Why DIDN'T you pre-order?

I pre-ordered Diablo 3 and we all know how that turned out.


I also remember offering suggestions to make the game more D2 like and just getting censored in a biased unfair fashion (things like being told I don’t have the ability to think but when I do the exact same thing to test the point I get banned and the D3/Blizz apologist is active posting uninterrupted. It’s ok to insult people that didn’t like Diablo 3 but you better not insult the butt kissers.) Leaves a bad taste in your mouth. D4 looks like D3 - hard pass.

There are even a few aplogists that lurk on this sub. You will never hear them criticize any products and will look for any way to rationalize why the dev’s decision was the right one.

I did pre-order , but I wish I hadn’t. The QoL changes VV added will completely change the game.

Auto gold pickup , while at first glance seems good having to not click gold anymore, will affect the trade market. No more games “vex for max gold” or “pul 4 50k gold” because everyone will full gold almost always. You’ll be following chaos runs and gold will be auto picked up and halfed as it drops. There will be piles of gold everywhere in games. People will be gambling like crazy. big influx of gg items right from the start of ladder.

More stash space means more room to hold all those low runes and gems. People wont pass them by anymore for the reason of saving space for better items. They will have plenty of room in 3 stashes to put those low runes and gems. Say goodbye to games like “pul 4 emerald” or “ber 4 el sol dol”, because people just won’t need them.

TLDR : Many items have value simply because people don’t want to fill their stash up so fast and have to xfer. The QoL changes will vastly affect the trade market.

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Same thing with repairs, that’ll no longer be an issue in endgame on elite gear. $1 Million + gold to repair a melee build, don’t worry about it, auto gold will save the day and get you back up to $2.5 mil before you make repairs again. Another in-game challenge ruined just for those that need their hands held in a video game - the QoL generation.

I trade gold in game to amulet gamblers for runes, those days are soon dead.

This is what we get when Blizzard doesn’t listen to the real community while getting their information from streamers and D3 players.



Just out of curiosity (not arguing your point, just intrigued), how much gold in average (a rough estimative is ok) drops in the ground during an endgame run? I kinda wanna do the math and see how much you would get from actually picking it all up versus what you get from other sources such as selling to vendors, but I don’t have the game installed at the moment to check

Exactly what happens in D3 after you start farming torment 16 with a gold boosting build. Always a big problem I had with the game, the lack of a proper gold sink

I think it’s a good question, so I did a simple experiment with one of my two-handed weapon ww barbarians. With this fully repaired barbarian and no gold in inventory I cleared Chaos in an 8 player game. With no added gold find percentage on the character I picked up 15788 gold. Gold drops were generally between 150 to 550, with no champions spawning, which would have dropped 700 to 900 each. Picking up all the gold, the run took me 8-ish minutes. My repairs totaled 4036. If I would have continued on to Nihl I would not have likely taken any damage and him and his minions would have dropped easily another 3000 - 5000 gold. KIlling him and his minions takes a minute or less from the way point. The Throne takes about 3 minutes with minimal damage from Lister and his minions and drops about 3000 to 5000 gold.

Yeah, that’s a decent ammount of gold, even if you subtract the repairs. I can see it piling up quickly.

Everything revolving around gold the Diablo 2 community has developed over the past 21 years is destroyed so quality of lives can be improved.

Yeah. Automatic gold pickup is fine in a game that is designed with it in mind (well, in a game that is well designed in terms of gold drops and assumes that you’re gonna pick up everything), such as many classic RPGs that reward you gold automatically when you kill things, but D2 clearly wasn’t designed with that in mind (or at least, the gold system in D2 is very delicate and easy to break). In D3, it used to be fine back in the day, but they inflated gold drops with torment difficulties and you can now get millions of gold in 15 seconds, which is obviously a problem.

I have no idea what this means. Unless you mean blizzard is breaking it by altering it.

A gold find barbarian in D2 inflates gold drops, but it isn’t a problem. It’s just what some players do to get their gambling gold.

Yes. At least I have reason to believe so. This is not even a case of “old game design”, there are older games with different gold systems and autopickup, Diablo 2 was deliberately designed to be a game where you have to click on gold if you want to pick it up.

I hope they don’t inflate it anywhere near the level that d3 has, where gold simple ceases to exist since things cost millions and you have trillions. Being able to get a lot of money is great, but when it’s in a magnitude order higher than things cost, it’s like everything is free

You do know people make gold find sets, right? Just running through Act 2 nightmare earlier selling here and there I made over 700k gold, just casually playing around. Items in nm regularly sell for 30-35k if you know what to pick up. You can flip 100k on each boss run (and they are quick kills), then there are Trav runs.

This idea that autolooting 5k gold is going to make a hill of beans doesn’t matter. Also, on death you drop whatever gold you are carrying, and if you’re not carrying any then a large percentage of what you have in your stash is just lost.

