World PVP toggle and Duel feature D4

The devs have explained that we will see other players while exploring the overworld.

It was described as being a lonely experience, where you will “occasionally” bump into other players. Dungeons will be instanced so no bumping into players here. Other than world bosses which will be the only time you see groups of players without making your own groups.

World pvp hasn’t been mentioned but I don’t see why it can’t be in the game.

Here’s how I propose it would work.

  • ability to toggle world pvp on and off

Pretty simple tbh. Apparently until you attack another player in pvp ZONES you won’t be hostile anyway. So pvp rules in these areas are different. When you leave the area, pvp can simply be disabled for you again.

Any players who don’t want to experience world pvp can simply toggle world pvp off and leave it like this forever. It won’t affect anyone unless they decide to interact with the feature and toggle it on.

For players that DO want to world pvp however, now we have the ENTIRE overworld to run around and hunt down players :slight_smile: and bumping into players on the road would be a new and exciting thrill! Matchmaking people who toggle it on just like wow does would also feel like you’re playing on a pvp server :slight_smile: without splitting the player base up, as we will still matchmake to each other when needed for those immersive moments of bumping into someone on a lonely road.

It’s a really small feature that wouldn’t take hardly any dev time.

I don’t see any good reason not to include world pvp.

I’m sure a lot of pve players will come in here to drop pvp hate, but there really is no negative affect to players that don’t want to world pvp. If you walk past someone with it turned on, they won’t be able to do anything to you. Maybe you’ll get to see 2 players fight one time! Which would be a pretty cool sight to see imo.

Perhaps players will all start hanging out in certain places with pvp turned on :slight_smile:

Also the ability to initiate a duel like in wow would be another great feature so we can do fair 1v1s out in the open world. This could also create cool hangouts for players like outside orgrimmar in wow.

TL:DR Please can we have the ability to toggle world pvp on and off and initiate duels

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As long as they handle it like WoW does nowadays I don’t see why anyone would argue. The game is PvE by default, you have to manually turn on PvP while in a city.


hopefully it wont be the one sided pvp that D2 had

that was a griefers paradise because even if you didnt have yourself flagged you were still attackable by others that were and you couldnt counter attack to drive them off

the hostility toggle was the worst kind of pvp it allowed the wrong kind of players to force partipation on others which helped destroy the encouragement of open community games sicne people would either play offline or private games to keep those types of players out

PKing was a national sport of Sanctuary once players started using hacks and mods to become invincible killing machines

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There is no world PvP nor should there be. Because it would mean seeing a lot more players than occasionally bumping into other players.

There are gonna be areas that are for PvP instead of the whole world.


I won’t pretend I actually know, but I imagine it’s a server issue.

In other MMO’s I’ve played, there’s server resource logistics for the locations and times where people gather and decide to fight; primarily to reduce lag and disconnects and make sure everything runs smoothly. I’ve even seen this on single-server games, not just multi-server, where the devs will ask the players where they’ll be fighting in advance of a large battle so they can dedicate more resources to that location within the game for 24 hours or whatever the case may be. I’m not a technical enough expert to know the details but I know there’s a logistical consideration to this stuff on Blizzard’s end.

If I had to take a blind stab in the dark, dedicated PvP zones might just be to make it easier on Blizzard for them to know where to dedicate their resources in advance, rather than spreading themselves thin everywhere on the map and certain players having laggy fights as a result.

^If there actually is no connection resource limitations, then I’m fine with what you’re suggesting. I don’t see any issues with it from a gameplay perspective. But my sneaking suspicion is that there is some sort of logistical back end performance considerations for why it’s only in dedicated zones.

World PvP will be completely optional as it’s an activity restricted to the Grounds of Hatred zones. Said zones can be an alternate, second path that connect zones or at a complete dead end. What if the PvP zone was the short cut to somewhere? Again, you can not blame anyone if you step in, you made that choice and should’ve go for the long path with your mount.
D4 promises a vast open world, thinking you’d be forced in a zone restricted activity is absurd at its best. You can not blame anyone if you step there with your character and get slaughtered.

Secondly, you would be able to play D4 solo and there will waypoints system intact in the game. Once you reveal waypoints in a solo game, why exactly do you fear of stepping into the PvP zones? You can teleport between different locations when you need to do something. If you want cosmetic items, mount skins and experience rewards, you will step into the Grounds of Hatred and start a ritual. After that point, you’re a target, you can not opt out.


Not sure why you assume this.

I assume matchmaking people in open world, as I described above, would be exactly the same. Why would it change because of pvp being turned on?

So just this but with the ability to turn pvp on and off. It won’t affect your game at all.

The technology is already making lots of different shards where it bunches small groups of players together. This is by no means an mmo that needs everyone to be loaded into a single server.

So when I described this

I only meant it would be somewhere you’d have increased chances for matchmaking to someone for open world pvp, not that it would increase the amount of players being matched to each other. We already know there are defined rules for this that prevent you ever being matchmaked in this way. It has been described this way in developer interviews.

You may be matched to someone who has pvp turned OFF, that was waiting for someone to request a duel. Or the town they are dueling outside will have many people inside the town arranging duels.

