Time to voice my opinion or why I refunded D2R

I posted this before in D2 (2000) sub-forum because D2R sub-forum was locked and I did not notice D2R Beta sub-forum. So, here’s to having my voice heard more, in hopes it reaches the devs!

It seems there are a lot of people whose mentality haven’t grown for decades, still suck in the past and not realizing how stupid their counter arguments are. So I wanted to voice my opinion to emphasize we are not the minority here and list the changes I wish to have and the (in my opinion:) non-logical counter arguments behind them.

1. In-game trade currency with “auction house” like features. Resets for each season/ladder.
Why we want it: Come on, no one wants to use external crap like D2JSP or make a game “need enigma” to sit all day on it. And we don’t want to use runes or whatever as currency. This solves a lot of issues, just put an item and price for it with in-game trade gold and wait for a buyer. That’s it.
Counter argument against it: Heck if I know?! Hoarders of FGs?

2. Personal loot.
Why we want it: Seriously all this shared loot crap does is benefit those who use scripts (pickit), or have better latency. There’s no skilled involved in click click click dying boss.
Counter argument against it: Noo it ruins trading! Wrong: it does not, especially since no one asking for a change in drop rates. If anything, it will make trading better.
Noo go play private games that’s what we been doing for years! Oh no poop people been playing private, to fix this ridiculous gameplay design choice, cause and effect, not that hard to grasp.

3. Better storage (stacked runes/gems, “charm inventory”, bigger stash, bigger/cheaper tomes or even get rid of them).
Why we want it: Because current inventory managements is dumb. Let’s TP to town to make storage to pick up items, oh wait, can’t do that in public! Again, makes people want to play private games only. Ran out of storage? Oh damn, go put them in shared stash or create a new character. Oh snap, characters are limited per account?! How will that work out after 4 ladders?!
Counter argument against it: hurr durr it takes so much skillz to tetris your management oh and charms give lots of power so you have to compromise (yeah right, just TP to town and waste time, so much fun!).

4. Consensual PvP.
Why we want it: it’s 2021 how is griefing tolerated? Also, can be used to regulate PvP (maybe even after consenting both go to a PvP zone, some sort of black portal, and of course watchers can enter and watch.
Counter argument against it: lol noob go private haha ez let me grief you game hand holding you just want it easy hahaha.
Yeah, I am not making that up, this is their counter argument. Still stuck in 90’s mentality.

5. Class/ skill rebalances, including new items et cetra.
Why we want it: Game gets stale too fast, main reason I refunded I suppose. It’s just a reskin, you will end up hammerdin and/or a sorc (and even multi-clienting for that barb bo, especially in Hardcore). Or if you become “rich” enough you will make some other class for little viability. Boring. Melees for instance are mostly garbage and have fun levelling a barbarian for example without just being a leecher who gives out BO.
Counter argument against it: lol n00b, diz iz d2. you just want ez, etc. etc., same crap as above.

6. DClone event change.
Why we want it: Selling SoJs is not smart. Period.
Counter argument against it: I don’t know? But I am sure they have something to say about it.

7. Change up area levels, add new monsters worthy to magic find even for a new “event” items.
Why we want it: Diversify and freshen things. Boring to just do boss runs and pits/ key runs.
Counter argument against it: I don’t know? But I am sure they have something to say about it.

8. Difficulty options, similar to D3 aka /players 8.
Why we want it: Multi-clienting is currently the only way to boost difficulty in private games. This, in conjunction with shared loot, is very problematic.
Counter argument against it: I don’t know? But I am sure they have something to say about it.

Some points we thankfully got but I wanted to show more of those “purists” mindset:

1. Ladder items in non-ladder.
Why we want it: Because it makes no sense to lock them for ladder, especially when ladder resets anyways after few months.
Counter argument against it: Ladder ded haha. What?! Who plays ladder for ladder only items?!?! or so they can re-sell them on non-ladder (again, maybe fg hoarders)?!?!?! Main incentive of ladder is a fresh start with economy and making new characters from grounds up, if this does not motivate you, ladder is not for you.

2. Cow-king does not lock cows (hopefully they don’t lock Nihalathak portal either).
Why we want it: Isn’t it obvious?
Counter argument against it: Again, same nonsense, you just want ez games, go play d3, gate keeping manboy crap, etc.

I hope I have not forgotten anything.

Those people who are so against changes can go play original D2: LoD that they have been playing for 20 years, with the same 20 non-bot users and let other people enjoy things. Gaming have evolved but sadly some human’s thinking have not.

I really hope we get those changes. I have a (rather optimistic theory) that VV are going for “authentic playstate” at launch and then they will take liberty and spice things up. But I am worried because this is a single purchase so there’s no monetization or any incentive for Blizzard to do so.


Go play Diablo 3. Diablo 2 doesn’t hold your hand like your mom, and we want to keep it that way, and yes, you are in the minority.


Mama mia, he just changed the entire Diablo 2 and gave it another name xD


Haha, you refunded Diablo 2 because you want a different game?

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There is a mod called ProjectDiablo2 that you would love that does all the above for you.

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Oh look, here they are again. The people who fight change because of irrational fears, presenting no logic no reason no rationale no nothing but emotional tears and still having the same fixed mindset for 20+ years. This isn’t target towards anyone (Unlike some people, we fight ideas not people, and we do it with logic). Anyways, I am doing this once:

First things first, the “go play Diablo III” is so childish and immature that for people of average age 30+ is just outright embarrassing. But sure, let’s discuss it. Diablo III sold 20 million copies, one of the most top selling PC video games of all time. Diablo II sold 4 million, that’s only 2 million over Diablo I (so much for going 20+ years strong, right? So much for being GOTY of ARPG and totally flawless!).
For reference, Cyperpunk 2077 PC, a broken product outsold Diablo II in what, 6 months (!!!)?
Mind you, I like Diablo II over Diablo III personally but I am not an emotional fanboy and I am glad Blizzard has common sense else our favorite Intellectual Properties would of been long gone if they were like their fans, against change for the sake of “change bad”.

