An update prior to 1.2.3 hitting on December 5th

A quick few notes prior to the 1.2.3 update coming to Diablo IV on Tuesday via a same day server side hotfix.

The Melted Heart of Selig will no longer count as the player spending resources when resource is drained from damage taken in PvP zones.

We are doing this because of an interaction that is causing some performance issues for players. Per our earlier commitments, we will make our best efforts to not nerf builds during the Season and we are only applying this as it is impacting player game performance.

For Season 3 this will be fixed for all areas outside of PvP as well.

Separately, when 1.2.3 hits, we will have a known issue with advanced tooltips on the Tears of Blood glyph where it will show bonuses as additive. The icon is incorrect and it is actually multiplicative. That will also be noted in the hotfix notes for Tuesday.