Unable to revive while doing visions and bounties

I was doing a Vision and died, but was unable to revive.

Source: Player List of Known Issues

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Visions is not a rift or greater rift. You should actually read what I wrote, not just the title.

Edit: And just now it happened while doing bounties.

It’s the SAME issue.

You can die ANYWHERE. But, some players have reported that they did not have an option to Revive their Character.

Blizzard has NEVER been able to find out what causes it. So, they’ve been unable to fix it.

The solution (workaround) is the SAME.

  1. Leave Game

  1. Start Game

  1. Try again.

So, what you are saying is if we come across bugs we have not seen before, but they are similar to ones that are known and can be solved in the same manner, do not bother reporting it on the forum designed for that purpose. Got it. I bow to the wisdom of the Forum police. /s

Where in The Burning Hells did I say that ?

You told me:

I ask you to do the same.

Yes. You should report it. I was merely letting you know that it IS a known issue. And that it may never be fixed. I was also letting you know that there is no acceptable “workaround” other than leaving your current game and restarting.

(It’s called “communication”. You know, that thing that Blizzard is so bad at).

And, you’ve already reported it…   in the OP. There’s nothing more you can do.

You do realize you were stating an obvious workaround. It was not like I was waiting for someone to tell me how to rez without restarting the game. Some things just do not need to be said. In this case, it really makes no sense to respond to my post the way that you did. It makes you look like your telling me I am an idiot and can’t figure this out.

The point is I was reporting a bug that I had not seen before. I have done hundreds of visions and did not have a problem reviving before. Now it has happened twice within a couple of days. Seems a new bug has arrived. And as far as bounties are concerned, in the thousands that I have done, I have never seen that happen either. I have occasionally had it happen in rifts, but never reported that since it is a known bug.