Cellars are pointless

No benefit to doing them. No renown, no loot, just wastes of time.

If they had something they might warrant existing, but they currently do not. Even just like 10-25 obols for completing them would make them worthwhile.


Who cares if you think its a waste of time. Thats not very constructive. Cellars are interesting - just not fully realized. Im sure the games devs are at least slighty smarter and slightly more intelligent than most people posting here, and if thats the case, they likely understand that while not “a waste of time” they could use another pass.


There were a couple that I did that had a chest in them and when I opened it, another elite + some trash spawned - it was a nice surprise. But I agree, a consistent reward (even if it’s small) would make them more interesting and worthwhile.


Suprised people havent realized this yet about Cellars.

Fine small chambers to quickly dive into and clear out in moments when you need a pause because of RL.

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Most cellars have some chest at the end AFAIK. No stellar surprises but you may get something for your (small) effort there.


Use it for faming gamba mats. They are quick on demand event that can be reset.

I got a Rare sword in my first cellar, multiple small piles of gold in the second. Maybe your game just hates you?

Cellars would be fine if they didn’t have a loading screen, especially one that lasts longer than the cellar itself.


They’re kinda boring. They’re all exactly the same. I’m hoping other zones give a little more variety.


Keep in mind you’re only seeing early game content.

Agreed. Should be a little harder with at least a better chance for loot. At least they are a very quick diversion at this point.

Bro what??? Lol this just completely undermines any opinion you could possibly have so why say it?

Nah but yeah cellars are worthless. At least include like a random merchant with weird but useful items or a fake wall/bookcase that leads to a chest or a secret dungeon. The exorcist side quests also feel very one note (since they have the same exact layout as a cellar). IDGAF about Timmy and his relationship to his dad just let me fight the damn demon


Cellars are interesting - just not fully realized

You do realize this game is a few months away from release, right? If something is not fully realized this close to release then something went wrong in the game design. These cellars are being included in the “over 150 dungeons” they are advertising at release. It sounds like they are fully realized… lol


found a cellar with 3 treasure goblins
and had one with a rescue scenario (protect the npc against x waves)
mostly the same though… definatly all the same layout

Thats exactly the point. Opinions, bro. As long as you dont feel like its absolute, its okay. But as soon as we cross over into the “my way, or else” stage, well - then we need to see how that opinion holds up.

I entered one and my friend the Butcher spawned. I was not prepared to say the least.


It’s amazing to me that they took so many concepts directly from D3. Cellars were all over place in D3 as well. It’s just an artificial way to attempt to make the world seem more interesting, but they’re so bland and one dimensional.

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Ran into butcher again. This time on Necro. Unlike my barb and sorcerer…Necro was able to lock down with skellies …and I pulled him into pile of corpses I just had made a second before and exploded him to death. I do realize this was lucky on my part on where and when he spawned …but I’ll take the win!

one of the cellars I entered was full of treasure goblins. Maybe 5 or 6 of them. That was cool.

Every other cellar I entered felt like a total waste of time.

Those caches you get from side quests would be a nice reward for cellars.

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