc…

Perfectly fine for a F2P game, slightly less so for a game with a box price and no MTX (borderline acceptable). Not so fine for a $70 AAA that will be further monetized.

I like the randomness of them. I just found one that had a little “clear 5 waves” event. Made it last longer than the loading screen at least. They may need to change the icon though. It looks like a laptop to me. :rofl:

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I think what we have is worth the price. I would like to see some improvements to the UI and a fix for the same-ness felling of the dungeons but it looks like a great base game if they keep building on it.

Hey, that’s perfectly fine and I hope you enjoy the game. I’m not sure that I agree given the quality than you can get in non-AAA games for a much lower price, but of course it’s highly subjective.

like over 90% of any product you buy in a store is paying for the packaging.

i been seeing a trend of 70$ being the New 60$ pricetag, that used to be the 49.99( or 49.98 if at wallmart) days

I entered 30 cellars and not once was it a goblin cellar, every time it was one of the crappy kill a few units and leave cellar.

Nah, no way. Look how much work they had to put into Diablo 3 to get it to where it is today. Diablo 2 was also pretty bad at launch / Pre LOD 1.09.

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Maybe if there was a wee chance of an ultra rare Whimsyshire type goblin being found in a cellar?

Diablo 1 was the best at being bad, (in town Player kills, lmao)

i was mabe 10 years old or so, and my Uncle was one of them chaters, h didnt play Diablo 2 for long becasue he couldnt keep Greifing people like in D1.

when i actualy started playing Diablo , my impressionwas, man my uncle is a D-wad

Agree Cellars are pointless as is. I’ve had 1 chest in a cellar and another 8 or so cellars had nothing. There should be a chest, a goblin, obols, a miniboss, …anything to make it worth bothering.

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So are video games in general.

When almost every cellar is the exact same room and all there is is a single elite, yeah they feel pretty useless and pointless. I’d take less and have them be unique. Same with the dungeons to be fair.

Some of the hacks in Diablo 1 were pretty funny. I was super young for d1 though like 6-7 and my moms boyfriend at the time played it so that’s how I got into Diablo lol

The point is that cellars are a guaranteed good drop. It’s like… you’re running past an elite pack - would you engage it? If yes - why? Because they will drop good loot? Same goes for the cellars.

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For whatever reason I actually really enjoy them. lol

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This is simply not true they drop little loot and its usually bad, even asmongold thinks cellars are a trap to waste player time with no value in comparison to running a dungeon.

LOL. Terrible example and take. Games should come out done. You are the reason games release the way they do now. You put up with it and defend it.


If I had a load screen before/after? Nope.


I went into a cellar to test a new build out quickly and The Butcher was inside and wrecked me.

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