It wouldn’t have any affect on sharding or matchmaking whatsoever and therefore wouldn’t cause any extra stress on the servers other than what normal matchmaking rules would.

There really is no negative affect to pve players at all that don’t want to interact with this feature.

For such a small amount of dev time to add something like this in the grand scheme of things, it would provide a huge amount of content for pvp players, with no negative affect to pve players.

Pretty sure the majority of PvP will happen innthe fields of hatred, where you should see everyone there, or upto a specified amount. I suspext the toggle will be similar to WoWs Warmode, where you toggle it on and the only players you come across are other flagged players. Will they make the world more densely populated or increase the rate of seeing others? Possibly.

I’d be fine with that.

However, if you very rarely are expected to encounter others, I dont know how much sense it really makes. Getting the chance to do world PvP a few times per day?

That definitely should not happen yeah.

Definitely what I fear.
Just add a solo toggle, where you get a world instance for yourself

Look if once in a long while you see other players there won’t be enough players to PvP. The PvP will be very sparse in open world. Where it is better to confine it to special places that is designed for PvP as we have been told is the case.

If the population of the world of players isn’t increased then world PvP would be sparse. That is why it is better to keep it in the fields of hatred instead of world PvP.

It works pretty much exactly like this in Dark Souls and Elden Ring. People love invasions, it’s probably one of the most popular pvp modes for rpgs like this. I think it’s a perfect way to mix pvp into playing solo content in a really immersive way. It makes farming solo content more interesting if when I bump into players they could be a bandit on the road potentially trying to kill me! And the trophy of getting their ear is more than enough reward :slight_smile:

They don’t even need to set it up so pvp players are more likely to match to each other. It would still be cool that some players could potentially have it turned on.

It makes me think actually, if I could think of any other pvp modes Diablo could do, invasions would be really cool.

If players could turn on the ability to receive invasions and those wanting to invade could start invasions from anywhere but be matched to any location they have visited, this would actually improve invasions from how they are in Elden Ring. Currently you have to warp around the map as you can only search for invasions in the local area you are physically in.

I would love an invasion type pvp mode and world pvp in Diablo 4 and duels.

I really do feel this type of pvp would be very easy to develop but provide tons of content for pvp players with zero affect to a non pvp players game.

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Players that love PvP won’t go for the idea of once in a while they might have a chance at PvP. The majority won’t go for that. So the population would have to increase a lot to have any kind of chance of supporting world PvP. Doing that would destroy the immersion of PvE. So keep it to the fields of hatred where it belongs.

The majority do go for that.

Invasions in Dark Souls and Elden Ring is one of the most popular pvp modes for games like this.

And Invasions work in exactly this way. Intermittent pvp in the open world while doing solo content.

This doesn’t makes sense. Why?

If you feel that way, you can simply turn it off. As I’ve mentioned many times, it would not affect people who feel this way in any way whatsoever. Saying that it would is drumming up false negativity for literally no reason. You have no reason to be concerned about a mechanic you can toggle off.

Look it might work in those games but not D4. Dark souls and the other game might be built where almost any combination of skills would work equally well for PvP as they do PvE. But I highly doubt that D4 will go down that route or be able to.
Which is why they would have to increase the population, along with one other reason I will mention below.

How many players do you think will have their flags turned off. Probably a lot of players will turn them off. So the majority of the players you do see you won’t be able to hostile anyway. So the population would have to increase drastically in order to make PvP’ing possible outside of fields of hatred.

What, are you saying that if I turn the flag to off I won’t see anymore players than what would be normal for me to see. Which is what they said would happen only once in a while. Where the PvP’ers would be invisible along with their fights. I highly doubt that Blizz would do that or be able to pull it off.

That is why fields of misery has to be the only place that PvP is allowed.

Honestly you’re just trolling I said in the OP their will always be pvp hate for no reason on this forum and here it is.

Literally no reason for it not to exist.

It’s very obvious to anyone with a brain that it would only bring pvp players more content for very little effort and have no negative affect on pve players.

@Dusty It just won’t work the way you think it will. Take your rose colored glasses off and see the real picture here. Or maybe the devs would have to make it so in order for you to see it with you own two eyes. Where every once in a blue moon (literally) you would PvP someone in the world. The amount of players that love PvP are a small portion of a Diablo game so finding ones that want to do such a thing would be small.

Lol. No, it won’t work any where near the way YOU think it will.

Reading your reasoning is laughable.

I love how much pvp is being included in D4 and I’m happy to keep asking for more as millions upon millions of players will be playing pvp. I also love how much it triggers pve players that hate pvp lol.

what a laugh you think that 99.9999% of the players that will play D4 will love PvP. I say no that is not likely gonna happen. I think it is a lot smaller than what you are thinking.

The main reason people have so much hate for the p2w in Diablo Immoral is because you get dumpstered in pvp.

Loads of people are doing it DI right now

A lot of players think that just because the game is designed to pull you in that direction that you have to follow it like a dog on a leash. Where your choices don’t matter at all. Well they do because I haven’t spent any money in Immortal nor have I done any PvP nor will I do so. That is my choice and mine alone and as long as I am able to hold that course then I will be fine. If not then I say bye to the game without a good bye post.