Bring back Exclusive Fullscreen, please! (not about performance)

Please Blizzard Devs,

there’s an actual belief that Borderless Flip (actually used in DX12 games) is equal to Fullscreen Exclusive in performance, I 'm not here to argue about that.

I’ve tried the first weekend of beta where FSE was still there, and there is an OBVIOUS difference in input responsiveness (faster and precise) in FSE than in Borderless (slower and floating).

Also in the picture is sharper and the motion clarity is better in FSE.

Please don’t make the mistake of removing FSE believing now that Borderless is on par (or almost) performance wise with FSE. The difference in input responsiveness and motion clarity make FSE still very useful and the option to use FSE need to stay there.

The easiest way to see this difference is to play in locked framerate, use V-Sync or RTSS Scanline Sync to make sure of that, with settings that you computer can easily maintain the framerate (720p 60fps with 60Hz refresh rate, with everything to low) and you’ll be able to experience what I’m talking about!

I’ve noticed this difference in other DX12 games, but since the FSE settings wasn’t there, I was not sure if it was the change of API, or the use of Borderless that was the issue.
Thank you for adding FSE in the first week-end of beta because it confirmed to me what I always suspected that Borderless Flip was always the culprit!

Please, seriously consider adding back FSE, because the heavier input delay make me serisouly lose interest in the game. And this would also help prove Borderless Flip cultist that it still isn’t equal to FSE in a DX12 game because of heavier input lag and image/ motion clarity.

Thank you for reading my post if you did!


They ruined the beta for me. They did this patch that removed the fullscreen. I can not play the game anymore because my game will blackout and just lowering the windows res doesnt even change if I set it to 800 x 600. It will still blackout and cause my gpu to run loud as a jet. It is a known problem with radeon cards, they can not handel the windowed mode. No matter how new the drivers are. I played until this morning with zero issues. I had fullscreen now they removed it and causes this issue for me and thousands of other players. Please help me to spread this!! The devs should see this and bring it back othterwise we can not play the game


Yes, there is other issue that I did not mentionned above, as yours! I remembered reading other problems while browsing discussion about this for other games.

It’s just an option, why remove it! Borderless cultist want it removed because they think there are no performance difference, but it’s not only about performance!

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It’s annoying that they disabled it for everyone when the issue wasn’t affecting everyone. I didn’t crash once alt tabbing all day. Now I wonder if it’s gonna be too taxing on my old system to play WFS.


Had fullscreen as an option last night, this morning it’s gone. what the hell


This is because some people had to cry about a alt crash thing, that wasnt even happening for me and most people using fullscreen. What they did now is that our game blacks out, because we got mid price gpus especially the AMD ones like mine that are not designed to run these new direct12 game windowed. It will make our screen black out, getting green and all that. They made it worse and after this action I am even thinking about not buying the game, because this might happen in the full release too that they remove it. I bought diablo remastered and they did the same there way back and I can not paly it due the same issue. It is mindblowing to me why new games remove full screen? Something thats so normal to gaming, we all played full screen back in the days, like who wants to play windowed mode anyways, even if my computer could handel it, I would not suggest to do so cause its killing immersion and its also perfomance killer

Speak for yourself my rx 580 handles it in both modes just fine 4k everything max

good for you, yet it doesnt work for me. And what would also speak against adding a fullscreen option back? What should I do now buy me a new gpu for a hunderts of euros that will arrive too late and that I need to build in so that the beta will be mostly be over anyways? I just want a fullscreen option, something that is nothing too crazy, weird that they had to remove such a essential thing out the game. Speaks for the game not being ready to launch, I see many problems incoming if thats just not getting fixed

I’m not saying they shouldn’t have it. But not all of us have the issues in Fullscreen windowed either. They essentially disabled it because they didn’t want to tell people to stop alt tabbing all over the place. If you look at the update it legit said that was the trigger. Should have been there when they removed it from wow and specifically tried to say it was because dx12 didn’t support exclusive Fullscreen lol

The problem is heavy. Its not just a slight thing. They basically excluded me from beta with what they done with the hotfix. I mean my words may not reflect the situation well, so I recorded the issue so that you all can get a better visual idea of what I am even talking about:

Diablo 4 Beta No Fullscreen causing blackscreen/Greenscreen - YouTube

Not trying to argue but be helpful because it sounds like you are having the issues in several titles have you ever tried to remove the drivers with DDU and reinstalling. DDU is more through than AMDs factory reset install. What version is Windows are you running?

this is not a driver problem as I stated I played with zero problems until this morning. I got the newest drivers. I play many new games and they all work in fullscreen and I dont even think thats just a gpu issue. Theres more to it. They just nee to bring it back, I mean all this because someone pressed alt by accident in fullscreen and had a crash and they had to remove a fundamental option out the game. Very weird fix. A fix is not removing options out the game, a fix is doing something inside the engine that we can not see that helps getting rid of it

Well if your having issues in other dx12 games than it is a driver problem. Not to be rude but who has theirs working and who doesn’t. If you can’t be bothered to try minimal effort than I don’t know what to tell you. I did DDU with the last update because AMD had to disable it’s factory reset option as it was breaking systems. So before you come on here raging on people trying to help maybe put some effort in and try to make sure it’s not on your end.

yeah guess we are forced to change our desktop resolution now, whata great change…

not true, countless of people have issues in dx12 games ranging from scaling issues causing games to run in higher/lower fake resolutions, shader stuttering and so on, elden ring and farming sim 22 are just 2 examples of this. due to lack of preloading shader cache (which capcom’s monster hunter rise DOES do right) theres a insane amount of stuttering.

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I got mine on 800 x 600 which is the equal to 20 year old diablo 2 graphics yet my screen dies. I am confused how this is a hotfix. All I see is another problem causes by a “fix” that removes options because this has not been tested clearly

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I don’t know what to tell you either… I pay most of them with windowed Fullscreen and no problem

These new games especially on direct12 are not designed to be played on windowed mode. There is a thousands of people right now at least that suffer from the problem I showed in this video:

Diablo 4 Beta No Fullscreen causing blackscreen/Greenscreen - YouTube

If any community manager reads this. Do a hotfix that adds fullscreen back

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They said it was temporary and they can’t idiot proof everything for lazy people that don’t want to listen.

what lazy people? You really out here now to offend me, wow what kind of great help you are. Its lazy to just remove settings out the game. This clearly reflects that the game wont be ready for a launch this year. I mean I hear a lot of bad ciritism of diablo 4 and I honestly agree, like adding new problems into the game doesnt make it better