Yah i think im quitting s25 now. Can't catch the exploiters

They absolutely have issued public warnings before…

The announcement includes…

First, utilizing a group buff to progress in solo Greater Rifts is not intended and will be considered cheating. Players found using this mechanic may have their accounts suspended or closed, based on severity of abuse as well as previous account history.

We ask that you do not make use of this exploit in the meantime while we are working to deploy a patch.

From a later post in the same thread…

Now that we’ve identified it, we’re asking you do not abuse this problem while we work to address it—for the greater health of the game.


Is an official notice required before they can begin banning people for it?

keep up, slow poke.

Literally, the sentence before the one you quoted…

And you said…

I showed that they have done that. So…


never had to warn the player before banning. keep up, you try so hard and in the end it didnt even matter.

Am i one of the few rares that just want to escape reality when gaming and stop all this competition that you see in real life ?

Do people really need to be the best in VIDEO games ? Doesnt anyone want to escape this pressure of real life , competing with one another , doing your best to earn a living , etc …

Gaming used to be a cartridge you put in your console or a disc , floppy disc you insert into your pc … wasnt about comparing one to another just like real life does …


why do you sit here and tell me how you have fun, and then judge me and how i choose to have fun? Maybe i have fun WINNING. Losing is not fun to me.

hypocritical dont you think?

You get a warning when you agree to the terms and conditions of the game before you can even play your first game, so when exactly weren’t we warned

Yes I do think it’s highly hypocritical when you say that and also say

Why aren’t they allowed to have fun with their WD like you want to have fun with what you choose and yet you critisize them and do exactly the same to us as you accuse us of doing

Ever since I got my first NES back in the 80:s we compared our skill with the various games. Now I don’t care about the boards, but you can be sure I still rub my friends the wrong way if I beat them and vice versa.

How can you possibly win when 5 mins after start of season you quit, can’t win if you don’t even try and then use excuses that it’s everyone elses fault that you always quit


“Winners never quit, and quitters never win.”


Losing will never be fun for someone who can’t handle even the concept of being wrong. It shows serious lack of self worth generally.

Look at the undefeated boxers/fighters who lose their first fight and disappear off into the mists of memory. Then you have the true champs, those that take a loss and come back stronger than ever before. The difference is 100% mental and nothing to do with physical ability.

I’m not a huge fan of losing per se, but without a doubt I have learned far more from losing than winning. That applies all across life but to games and games theory especially.

For me, winning isn’t fun without challenge, struggle and growth.


If people were really honest with themselves they would realize even if every cheater were permanently banned the vast majority of us still wouldn’t make it onto the leader board at all. The inability to realize your true competition in yourself first is a moral failing. Defeating others is a goal. Conquering your limitations is a victory.


you cant build a home without foundation.

Check R1 solo demon hunter gear on maxroll. The exploit is still ingame. Unbelievable!

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I don’t care at all about the boards or the competitive component in any game, I still prefer to see cheaters dealt with for the sole reason they are cheating.


I also would prefer justice were done as a matter of principle but I don’t let it interfere with my enjoyment of life. Most of what I’ve seen in hundreds of these threads is sour grapes used to make bitter whine.





The boats hull is the foundation in the water or it sinks and motor homes have supports too or they fall or are unlevel.

Wheels. Motorhomes have wheels. Houseboats aren’t really boats they’re more like a barge and no it’s not a foundation. The purpose of a foundation is to keep a building from shifting vertically and laterally. Houseboats and motor homes do both by design.

So it’s basically a foundation without being in the ground. It’s still a design of support. Anyway we can just agree to disagree lol