[WD 2.7.1 suggestion] Celebrating the Critters


In patch 2.6.10 the Arachyr set got a little buff. This is my favorite set but in my opinion it can use much more buffing to the set itself but also supporting items.

It has so much more potential than just being the “Firebats set”. Think about it, we have 2 creature primary skills and 3 creature spending skills, with a couple of supporting items.

I would really love to move away from the Arachyr set only being viable for Firebats. To do so I would propose the following changes:

Depth Diggers: Primary skills and skills that generate resource deal X - X% damage.
Motivation: This change will open up more rune choices for the primary WD skills but it is also a step in the right direction to make Kridershot/Elemental Arrow (I really loved shooting those flaming skulls :slight_smile:) more viable for instance.
Without this change the Arachyr set will always be a Firebats or Angry Chicken speed set only…

Arachyr 2 piece bonus: Enemies affected bij Locust Swarm take X% more damage from creature spells.
Motivation: The current 2 piece bonus bears much resemblance to the Spider Queen’s Grasp ceremonial knive and needs Corpse Spiders to work properly.
My suggestion fits the overall fantasy more, after all :bat:, :fish:, :spider:, :frog: all :heart: :mosquito:

Arachyr 6 piece: The damage of your creature skills is increased by X%. Creature skills are Corpse Spiders, Plague of Toads, Firebats, Locust Swarm, Hex, and Piranhas.
Motivation: Just a damage buff to bring it up to our highest performing builds.

Rhen’Ho Flayer: Plague of Toads deals X% increased damage and (now) seek out enemies and will explode twice.
Motivation: This change will remove the chance and make it certain the toads explode twice. Pathing AI was always an issue so maybe also improve pathing AI and if that is to hard let us throw out more frogs per cast so we can create a minefield with toads that explode when an enemy is a couple of yards away (5 yards for instance?)

The Spider Queen’s Grasp: Corpse Spiders deals X% increased damage and increases the number of spiders per jar by X
Motivation: Nothing more terrifying than getting spiders thrown at you, try it in real life and hear the screams. :grinning:
Not sure about the numbers but Jay Wilson it at minimum!!! :slight_smile:

Now for something more controversial:

Remove the cooldown for Bogadile and Wave of Mutilation and increase the damage for these runes.
Motivation: We only use the Piranhado rune but, in my opinion Bogadile and Wave of Mutilation are 2 of the most beautiful skills in the game. Lets make them count. Bogadile should feel like a nuke! Change it so that it has a Boulder Toss/Singularity Mages feel to it.
I don’t think this will be overpowered as the resource cost and casting animation of these skills prohibit us from spamming it.
Yes, I know that we will lose our only grouping skill.

I didn’t add the Hwoj Wrap because I think it is fine as it is. if we slow the whole screen with Locust Swarm we might not need grouping after all

To my fellow WD players
I would love to hear your suggestions.

some small print
Unfortunately English is not my native language so hopefully my ramblings are understandable. I am not a mathematician so I cannot say how much the damage modifier should be increased to and if the skill runes need damage adjustments as well. Hopefully other WD players will chime in on this.


I’m reviving this older post because it’s VERY/EXTREMELY relevant right now considering the current PTR for S25 / 2.7.2.