WD Lives Matter

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Many others including the above post have really voiced their opinions rightfully. (I have too in the past)

I didn’t want to bring up the topic because honestly it’s “toxic” and hits home for many people. But lets face the facts. The WD is a black inspired fantasy character. And considering the current nerf in 2.7.0 coupled with the culmination of nerfs since scrapping the “odog” or sacrifice build. It just seems/feels like racism at this point.

We got a massive change in the right direction with Zombie Bears last season but even that felt bittersweet (made no real impact on any leaderboard and still had fundamental flaws in basic gameplay) and now the one single build (Spirit Barrage - Mundunugu) we WD players have to even come close to competing with other classes just gets nerfed with no alternative?

There are so many things I could say but I just really want some equality across the board where buffs/nerfs are concerned.


#WDLivesMatter :fist:t5: :chicken: :woman_zombie: :frog:

Ok but seriously that’s kind of insane. This is a video game.


GotD gets nerfed too, what racism are you drooling about? The spirit barrage build was op as hell when it was introduced, no wonder they started to tweak and nerf it. T’was good till it lasted, get over it.

The wd is now trash bingo

It’s true this is just a video game, that’s not lost on me. However, it’s still a part of our modern culture. And it’s little things like this that culminate into larger talks. Think about that feather on top that causes the mound to topple over.

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I get it. But this isn’t that. The WD has had good seasons with great buffs and bad seasons with bad nerfs by the same company who has done the same thing to builds in all other classes.

Furthermore, the Witch Doctor class in this game, comes from a mythical race called “Umbaru” in a mythical region called “Teganze” in a mythical world called “Sanctuary”… in a video game. There is literally no freaking racism to be found here.

If you view the entire world through the lens of racism, you will probably perceive everything as racist. :grimacing:

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I am well aware of GotD getting nerfed as well, but DH have had seasons in the past that were awesome and still have many other builds that can make the leaderboards. GotD is a fav for sure but WD only has Mundunugus that can remotely hit 145GR+ and has never in the history of the game since 2012 vanilla had that ability solo or group to date. There was a time (not too long ago) where the meta game simply kicked people for being WD.

This is idiotic. WD was created in place of the more popular Necromancer to give a black character access. This complaint is insane and tries to hijack our game with your worldview. Monks currently suck too, and DH is getting beaten with an ugly stick. Enough, nobody owes you anything.

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Monk is apparently inspired by Asian culture, yet monk has been underpowered for the lifespan of D3. Probably Asians are just not as snowflake as you are.


Despite some fierce competition over the years, this is without doubt simultaneously the dumbest and most incendiary nonsense I’ve ever read on the Diablo III forums.


I rarely agree with Meteorblade, but this time :100:%


You serious? Please stop looking for problems where there isn’t one.
If you don’t like the game, DONT PLAY.
Have you ever meet a Witch Doctor? I’ll bet not.
So how do you know what race they are and more to the point…WHO CARES what race they are. Aren’t all of these characters fictional?

Dude, you’re the reason there is a racial problem in the first place.
P.S. Maybe the Doctor drank a Coke. =P


racism??? you’re so WOKE and progressive; You’re calling in racism for a fictional depiction of a fantasy world that doesn’t really exist??? how woke

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Worth a shot, I guess??

That’s funny. If they are inspired by Asian culture, why make them look like a couple of Romanian gymnasts? Whitewashing?
Not sure what point you’re trying to make but you just made OP’s point stronger.

No, he didn’t. Especially since Wizards in D3 are actually Asian.

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You do you, buddy. I want WD buffed, so Ima drive OP’s theory. Next stop…Twitter.

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I hope they notice and let the developers know if they don’t give it to us. Otherwise we wd completely devastate it. :frowning:

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