Why DIDN'T you pre-order?

I keep an eye on the D2R forums from time to time, even though I can’t post there, and I saw this thread there:

Despite the OP’s hyperbole, their point is a valid one - many of the posters in the D2R forums are looking to VV to correct some of the many many flaws in what is a nearly perfect game, D2LOD.

VV/Blizzard has decided, for the most part anyway, not to, and so us Aussies at least are being left to shell out a surprisingly large seventy dollars for barely anything more than a graphical overlay.

If graphics were my primary concern, I wouldn’t still be playing D2/LOD… hehe. After the initial hype and excitement wore off, I’ve reached the conclusion that I’ll almost certainly never buy D2R, but continue playing D2/LOD (modded) single-player.

So, to reverse the threads question in the D2R forums, why didn’t you pre-order D2R?


I pre-ordered then refunded 2 weeks later. As beautiful as I find the environment’s art work, I feel they’ve dumbed the game down too far for me to enjoy. I am however suffering cognitive dissonance. I want to pickup the new Switch and play it while I travel but, I’m thinking that will be a waste of my time. I could do something far more productive with myself, such as reading books.

Waiting for reviews after release to decide if it is worth it and for a discount on the price, since I already own my legacy copy of D2.

I didn’t pre-order because I don’t believe in pre-ordering. I am interested in the game, especially playing on console since I want to remove all gaming from my computers and keep them just as a work tool. I am not expecting it to be perfect, and I still enjoy D2 despite disliking some things about it. Like any other classic game (Super Mario, Final Fantasy VI, Tactics Ogre, Shin Megami Tensei, Castlevania Symphony of the Night, Gran Turismo 2, Doom, Quake many other oldies I enjoy), just being able to play the game in my platform of choice, regardless of any changes, is already enough for me. I like the look of the game, it fits my aesthetic preferences perfectly, which doesn’t seem to be the case for everyone and that sucks, but you can’t please everyone.

Blizzard is, more or less, on my “Do Not Pre-Order” list now, but I still have faith in some developers enough to buy into Early Access games on Steam and the like.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong per se with pre-ordering, I know for example MicroRNA has pre-ordered D2R and is quite active on the forums over there, but for me, so far at least, most of the “upgrades” to D2R (outside of the graphics) I can replicate with Pluggy on my offline games (which is about all I play of D2/LOD).

VV/Blizzard hasn’t (yet) provided a compelling reason to replace my current Pluggy/D2LOD with D2R.


After the lawsuit of yesterday, Blizzard is in my “do not buy anything from them at all” list, unfortunately.

I have nothing against those who preorder, it’s each one’s choice about how they spend their money, and if they feel it was well spent (for example, using the access to the forum), that’s great. I personally don’t see much advantage in doing so unless the pre-order rewards are really good

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Yeah, heard about the lawsuit. Not exactly the sort of press Blizzard would be after.

I’m not preordering cause I’m tired of biased forum bannings, woke culture (that is also apparently truly woke, hypocritical and bigotted, based on their lawsuit - not surprising to me that this came out on this company lmao) and unauthentic character renditions.

I’ll wait and see for a few months probably. If it’s not practically bot free for a few seasons I see no reason to get a different version since the new version isn’t true to D2.

same. i pre-ordered on pc AND ps4, but cancelled my pc version when i saw last blue post regarding the character models was from more than 5 months ago.

i’ve seen that “we’re looking into it” many times since i asked if diablo 3 was online only.

back then, i asked if it was an alpha thing and that’s the exact same answer the guy told me. “we’re looking into it”

now every time i see it, it always means “we know you said that but we don’t care, just stop asking”

i haven’t refound on ps4 because that stupid policy sony has about no refounds when a part of the preorder has already been downloaded INCLUDING icons, themes or in this case the D2R transmog for D3 that i haven’t even seen ingame.

well at least i got a free ps5 version, i guess?

it’s so funny to think amazon has a man’s face to comply with social justice at the same time the lawsuit was around, seems very socialjustice-y that we get ugly models to compensate for the girl’s photos that got shared at CHRISTMASS of all times.

in paper, this was the perfect D2 version ever. then social justice happened.

now even feminist girl gamers have stated their disgust for the censorship.

let alone the watered down experience.

oh well, i guess ill wait for modding on consoles to play it. if it ever happens.

How come this remaster is not true to d2?

