What have you done to the website?

Yup, that is because the view profile links before the change had different domains (e.g. eu.diablo3.com), but the new links unify to one domain: diablo3.blizzard.com, lossing the region information. The new redirect logic uses geo-location of our IP to determine the region; which causes all these problems. This is why I said that they need to fix it.

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This is just laughable. A billion dollar company and they can’t handle a website ? This is how it looks for me:

  • i have Blizzard US on my “favourite” bar (thats English (US).
  • i click on Diablo 3 icon and it redirects me to Diablo 3 PL (i’m from Poland). So on the bottom of a site i click on “English (US)” and it changes to Diablo 3 US
  • i click on “Forum” and it redirects me to Forums EU (thats European forum :slight_smile: )
  • if now i go to bottom of the site and click on “English (US)” i can finaly be on US Forum :slight_smile:

Is there an easier way to do this ? Yes :slight_smile: but this is a parody… Before that i just had to click on US Blizzard and from there i could navigate through US website. Again… a billion dollar company :slight_smile: Maybe we should send them a YouTube tutorial or something ?

This Topic reminds me of the old saying "If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it"
:skull_and_crossbones: :pensive:


Ah… but it was broken, sort of… (the highlight is mine):

and we did get some new functionality with the migration.

The problem is :

Let’s give them a chance to fix it… It’s only been 4 working days.

I just hope they don’t come back with « working as intended »         :roll_eyes:

I guess I must be mistaken then, I thought the site was working just fine before, I had no problems going to were I wanted to go. :man_shrugging:
I am sure everything will be just fine in a few days or weeks, maybe!

I clicked on the forum link from the front page of the diablo 3 website on my phone and it took me to the Korean forums. Sw33t.

One life, One Account, One Game Server and One Game Forum!

Blizzard is reaching for Unity among all brothers and sisters!

Please believe that I am speaking out of the side of my mouth here.

Yeah… the one game forum is the part that worries me… ever looked at the selection of forums for Classic Games (such as Diablo II) ??? the selection is not too bad if you speak English (since you can use the US English forums), but if you only speak French… you only get this: https://eu.forums.blizzard.com/fr/blizzard/

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The web team has rolled back the domain issues for the time being so this should alleviate leaderboard/profiles/regional content issues you all were experiencing. We’ve kept the new domains as well so any bookmarks will still be valid. Caching issues may take a hot second for this to reflect the changes but they should appear now or very shortly.

If you are still experiencing any issues, let us know.


Thank you for the update.

Yes. Thank you!  

Thanks from Europe. :smile:

Is the rollback what’s causing timeout error 3006? I can’t view anyone’s profile in game and many minutes later, I get the request timeout error. That’s not too bad but it takes a couple of minutes and many clicks if the OK button to dismiss the modal pop up. That means, if I’m not in town, I die while waiting - not cool.

Well… it’s not working for me so… :slight_smile:

Typical uninformed, ignorant, lazy comment. Devs listen to feed back all the time. Chances are, even before it is suggested it has already been thought of and the reasons are numerous as to why they aren’t implemented.

They tried it and didn’t like the results. They tried it and it broke the game. They tried it and it sucked. They didn’t try it because it goes against their design philosophy. The didn’t they it because it is too had to do with the budget they have. They didn’t try it because of time/money constraints. They wanted to try it but time/money constraints pushed it off tona later patch/expansion/sequel.

Just because they dont comment or implement something you want doesn’t mean they don’t listen. Seriously, their are dev blogs all about this all over the internet.

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For me it started to work fine.

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It’s an . . . interesting time for everything Diablo. Broken website, borked PTR, and a Season theme that came out undercooked and still mewling.

There was a time when Blizzard took better care of its franchises.


I just finished a 4-hour game session. The Blizzard App ran fine. I started a game. No queues. No latency issues. No disconnects. The PTR ran smooth for 4 straight hours. I’m thinking of going back in shortly to finish the Season Journey before the PTR ends.

As far as the website goes, ever since I logged out of the D3 website and logged in to the D3 forums only, I haven’t had any issues. I log in the English (US) forums by default and still have my Europe and Asia Profiles bookmarked. And when I’m looking at other players’ Profiles I still have to use the eu and ap prefixes, but I’m okay with that.

It’s been posted that the website has been fixed, but it doesn’t work for me (without doing what I described above). I don’t know if that’s because I’m logged out of the website, but I wouldn’t think that should matter.  

You missed the party yesterday… anyone trying to login Europe was met with something like this:

Only took 15 hrs or so to fix… no message from Blizzard on the Europe French or English forums during all that time. Yes, there was a message at the bottom of the BNet App but, really… ! And today… issues with the authentication servers… sigh. A coincidence perhaps, we had a maintenance update yesterday morning.

The changes to the web profiles wrecked havoc for a while… until Maskraider stumbled on a workaround – serendipity is nice to have, but we shouldn’t have to rely on it to find workarounds to issues. Let’s face it – Blizzard has no clue on how the web profiles are used by players to look into the equipment being worn by a hero to find a missing legendary gem, diagnose sudden drop of DPS, suggest improvement(s) to hero… or even just describe a build.

I’m not going to comment on the content of the PTR – I haven’t played it for a year now… but I do read feedback and bug reports and someone has to report the various announcements made by our CMs to the Europe French language forums (Blizzard sure doesn’t seem to be able to do that). This PTR is one of the worst one I’ve seen, if not the worst… from no support for Mac clients to latency/login issues – does “error 395002” ring a bell?

So… yes:

But perhaps I am just expecting too much…

It isn’t coincidence. Issues OFTEN occurred after scheduled maintenances on EU server. And took too long to fix.

People stopped posting on EU forum, and seeked help on US forum instead.

Heard from recent news, ActivBlizz closed down the French office finally. So, what will happen next?