Top Adjusted Clear for each class so far in Season 28

Class / Tier / Time / Paragon / Adjusted Clear

Wizard: 150 / 5:16 / 1780 : 160.6
Barbarian: 150 / 6:49 / 1767 : 158.9
Necromancer: 150 / 9:31 / 1447: 157.4
Crusader: 150 / 9:57 / 1884: 156.4
Demon Hunter: 150 / 10:51 / 1662: 156.2
Monk: 150 / 10:05 / 2247: 155.7
Witch Doctor: 146 / 13:49 / 2014: 150.0

Witch Doctor on the bottom… what a shock… :roll_eyes:


Undefeated champions 10 years and running.


Is “Unvictorious” a word? Seems like this would be the time for it!


What a relief. Nice clear


Hmmm… more like Underwhelming Champions years running :trophy:.

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Rage, I don’t get your numbers. I know you are a very smart guy and I don’t mean no disrespect, but please explain it to me.

On the Americas leader boards:
Wizards have 198 clears at 150. Whereas Barbarians highest clear is 143. Looking at your chart, they look like they are neck to neck? ???

More numbers:
1000th Wizard has 142 clear.
1000th Barbarian has 119 clear.


Here’s the issue you’re having:

This info comes from the combo of NA, EU, and AS regions. For whatever reason, Maxroll doesn’t seem to have CN region shown anymore.

Highest Barb clear is on EU. You are right that there are a lot more total Wiz 150s (over 700) than Barb 150s (2). Some of that is just from the fact that Tal is a tier or two stronger than Raekor. But that huge discrepancy in number of clears is just because a lot more people are playing Tal.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Trag Necro overtakes Barb on this chart by season’s end (or, maybe not). But I doubt any of the other 4 classes has much of a chance of overtaking Raekor Barb, which is already a powerful build, and picks up one of the largest buffs from the Altar.

I bet something silly and unexpected takes the top clear spot this season.

Cuz everything is doing 150!

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It’s too bad the New Nats feels incredibly clunky to play


Yeah, though the number appearing in this chart is from a Marauder clear, not Nats.

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Clan mate already did 150 wizard with 1200 paragon, lol.

I believe it, that off screen clear is swole :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

There are no more CN region. The server is shut until further actions.

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Whoa, think I missed hearing about that. Do you know if many CN players are connecting to other regions via vpn?

Basically all the Blizzard games got removed from China.

Blizzard had some issues with their NetEase partnership and recently had to pull a bunch of their games in China. I think the only one still running is Diablo Immortal.

Crusader untouched, still in the top 5 (though out of 7…).

The real problem here is the consistency.

It’s worth saying this again: Witch Doctor is in Bad Shape.

Contrary to what’s been said by both Blizzard and Maxroll, WD has no S-tier pushing builds. None. Zero.

The class actually performed pretty decently in Season 27, but this was mainly due to the “Bogadile” crucible power, which was one of the strongest abilities added to any class. Compare the adjusted clears from State of Set with Season 27:

Arachyr: 148.1 → 152.6 (+4.5)
Zunimassa: 145.3 → 152.2 (+6.9)
Mundunugu: 144.9 → 153.5 (+8.6)
Jade: 139.0 → 152.1 (+13.1)!!!

All these clears used the Bogadile power.

You can see that out of the first 3, the builds gain more tiers the more AoE focused they are, and the worse they are at dealing with single targets. So, Mundu gets a lot, Arachyr significantly less, and Zuni in-between. Jade probably got such a big boost (the largest of any build) because it’s both terrible at single target and weak overall, meaning it normally isn’t played much. The clear here is by Okappa, one of the truly great WD players.

You can also see how close all those clears are to each other (just 1.4 tiers apart, when normally the spread is about 9 tiers). That’s probably because for all of these builds, Bogadile is doing a lot of the heavy lifting, so they track more closely together than they would normally.

So, yes, WD fared well in S27, but that’s because of a single special power that was added for the season. If they had added a Crusader crucible power “All enemies within 50 yards of your character are instantly killed”, then Crusaders would have done a lot better, too!

Without “extra special help”, the best WD can do is A-tier, which is where you’ll find Arachyr, Zuni, and (after that recent small buff) Mundunugu. The best of these, Arachyr, is currently the ~13th strongest build in the game, though it may fall a few more spots as people play the newly buffed Masquerade Necro and the reworked Nats.

Don’t get me wrong: A-tier is pretty good! But if anybody tells you that Arachyr, Mundu, or Zuni are S-tier sets, I suggest extreme skepticism, because AFAIK there is no evidence whatsoever that this is the case.


Wow, the dark skinned Witch Doctors are being suppressed by all the other white skinned classes. Maybe Activision/Blizzard is racist too? I know the Paladin is black, but he was designed last century, so does that count? When I first started typing this I was being tongue and cheek, but the more I think about it… maybe?

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I really hope they bring the Paladin back.