People get gold to gamble. Look at the prices of the things people want to gamble for, not to mention just the random spending people do.

It’s NOT a big deal at all. Every system was “deliberately” designed. It’s a carry over from Diablo 1 is all. Only in that one you had to carry the gold in your inventory at all times and it all dropped if you died.

There is also a gold cap on your character and stash. You absolutely can’t have more than that. Well, on that character. And when it empties, I can refill it with minimal effort.

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Stuck in act 1 hell.

Dying alot running past the immunes.

Stuck at points where I have to rely on my poorly geared merc killing the mobs and dying alot.

Out of gold.

Have to go back and pick up… rageahol pick up gold, loot, anything to sell it so I can rez the merc and watch it die again.

It also makes gambling for uniques much, much, much more valid and less of a thing bots do.

I consider that bad game design. Why put a gold system in the game if it’s so trivial you might as well get anything free? As for dropping gold on death, if you’re playing HC, you aren’t gonna drop that gold ever as long as that character is playable, and if gold is so easy to get, dropping it on death is a joke punishment.

You have to make trade offs. Do you want to up your magic find? gold find? straight damage? +skills? resistances?

You don’t just pick up a set of items and have a gold or magic find set. The simple act of putting on a really solid gold or mf set makes your character more vulnerable.

Why put a magic tier system in the game if you can deck out in magic find gear? Why put resistances and immunities in the game if you can get 85-90 resistance and some absorbs or conviction aura to nullify them?

It’s not so trivial that you “might as well get anything free” either. Do you know what the odds are of gambling good gear, much less exceptional or godly stuff?

The chances of getting things are exponentially lower than I think people remember or think they know. It’s the same tone as some of these posts and videos about builds and “viable” skills. And it’s a tone that makes me wonder how many vocal people have really invested time into playing this game and not just dropping $20 on an item site or making things in Hero Editor.

63k gold to gamble an amulet in A5 normal and up to a certain point in nm, just one. And if you’ve ever gold capped and dumped it into gambling in this game, then you know you can spend your entire bank roll and walk away with what amounts to common junk.

Edit: That’s part of the longevity though. There’s stuff you may very well never see drop. I’ve seen every item drop, but I’ve also never really stopped playing the vanilla game either. That’s years of time (off and on of course).

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I think you and I are talking about completely different things and we just lost each other. I don’t disagree with you on that

I have concerns about the autopickup of gold to, just not the amounts. I was giving reasons for that (if poorly presented). The above example for Baal’s minions dropping stacks of 3-5k in an 8 player game was silly to me because I’ve been playing a lot lately, and in average gear not focused on gold find, the minions as well as any other champion monsters drop stacks like that in 1 player games. And, I’m a gold vacuum lol. So knowing how much people can get in addition to how much more they could get, it doesn’t bother me because gold is only one part of the economy.

My question would be on the gold radius and whether autogold is split between nearby party members (which can actually reduce how much each individual gets in areas like Baal’s Throne Room).

Check this out for chances of getting things gambling. Notice that the item will have to make the chance to upgrade prior to rolling to see if it’s magic, rare, set, or unique. So they spend the money, it rolls to see if it becomes exceptional, if so it will then roll to see if it is elite. After that it at least will be a magic item, but then it rolls to see if it’s rare, has to succeed at that to roll for unique/set. So, you drop this money and you have to go through the same lucky streak with every item that drops from monsters. All you’re paying for is to make sure it’s the base item type and at least magic.

I’ve only very rarely seen games where people would trade gems and runes for gold. So I’ve always thought it was trivial to get IF you decided that was what you wanted to focus on. Otherwise it trickles in. So far, resurrecting a dead merc at level 64 also cost 30k gold. (Two spaces in the link below)

http ://classic. battle.net/diablo2exp/basics/gambling.shtml

What you misunderstood, is that I wasn’t talking about how D2 currently is, just that I’m concerned if they would make it like D3, where it is like I said before (everything basically free). So when you mentioned goldfind builds, I misunderstood thinking you were referring to my D3 example (where you have goldwrap + avarice ring + boon of the hoarder to make literally, not figuratively, trillions, and with no tradeoffs when used for key farming because that combo also makes you pretty much invulnerable to damage)

Okay, lol. Before I typed my novel I though, “Are we talking past each other.” So I thought maybe I didn’t explain myself well (rough weekend lol).

To your point though, nah, I don’t think they will go D3 with it. I truly believe they are aware of how flawed that game is and that’s part of the reason “changes” pretty much turned into mass increases in damage and making it almost an arcade game. I believe they know that in order to fix it there would have to be an overhaul of the whole game. Their design philosophy on the itemization was flawed from the start, and in my little opinion flawed loot design destroys the core of a loot-hunting game.

I’ve said exactly the same myself - the most fundamental flaw with Diablo 3 has been, from launch day till now, bland loot itemisation.

It’s been it’s Achilles heel from the get go and has never been fixed.

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