Cellars are pointless

Honestly entering a random cellar and having there just be bodies everywhere with a butchering table and blood and gore then you hear the “Ah! Fresh meat!” Chills! Being trapped in a small space with the butcher feels very D1 and very scary.

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Cmon, man…you’ll have to do better than that.

Devs release games all the time with parts that arent fully realized - look at No Mans Sky at release, and now look at No Mans Sky today.

Am I supportive of this behavior…no, but if Blizzard is genuine about supporting D4 in the long run, little things like the cellars not being a fully realized area of the game isnt a big deal - whether they become something more or not.

So many people in here complaining about how things are today as if they havent lived their entire life on a planet that is an ever and constantly changing environment, and at the same time its JUST complaining - ZERO constructive criticism. Its all a waste, really.

The fundamental foundation of this game is excellent - far better than I expected and for that I am willing to give Blizzard a lot of breathing room to make improvements since its 100% in the best interest of their profit margins. Anything else would be anti-money-making and I cant think of very many businesses that are anti-money.


Oof you chose a terrible example… No mans sky was a critical failure at launch and took a lot of work by the devs listening to the fans and what they wanted to get to where the game is now. The devs remained faithful to the fans which you will never get with a AAA company. What you see in the beta is what we are getting at launch and likely for the duration of the game’s existence


Oof. Thanks for the validation. In this forum, I’ll take what I can get.

No Mans Sky


You have low standards for a $70 game.

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Agreed. I’d like to see more sources of obols.

Standards are subjective one way or the other.

dungeons and cellars are a bland waste of time tbh.

Standards are subjective one way or the other.

They sure are and as I have stated many times now, there is an audience for Diablo 4, but it isn’t me.

But back to your original statement about cellars, you are only kidding yourself if you think they are not fully realized. This version of the game is what you will get at release, and if you are happy with that, good for you. I personally expected more for D4, but this game feels like it was developed for mobile…it feels like just another mobile ARPG.

I just wish they had more randomness to them. Something to at least make me think I’m not running the same thing over and over again. A little visual manipulation if you will to trick my eyes/mind into thinking it’s something different. An extra room, a different shape, something.

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I got the puzzle one with the torches as well.

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Great. Dont suppose you have any evidence to that?..

Again, I dont care. Considering Blizzard supprta this game in the long run, Im sure it will go through many changes. Whether something so, I dont know - small, as the cellars evolve or not doesnt make a difference to me. There are more important things, I’m sure.

Great. Dont suppose you have any evidence to that?..

The official Diablo 4 release date is June 6, 2023

They have 73 days before the official release. What more evidence do you need?

I’ve gotten blue/yellow drops from every cellar I’ve cleared, I believe, and they take ~10 seconds to clear. Seems like good investment of time. Am I missing something?

Literally nothing at all interesting about a loading screen simulator with 20 mobs in it.

I have to concur. Even if they just had a few decent chests (not even resplendants, just ordinary chests) in the final room, they’d be worth doing now and then.

Well, I’m gunna have to have way more evidence than your “assumptions”.

Cellars will be the Tree of Whispers bounties, and there are cellar/dungeon only events.

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Its like every cellar in sanctuary was built by the same architect ;p
agree, very lackluster element of the game at present, after two or three I just started to skip them, not just because the rewards were bad, sometimes you just had two enemies to kill and it was over in 5 seconds. May as well remove them in their current incarnation.

Yup…they are magnitudes worse than d3 lol… there at least they had a mini story/theme and were bespoke to their areas, actually fitting the zone and story there… Here, they are literally a hole with some mobs.