Diablo 2: Resurrected CENSORS All Female Characters | Blizzard’s Next Pathetic Woke Move - YouTube

DIABLO II Resurrected Gets CENSORED Dev Confirms? Amazon Gets UGLY! - YouTube

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I don’t pre-order EVER because if a game is delayed or something happens during development they need to refund all the pre-orders but rather release an unfinished game instead. See Warcraft 3 reforged as an example. Either way pre-ordering has no incentive, once they have all that money it could influence quality and features negatively. Why pay for a game that’s not even out yet, it’s not going anywhere. I can buy it when it comes out if I choose too.

About the model changes: At first I didn’t care, I thought they’re just trolling us for being older and uglier, but w/e I’m still sexy af but then I noticed they changed the costumes and Andariel. Why does everything have to be political?

Now the main issue, botters and cheaters. I know they said “D2:R will be on the new battlenet 2.0 so we can deal with them easier” but then I have flashbacks to WoW and D3 which are filled with them. I don’t think they care or even ban anyone anymore. I might not buy it and just play singleplayer, since i’ll just be playing with baal botters all day on bnet anyways. I rather play myself.

So I guess we’ll see what happens. I’ll know the situation more clearly after release and take it from there.

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So let me get this straight :

Developers avoided doing changes to the game, that would straightforward destroy game ( like personal loot ).

They also avoided changes, that would do heavy damage ( like charm inventory ).

They did small qality of life changes that are widely accepted ( like auto gold pickup )

And now … there is a skirt on sorceress + amazon face +butt? And suddently they are not faithfull to the game?

Amazon face is going to be remade probably.

Sorceress skirt i even did not notice ingame, just like other couple of hundreds of small changes i did not notice ( with the exception of garlic in A2 :slight_smile:

And butt? I remember that it maked me laughing when i saw it at the beginning of my d2 career. It looks kind of bad art, it looks foolish. There is no sexappeal on it so covering it is not censorship for me.

It’s problematic when the remaster only offers visuals and those visuals are inferior to what it’s trying to remaster. All of the characters pretty much look worse, the assassin was replaced.

At this point, fix the characters or develop a sustainable bot free game or there is no carrot. I don’t give much of a care about shared stash or gold pickup, those are minor QoL like you said and really make no difference either way for me. Shared stash could easily end up being worse than muling.

We’ll see what “bugs” they fix to make the game easier (negatives, D2 is already appropriately balanced in regards to difficulty) and if they do anything interesting to the game to rebalance some weak skills or add runewords (potential positives).


I don’t see much point in preordering (more negatives than positives), blizzard is also not a company/brand I would preorder products for nowadays, and in D2R case I need to see that cheating is going to be dealt with before buying otherwise there is limited point in playing multiplayer. However I’m definitely buying and playing a lot if cheating is dealt with, and hope they’ll do so long term for proper maintenance of most amazing ARPG I know.

I last pre-ordered a game… in… well diablo 3.
Diablo 3 was the last game I pre-ordered, it was the collectors edition.

The industry as a whole releases bug filled junk heaps now. With near total re-download day 1 patches, real money transactions inside their closed systems, a ‘service’ that can be shut down or changed at any time and legal claims via ELUA documentation that have no validity in my country.
Let alone the use of separate ‘launchers’ that are tactically used years after a programs purchase and release to attach pretentious legal documentation to a program or loose access to your purchase.

The industry looks like a bunch of scheming, lying, scumbags.

When I have to deal with scum, I wait and I watch for quite awhile before I commit to or give them anything.

I preorder to support the company.

I do admit my faith in this company is going down.

They no longer make era defining games and is being too much money focused.

Because pre-ordering digital games is STUPID! It makes absolutely no sense to give these companies money on a product they haven’t released yet. Just like all these paid betas and stuff.

I know what Diablo 2 is. I can play the original version right now. Why be out $40 until release day with nothing to show for it? And you never know if there will be delays or what could happen. Pre-order culture is just plain stupid.

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They need to stop this Baldurs Gate Diablo stuff and give us more D2 like formulas. The controls on D3 and D4 are disappointing.

My last preorder was D3 CE too lol. Was disappointing to me that it was more enjoyable on ps on a couch as a forgettable generic arpg than as a pc game.

Pre-ordering is setting a bad precedent.
I will wait for the product and then decide.
I don’t like what they did with the character models,
and bringing politics into a game has really turned me off.
Add to this the Diablo 3 debacle of constant tweaks, makes
me want to give this product, and future ones a hard pass.

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