D4: Free of Season/NS Play

The incorporating of Double Caches exclusively for Season only makes clearier Blizz’s distain for NS. With D4 on the horizon, why even have a Season/NS option? Blizz could just incorporate a “Theme” without having to create a “Season”. It simply becomes a theme that everyone will return for.


i mean, there can still be a separate game mode for people who wanna do the racing game
but not make it exclusive for them


it will most likely have seasons but after several months , not from the beginning. It’s way to early to talk about themes tho.

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the OP doesnt seem to be talking about themes
but about the fact that having a theme doesnt need you to force people to create a new character to play them


Not really. It just means that it is a seasonal buff. You are reading too much into it.

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Yes and no.

Theme, Season, and creating a new character are one in the same. One can’t participate in the Theme unless you join the Season, which forces you to create a new character.

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in diablo 3, yes
which is terrible design
also i doubt, d4 will be that “theme orientated” since it will have a fix open world to play in and not just random customizable dungeons to port into

The game would get very old very fast if not for the fresh start feeling every season. That’s the reason so many people return season after season. I’d call that far from terrible design.


its the only thing that makes people return to the game because the game itself is very bad
when a game is good, i will always just continue playing with MY CHARACTER
and when the devs force me to abandon it and start a new character every 4 weeks, i will leave^^
also the games becomes stale because its designed to become stale very fast


Not true in the least. Player are not playing for a “fresh start”, they’re playing for the rewards/theme. You don’t need a “fresh start” for rewards/themes. Themes and rewards can easily be achieved in a NS setting by merely saying with implementation) “On said date, such and such themes/rewards will active until said date”. You don’t need a Seasonal realm. Players just login to their original account and enjoy the theme/rewards. It’s that simple.

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You do realize why Seasons started in the first place, right?

People wanted fair leaderboards and fresh start:
--------------- Seasons came.
People complained that seasons were bland with nothing new:
--------------- Seasons came with new legendaries.
Non-seasonal players complained that they were forced to play seasons to get new legendaries:
--------------- Legendaries were added to non-season, too.
Season players complained that now there was no point playing seasons because it was the same as non-season:
--------------- Season themes came.

You see where this is going?

Stop compalining about such trivial things. WTF is wrong with people?


just start a new character and stop comparing yourself to others


Some players do prefer the fresh start. Some don’t.

Some players prefer to play hardcore while some prefer softcore.

Some people prefer rewards to play a specific way, some players play what they prefer irrespective of the reward.

As mentioned already, each season comes with a leaderboard reset. Some people prefer competing from an equivalent starting point. Others want to take advantage of their paragon points that were acquired over years.

One size does not necessarily fit all. :grinning:

All the necessary steps can be taken prior to the release of D4 so as to avoid the creation of Season all together, is what I’m advocating for. Secondly, there’s no need for F-bombs.

There’s no need to exclude the faithful NS playerbase by not allowing Double Caches to be available in the NS realm.

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I agree, but your original post and title discussed the fact that D4 should be free of seasons/non-seasons based on your experience with D3.

The title of your thread is: “D4: Free of Season/NS Play”

P.S. I wonder if it is for a different reason. I bet for D3 if you compared how frequently seasonal players login and the hours played per player is higher than non-seasonal players. By giving rewards in seasons, it encourages higher MAU and player engagement.

Well I think there will be a seasonal component to the game, because it’s a simple mechanic for folks to approach the game fresh.

I like seasonal play, I like the time box it provides, I like the “completeness” of doing the journey. These are all nice borders that I can strive for, and perfectly good reasons to stop. Rather than just fading away.

Competitive folks like seasonal play because it gives them a level playing field to start from (bots or no).

The entire game does not have to be seasonal, they can just do aspects of it. WoW has PvP “seasons”, that are well tied to large patches during an expansion. Leader boards are reset, but the gear isn’t – notably because a new tier of gear is released and the race is on to acquire the new, more powerful gear.

I think it’s a good mechanic.

D4 will need something similar in todays market to promote longevity. Endlessly grinding for gear is not a formula for replay value in a static world.

Folks like having a reason to come back every few months after the game goes cold for them…again.


Seasons and Leaderboards have always been a mistake.

New content is the real driving force in reinvigorating longer-term interest or at least drawing people back after a break.


Actually seasons having legendaries unique only to that season, as well as said legendaries later being obtainable in non-season were all possible since season 1.

Since blizzard had pretty much crippled trading, there was no way they could have season-only legendaries and not give non-seasonal players a way of getting them, as such them being added to the loot table at the end of season was the method that blizzard came up with.

Now if Diablo 4 allowed for free trading, then sure season/ladder can have the legendaries that are only unique to that mode; which non-season/ladder players could later trade for at the end of said season/ladder. However, the known plan is to limit trading again, so that means if season/ladder possess unique legendaries, they will need to be transferred over to the non-season loot table at the end of the season/ladder.

Now as for events, it wouldn’t had been a bad thing to let non-seasonal players experience a double gob or bounty event instead of locking it behind season.

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I remember getting my first legendary in D3… gave me a good buzz. Now they rain for what… how fast you can get to a boss without thinking about anything else in game? Running story mode again and again because it actually took a while to do. Even if they did bring out new content now it wouldn’t have the same feel. Especially as all the main followers are dead.
Bring on D4 i say too xD

You misspelled “Ackchyually”.

Everyone who knew what I was talking about, knew what I was talking about. There’s not need to go into details here. The main point was shown and understood, which is people keep complaining about the most trivial things that don’t REALLY matter.

Yes, you aren’t getting double mats, double goblins, or whatever in D3. However, you have the ability to farm paragons to 10k and higher. With that much paragon any minute detail in min-maxing your gear by “reforging” or getting double drops, is TRIVIAL.

Seasons are a way to introduce players to a new gameplay mechanic by keeping the old gameplay still on the shelves. If you have a shirt with D3 logo on it and you want something new, you get a shirt with D4 logo on it. But if you like D3 logo, but want D4 logo next to it, then you need to decide which shirt you want to wear: D3 shirt or D4 shirt.