Why did you per order?

For the people that want all the changes in D2R when you knew its just a remaster and was even said by the dev said “its going to be authentic Diablo experience just likely remember”

I just can not get my head around why you per ordered a game u seem not want to play. Seems kind of crazy.


I preordered because its the game i play 20 years. And i dont understand what is your issue with people who want to improve diablo 2 even more. Its not perfect game and has flaws. Mainly skills, it should have some new content, new uniques, improve some sets, improve some mercenarues, fix bugs…

So season full of bots and duping? Do we really want that?

We are already getting some QoL changes so it will already not be what we exactly remember anyway.


So u pre odered a remaster of a game when u don’t want a remaster u want something different. Why would u do that?


At first, I was hesitant to preorder, but after watching the deep dive I felt more comfortable throwing the money down for the game. I’m not strapped for cash, so I figured I might as well buy the game so it’s ready to go when the release date rolls around. I figured maybe it would help the odds with alpha testing, which turned out to be false for the first test, but turned out to be true for the multiplayer beta.

Oh, and so I could converse with you wonderful folks in the D2:R forum. :smiley:

Still stoked for D2:R, lets go!


But if u don’t want a remake with authentic Diablo experience why would u per order such a thing?

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Some peple do not know what they want, they just want to change what they already have and then they realize what they have lost.


You know that this is not close to an argument. following this “argument” we can make PacMan out of Diablo …

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I stopped playing it because of resolution and grpahics. Gameplay is fine so it wa obvious for me to buy this upgraded version of the game i like


D2R is the only game i’ve preordered and I did so because this graphic upheaval is a dream come true for me (Along with a shot at minimal bots/dupes and playing on low latentcy)

And i’m confident that they will not do anything bad to the game because it’s a remaster


Every Diablo game released by Blizzard has been an authentic Diablo experience, why would D2:R be any different? They could change everything in the game, a lot of people probably wouldn’t like it, but it’d still be authentic… Just because a Diablo game doesn’t conform to the ideas of a group of people who don’t own the rights to the Diablo franchise doesn’t invalidate its authenticity.

Why would I pre-order?
I’m confident that they will strive to keep the game as close to the original as possible with the addition of modernization. If this turns out to be false and they end up butchering the game, oh well, I will then have wasted $40. It wouldn’t be the first financial mistake I’ve made and probably won’t be the last.
Also it’s my money, I can spend it however I wish, same as you.


I pre-ordered because Diablo 2 was one of my top 1 favorite games. And after I heard Vicarious Visions was going to work on D2:R I was very optimistic about this work.

Also, one more thing I have to add. I was more positive after watching the deep dive.
Keep the authentic to the original game.


:heart::heart::heart: I love Diablo II so much…:heart::heart::heart:


I played since launch probably on all of the available patches, I was playing classic for a very long time before getting into LoD and I loved Lod once I got my hands on it

I am a vanilla player, I usually don’t play the modes I was much like you not wanting to change even the smallest detail like the artistic choices they made with some of the items and locations in the game sounds and the like

After I saw them talk about all they did and how they got there and I saw the game with my own eyes I trusted them to handle the game even if they want to make some changes, I trust them to make the right call

So as someone that usually only plays vanilla I saw the surveys and they looked very odd to me, so many people wanted Charm inventory and gem stacking which sounded ridicules to me, so I decided to actually test it and hopped on one of the modes where my friend got to first place level 99 assassin for reference

I tested all the features and came to realize that Charm inventory is a sound solution and that gem stacking is not such ridicules idea if you only stack runes and not gem(gems lose value if you stack them, runes do not)

So for someone that was very strict and that only usually plays vanilla I trust them to be able to handle making changes if need be and I will enjoy the game either way because I am a vanilla player after all


I pre-ordered because I love D2 the way it is. If t hey make changes that make it better, all the better.


I pre ordered because Diablo II feeds my obsession like no other game.

Yes, I have a shopping/gambling obsession. It’s only an issue, when I’m playing video games. I must find that perfect item! It’s the only one that makes my horrible build plausible!

Well, also, because it’s the greatest game ever made (and I want to play it in High Def, on my big screen, with my wireless keyboard and mouse, dominating my living room)!


Remaster is a buzzword.

It does not have an official meaning that is enforced by any kind of authority, and companies can call remakes remasters and vice versa if they want to.

There are remasters that change a LOT of things, and remakes that change almost nothing. Nobody enforces it-- the word doesn’t mean what you think and claim it does.

So it is not unreasonable to pre-order a remaster, and suggest changes, because remasters can have big changes and still be called remasters.


I Don’t see a question here more so a rhetorical statement.

I Do wanna play the game I’d just like them to update some of the game. they could revamp some rw’s or add in rune words add a 6th act another uber wave of bosses and it could still be diablo 2 r I love that they’re giving the game fresh support after 20+ years and I hope they do some interesting things to spice up the ladders. and Don’t tell me well just go play diablo 3 or 4 Because If they do everything right and appeal to the larger audience wanting additions I will still be on d2r after d4 releases. it’s the same game engine as before so the feel of the game will be the same it’s power creeping you should be concerned about. Even Adding in Harder to Obtain gear that is competitive with grief would be cool. I’d be Ecstatic to see some GG rares added in or maybe the drop modify so they’re more common in hell aswell as runes something for shorter ladder. Any way we Look at it I think there’s gonna have to be some change for the game to Live another 20 years… if Blizzard doesn’t do a good job Bots will destroy thee economy everyone will be buying from 3rd party sites and D2jsp’s So I want Blizzards full attention on this game supporting it making it Great if not better consistently over the next 10+ years.


Firstly because I will get my moneys worth, D2 is a game that i always go back to for hundreds of hours a year.
Next because it looks like such an amazing remaster, like they fixed the main things that such about playing the 20 year old version.

Next I have some console mates from my childhood, and I can finally play it with them.


I pre-ordered about a week after the Blizzcon announcement; at that point, I had seen all of the dev interviews and I was convinced they were doing it right, and I was excited to have the chance to talk to other fans about the game.

As far as wanting specific changes, it is not so much wanting or demanding as it is discussing what could be improved; the devs themselves told us they were making some changes (shared, expanded stash, auto gold pickup), so I think it is only natural that people would discuss other changes they’d like to see, while still being ok with the game as is.


To play the Beta obviously.