Would YOU buy the successor of Diablo 3 if it will be an MMO?


There are some discussions of the internet that the next Diablo might be an MMO. Not to mention that when it was shown to the french employees Jason( from Kotaku ) said it contained MMO elements.

To cut to the chaise, if the next Diablo would be an MMO ( forced to play with other people, do all the specific MMO chores, restrict a lot of event based on single/ multiplayer mode), then for me it would be a dead end for the series and I would not buy it.

But, what about you, would you buy a MMO Diablo?


Containing MMO elements does not make a ARPG an MMO!


a diablo mmo would be interesting depending how they actually do it.

a full blown mmo built from the ground up which is free roaming like wow sure, if it ends up some live service on rails nope not interested.


MMOs suck, because the people playing it usually suck. So no, I wouldn’t touch it with a 10-foot pole.


If the next major Diablo game is indeed an actual mmo, I may try it out, but it wouldn’t be for for long. I’ve had my fill of mmos, and needing to play at the schedule of others, among other things, was never an appeal for me.


On one hand, yes, partly because I enjoyed WoW for the first 7 years of its life. One of the best games I’ve played.

On the other, no, because Diablo ain’t for MMOs. Keep it as a hack and slash.


Yes but what if some essential gear can be obtained only in raids which are ofc multi player?! Or some other MMO element which impacts you?

If D4 will be like WoW with a monthly fee (was/is - never played it don’t know if it still has a fee) I will never buy it.


Nah, I do not have the desire to play another MMO after WoW sapped all the fun out of me in regards to MMOs to begin with.

If anything Diablo is better off diving into the high quality sandbox treatment in having random missions popping up than going the MMO route.


world of warcraft is not warcraft 4

diablo 4 is a arpg

world of diablo is a mmo


Allow me to second that opinion. My days of spending hours on end organizing and joining raids are OVER. WoW was fun for the first couple years, but after that the tedium got to be wwwaaayyy too much. I actually do have a life away from the keyboard.


I don’t think it will be a real MMO as I doubt Blizzard is willing to create a new rival while still planning to sell WoW expansions. However I expect next Diablo to have “MMO-lite” features with player hubs instead of general chat rooms and perhaps mobile synchronized mini-maps.

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If they turned into World of Diablo, then I would definitely buy it. The franchise has always been ARPG, though. However, before WoW, Warcraft was/is an RTS game, popular in its own right. People were arguing back and forth about Warcraft becoming an MMO before WoW came out. Blizzard won the naysayers over then. Who is to say they can’t do the same with Diablo?

It may not be the upcoming D4, but I would not bet against Blizzard if a WoD does come out down the road. A whole world, pardon the pun, of things would have to be done before a World of Diablo comes out, though. It is an intriguing prospect, however, that deserves a chance in the future.

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Reaper of Souls ends with Tyrael looking at the Nephalem as not only the savior of humanity, but also potentially their doom. With Malthael’s death, the Seven Evils are free again, and may seek to corrupt the Nephalem. This opens up some interesting story and gameplay mechanics.

I believe having a Diablo MMO could work from the perspective of playing as “normal” humans rather than Nephalem, having to band together to stop the self-absorbed, power hungry, evil-turned Nephalem if they were indeed corrupted.

So instead of slaying hundreds of demons on screen with a single spell (as a Nephalem), it takes humans much longer to fight evil because they are much weaker in comparison, so that would make grouping together make more sense.

Plus I think having an MMO set in a dark/gruesome theme would be a nice change of pace if done correctly, and Diablo is the perfect candidate.


I do not even like playing with 3 other people most of the time, so most likely no for me.


I definitely understand that feeling.

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There is not a snowball’s chance in Hades that I would buy ANY MMO game. I’ve completed the last two seasons strictly solo, and plan to do the same next season.


I can deal with playing with a few others from time to time, that is my choice. If I am forced to play with a screen full of other people, I would most like just move on and start playing other games. :sunglasses:


MMO in the sense of true MMO - no.

A game with MMO elements like open world map as in Mythos/TL:F - yes.


When I think of how diablo would be in an mmo form I think of an open world that can be played solo or in groups if you joined a group in a main hub. What comes to mind is how hellgate london worked. I loved that game so yea I’d buy that in a heartbeat.