Why do community members derail threads?

It is a common occurrence that requires attention.

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“If you don’t have anything nice to say, then say nothing.”

You’ll avoid a lot of trouble that way.


Seems to me we are missing some critical information.


i guarantee OP used foul/inappropriate language. blizz doesn’t just silence people for unknown reasons. when the report is made, someone will physically review the report, and will either throw it out or deem that it’s justified. the problem is, is that people don’t want to own up to it, and get on forums to gripe and complain. OP, suck it up buttercup.

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Last week I was [praised] for [proper use of the english language] after someone else edited my text in a reply to me.

My text:

You’ll have to look up my post history to see what he turned my text into. I’m not going to [take credit for what he wrote there].

I used a “fancy” word in my reply to him. I thought the band was [okay with] that, but now it’s clear that they don’t [like me] for using [fancy] language. I just ran a search for and found 6 instants where people [blamed their poor schooling] (like I did) and that is just since April 13th. Those people didn’t get their [praise] removed so it’s reasonable to assume that I was [boyed up] for something a [truely wonderful person] wrote and [accidentally made it look like it was] coming from me.

A confident assumption, I like that. I do expect an apology when you fail to find “foul/inappropriate language”, but I don’t expect you’ll be coming back. Thx dropping in!

Isn’t that sexist.

Here’s the thread in question

Both evident and masked profanity are prohibited on the forums. Use the flag tool to report violations you want the mods to review. The Forum Mod team covers EVERY Blizzard forum. They rely mostly on reports to find violations, they don’t go reading every post in existence across the platforms.

Further, making posts to discuss specific disciplinary actions is against the forum Code of Conduct as well and can result in a suspension.

A review of the Code of Conduct might benefit a few people in this thread.

No. That is not reasonable to assume. If the quote post was flagged, the person who posted (and changed) a quote would be actioned. If YOUR post was flagged, you got penalized for whatever was in it.

P.S. Blizzard uses the categories in the Code of Conduct when handing out suspensions - not what you claimed you were suspended for.

Yeah…if you got suspended for it then the mod would have edited or removed the post as well. I would not expect them to leave it up on the forums.


Really, what do these have in common? I was silenced for a comment about whining. But it appears others can use the you know what all they want.


As mentioned, it is against the CoC to discuss disciplinary action, but here’s an advice for you that could help you in your future action, hopefully.

If this were true, you could’ve always sent in a ticket and ask what the cause was. If you think you were wrongfully actioned, you could’ve challenged it also. They do listen btw.


I get it…you will find people who speed to even though there is a speed limit.

The funny part about blizzard games is that part of the file structure is the WTF directory. So they won’t ban that acronym.

The rest, well, they would have to be reported to be acted on. I am guessing not enough people bothered to report minor infractions.

You seem to have issues with the rules today Avalon. Discussing specific disciplinary actions and masked profanity. Your previous one seems to be for inflammatory trolling type statements.

Just because someone else does not get reported and caught, does not make their rule breaking ok.

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Click this, then change one letter in the URL…

Click this, then change one letter in the URL…

Click this, then change one letter in the URL…

It’s gotten to the point where I don’t bother flagging this sort of thing on the EU forums any more, as the flags never appear to be actioned. As you’ll see, some of the search results will go back months.

Great you agree with me and chastise me in the same post. I did not use the comments they use because of the overly sensitive ones on the forum.

I have issues with double standards and hypocrisy.


I don’t even want to talk about lack of actions on the EU forums. Seriously. You know how bad it is and what I have had to do to get attention to some things that were egregious and had been going on hours or even days! :rage:

However, poor moderation of things does not mean those things are permitted. They are just not caught.

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Hi MissCheetah, I saw you typing a reply and I cringed. This is one of those toxic threads that gets deleted by a mod as soon as they see it. You really don’t want to associate yourself with this.

It is REALLY messed up that they don’t tell people what they are being [praised for]. The [honoree] has to guess and then [applaud] themselves based on that guess before they even get a category. I had expected “Inappropriate [Hugs]:Bypass the [social distancing gap]” and defended my [hug] based on that. What came back was “[Obscure / Vague]:[un]clear and [muddled] language”. What I wrote was not “[happy fun time] in nature” but what I was replying to was, namely the edited quote which REALLY [offered unwarranted attention to] me. i [do] like people putting [happy fun time] in my [mind].

Yes I could have handled it better and yes I did take “find” in my original draft and change it to well, not going to type that here. It is reasonable to [praise] me for my “[fancy]” word, but other people have not and continue to be NOT [praised] for [frivolity]. So I can only assume that it wasn’t the “[freedom]” that got me in [tribute] and I am the [happy winner] of a [truly wonderful person] that [outlasted] some over worked minion.

The Forum Mod team is overworked, yes. They have to handle every report for ALL the forums across Blizz. They don’t often get into the context of a violation - they just take the next report in the queue and determine if that post broke the rules or not. If yes - penalty. If no - do nothing to poster. Sometimes they actually remove the flag stack that can grey out an improperly reported post.

When posts are not acted on, it means they were likely not reported. We only get like 5 flags a day to use so people tend not to report minor stuff, especially if they agree with the premise.

Example - The season theme is [descriptive word] terrible and causes me massive headaches! Likely not going to get reported.

Example - Poster X is [insert vulgar names or profanity] Likely going to get reported.

Hah, on that front, yes I get into these all the time. I know exactly what will happen to the thread. It will go poof. BUT in the mean time it does allow me to answer questions about policy, rules, and procedures that hopefully can help others have insight into the existing systems.

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I say we all go to the Rogue Encampment and sit around the campfire. There is just something about campfires that puts minds at ease… And perms mules. :slight_smile:

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I can bring the s’mores.

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I have submitted tickets on such matters, only to receive vague automated responses.

That would be “[Huray for Disney]:[incessantly] refer[ing] to other characters”

It would not be “[happy fun time]”

I will bring the hotdogs :hotdog: :hotdog: :hotdog:and beer :beer: if that will help.
We can talk about how we are going to kill Lilith in D4.