Why did you per order?

If I believe in the game, I have no problem paying for it first, then if they give me the chance to try the beta, better … but I certainly don’t care about the beta … if they don’t care about buying it first, then do it later. I don’t see the problem.

Apparently there are plenty of people here who had some sort of gift card from playing too much WoW and they used it to buy the game then come here to complain pointlessly. Just ignore them.

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I pre-ordered this Remastered because Diablo 2 - it’s the game of my chieldhood. I love gameplay, characters, story, artdesign, darkness, sound, music in D2 so much. And because I have long wanted the best Blizzard games to be modernized. StarCraft Remastered (Epic Win), Warcraft 3 Refunded (Epic Fail, unfortunately…).

I pre-ordered D2R after first trailer, but now i see, that Blizzard don’t decide to follow example of her the best remaster (StarCraft Remastered): for no reason, the developers made many characters old and ugly, especially female characters. And strange censorship too.

If on release the characters are not made in the spirit of D2LOD, I’d better not buy this game like i do it with WarCraft 3 Reforged.


I have put my final trust in Blizzard that they will make this a success with continued improvents of the game. Including mitigating bots as much as possible.

And if this fails it will be the last game I ever buy from this company.
But like I said I hope and believe this will be a big succes :+1:

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I am a Reforged modder. Every now and then some guy bumps that thread on the Reforged forums titled, “Will Blizzard accept defeat publicly?” and we all laugh and reply, and circle jerk the hatred alone in the echo chamber, and then come back and check the forums another day. Last summer before the Reforged devs were laid off or redistributed to other parts of the company they said they would add a win tracker or a ranking to Reforged. They published a developer update with a lot of pictures of stuff that still is not in Reforged a year later and claimed they were making what was in the pictures. But they were not allowed to finish since that’s not important to this company.

Now all the user hype has moved to the Diablo 2 Resurrected forum since that’s where the money is. So I paid for the remaster just only so that I could go on this forum and talk to people who aren’t interested in Reforged and so they don’t see the world how I see the world. In this way, I learn things from other people as I talk to people who have a different world view.

What I did not anticipate was getting suspended from the forum after the second time I tried to make a thought provoking thread comparing this project to Reforged. So, in a world where I only paid in order to chat with you lot, getting banned from precisely that was a bit of a downer. But it was only temporary, so now I am getting my money’s worth answering to your question today!

Because i already knew i wanted it.

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I’ve been playing Diablo 2 on and off since classic was released. I played on Single Player until LoD and v1.08 came and then played online after that.
This is my all time favorite game so of course I was going to pre-order it, actual right after they announced it on BlizzCon I went on the site and bought it.
Already put in 1 week vacation for it’s release, to just enjoy it as much as possible (hopefully we won’t see too many major issues at launch)

we play lots. good game

Same - as great as D2 is, the graphics aren’t totally fun to play anymore. Which is why D2R is so incredibly awesome!


I did not preorder, specifically.

I bought a collection which included D2R. Why did I buy that? So I could play on PC again as my original account is long dead (email address doesn’t even exist) and I wanted to see the D3 PTR.

Getting D2R was a nice bonus and saved a bit of money.

D2 is for me the de facto isometric ARPG, sadly time has not been kind to its visuals and online infrastructure, it deserves a good remaster, and I am certain that VV will deliver the goods.

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Because I can afford it and its going to be good.

  1. I want change doesn’t mean I don’t want to play a game with no change.

  2. $40 is not a thing anywhere, as long as it is not completely useless.


Recognizing flaws in a game doesn’t mean people don’t like the game. You can like something and still recognize that it has glaring flaws. Why is that so hard for you people to understand?

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i pre order because i play this game when i was a kid al day everyday…i cannot wait to do it again farming all the godly jewels and godly items and then pvp…this is the only game i love i try many other games they all seems bad

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I preordered, primarily, to upset the anti-preorder cult.
I preordered, secondarily, to support the devs further disappointing said cult.


I pre ordered because I love D2. I would like some more changes, but if they aren’t there, I’ll be okay.

I didn’t per order anything?

I pre-ordered D2R, cause I had a feeling I would get into the beta and other goodies like the Tech Alpha!

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i pre ordered so i can play early, and i know i’m gonna play it, why wait?

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Because I can play it just fine without changes. I merely think it could be further improved.