Would YOU buy the successor of Diablo 3 if it will be an MMO?

Well, of course you have to party up for things like raids. That’s the whole point – to do content that is so difficult that one player cannot pull it off. But, again, as I stated earlier – as long as there is plenty of solo content in this potential D4 MMO, what’s to complain about? There will hopefully be a ton of stuff for everyone.

Having plenty of content doesn’t matter as there would still be content gated behind multiplayer, meaning you would be forced to party up.


There’s too much push for online competitive play for games now. Diablo has always been a great content driven game, focusing on a good story, challenges, and co-op. By making Diablo more of a competitive mmo , it will drive away certain customers and attract new ones. They would have to change the format of the game, and it would give Blizzard a less diverse selection of games for customers.

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If it was a true step back to the styling of D1/2 yes. Hellgate was the nearest I can think of. I don’t need another theme park covering up shallow character development. D3 isn’t lacking for a content stage, path of exile proves that. It’s lacking depth.

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Not a chance in hell. The MMO era is fading fast, thank God.


I think they should just keep it the way it is with the option to join online players if you want but you can play offline if you like. I have been playing diablo sence it frist came out on pc and now on playstation its always been a single play/party option game and thats what made it versatile. I think forcing online play will kill the soloest that started with the game. Thats just my thoughts.

It would have to pass several litmus tests. Biggest is that I’m not standing in line waiting for the next quest mini-boss to spawn again.
Not a good IP style for MMO, unless the MM part is just standing in town BSing or trading with others. Then instanced for party/solo play.

I would prefer they get a Diablo 4 out, a perfect Diablo game, before they push out an MMO. They did a decent job with Diablo 3s rifts and other things. But we all know some points they could have fixed. I honestly think having maybe an increased number of party members would be fun like at least up to 8.

if is like wow…as many said…just try it and then stop. i will not play when other’s schedule allows it! :unamused:i want my single player storyline and i want to enjoy it independently whenever I want too!
i want diablo 4 to be cool as Lost Ark.-:face_with_monocle:

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If it’s a MMO - not interested


Provided that most MMO titles need to be considered as a second career to get the most out of it, I don’t believe I’ll have the time required to get any joy out of it.

I’d buy it if it had trading and an AH, but you guys wouldn’t, so w/e.

No, diablo fans are getting older like me, 35 and don’t have the time for an MMO anymore.


Yes. That would be amazing.

what elements of a MMO are they suggesting?

If Blizz made a Diablo themed MMO, I would certainly give it a look, but it would be through the lens of an mmo player looking at a new game, not a Diablo player looking at the next edition.

Oh heck yes. Especially if the made it where you could help the prime evils

A WoW-type MMO, no. Diablo is a hack & slash, barely an RPG as it is. But D3 did end with the possibility for more nephilim to start awakening to their power, I think. So I can see how, story-wise, it would make sense. That said, it’s always been an IP where you can hop in and out having made even a small amount of progress in short order. With games like WoW your time investment is significantly higher for equivalent progress. Most older players like me who’ve got other things going on in their lives, I don’t see how Diablocraft would be appealing.


Definite no for me.

I enjoy being able to log on and play for 10 minutes or play for 10 hours. I enjoy playing with friends or sometimes doing things solo.

I won’t play a game where I have to wait in a queue for an hour to run an event with 20 other people I don’t know. I won’t play a game where I have to tell all my friends to on at a certain time and a certain date, so we can get something done. I won’t play a game where I have to put in large blocks of time to get anything done.

The point is that in an MMO you are forced to party with a large group to get anything significant done. Sure there are things to do solo, like kill boars for 1 xp each, but where will that get you? Nowhere and that is what their is to complain about.

They can make an MMO, but don’t expect a large portion of the fan base to follow. They can make a mobile trash game full of predatory P2W microtransaction, but don’t expect a large portion of the fan base to follow. They could make an ARPG, and make it well, then a large portion of the fan base will follow. They can do whatever the hell they want, but they can’t blame the fans if they don’t like it.


Yes I would! The storyline would be great.