So if you are going to be dismissive and childish, know your facts before coming at me, and I can simply just say: Go play Diablo II (2000), it existed for people whose mindset never evolved. Diablo II Resurrection is a remaster, name one remaster with only graphic changes and a dozen of introduced bugs/ weird design choices (trade window scam)?

I am also sorry that you find playing a casual easy game such as Diablo II to be such a challenging task. But if you take the time to even read my post before posting a post that honestly feels automated, none of my proposed changes are making the game easier - it just makes it less tedious and chore-like for the player. I mean, there is even increased difficulty suggestion for God’s sake! And balance changes so there are no OP hammerdin/sorcs owning everything.

Now, I would honestly be so happy if logical counter arguments were presented, it’s so frustrating to feel it’s so much to ask for this!

  1. No, that’s garbage. Nobody wants to play the AH instead of interacting with real people. That’s why D3 got rid of the whole thing.

  2. could be an option for game creation. Don’t like it, don’t use it. If you like FFA, create games using it. Everyone’s happy (except for the people who find nobody is joining their FFA loot games.

  3. Why not just ask for infinite storage? Plus a charm inventory so you never have to get rid of any charms you ever find? They have to put some type of limit on what you can just carry around.

  4. Again, a choice available on game creation. Of course, the only people who will complain are those that enjoy PKing and are wondering why nobody is ever joining their PVP on games.

  5. This would all happen if they find that Reforged is successful and make some additional content. May or may not happen, but balance is not something that needs to be addressed in a PVM environment.

  6. Sure, this was only to eat up the duped SOJs anyways.

  7. See #5

  8. No, if you want players 8, play with other people.

  9. Nope. You want ladder items, you play ladder. Then your ladder items shift to non ladder.

  1. Fair but still, how do you feel about sitting all day in a game waiting for someone to come and no one joins? Why is everyone using D2JSP you think? The interaction with real people is very bare minimum and risky without official AH.
  2. Fair.
  3. How is this infinite stash? Hyperbolism much? What does non-charm inventory even offer, TPing to town to make storage and going back? Just inconvenience, this change will not effect main gameplay loop except respect players’ time.
    What’s wrong with keeping every charm you get? I don’t think there’s anything wrong and if there is, it’s a balance issue more than anything because like I said: TP → Make Storage → Resume.
  4. Fair.
  5. You mean Resurrected, right? As for PVM, balance is needed much for exactly that - so you can diversify your builds and have fun!
  6. Yes.
  7. See #5.
  8. The game encourages solo play though, because of shared loot and toxic people and open PvP. If they add those change, then I agree with you, sure! Public games will be so populated and people will have so much fun playing together, providing real interaction that you yearn!
  9. Makes no sense still. Ladder resets often and Non-ladder gets populated with those items regardless, why punish people who have lives and don’t want to play ladder after ladder? Ladder is for fresh start, economic and elsewise, and was never about items.
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The kind of behaviour I was talking about in another thread.
YOU are the minority.

Most of your points make sense…and I don’t see why we would not have this kind of feature in a “modern realm” while “purists” would have non of this in the “traditional realm”.

Because even it is promised to fail…then 1 year from now the “modern” realm will be closed, and all the players will play in the traditional “realm”.
But those “purists” are opposed to such options, because they fear the realm that would collapse is the “traditional one”.
Because a lot of vets are also in favor of modern features.
Yes, I’m not a D3 kid, I played thousands of hours in D2, since 1.03.
But I know what I’m talking about D3 because, contrary to a lot of people saying D3 is dumb, I’ve played probably like 1,500hours on D3 (half of D2 maybe…and D2 still remains my fav’ )


They are the minority, as evident by D2 as whole selling 4 million copies only, and they are like 5% of that. This game will attract those who bought the original and many new players who will be there because of the critical success of Diablo III (20 million copies, baby!).

They also are toxic as hell, offering no logic other than “change bad”. Not to mention the gate keeping and immature dismissive behavior. I am sure Blizzard won’t listen to them, give them Diablo II 1.15 and let them be stuck in 2000 for eternity.

Edit: brilliant idea of 1 year contest between “Resurrected” and “Traditional” realm!

If you’re sitting in a game all day trying to trade something, either your price is too high, or nobody wants what you’re selling.

The entire game is about loot. They WANT you to spend time dealing with the loot you get, whether it’s dropping it, selling it or just dealing with inventory issues. They’ve given us a shared stash and muling out of it will still be a thing I’m sure, but stacking runes and gems/ or some type of mats tab ala D3, could be a thing in the future, but that’s up to them. I’ve never really had much issue just dumping junk, but the hoarders might find it more needed then me.

This game already has so much diversity, but regardless, there’s never going to be balanced builds as some classes excel at some things, and then a runeword or 2 makes another class take the lead.

Or the most common scenario, trader did not see game, was not available at that time, et cetra, et cetra?

I disagree.
Hammerdin and Sorc that’s it (runs time as measure, exp gained and monsters killed).
The rest to be just 50% viable you have to get some high-end gear for them, and are painful to play low-mid level.

Go play Diablo 3 , we are not miss you !

1 : ye i dont care about d2 jsp , auction house sounds good , but i am ok with the : i need enigma and wait there stuff

2 : lol go play diablo 3 if you want personal loot

3 : the stash is already big enough and there is 3 shared stash too

4 : pvp is not for everyone and to be honest i dont care about it , diablo is always lott and xp farm with friends or solo for me

5 : lol ofc no need skill balance

6 : dclone is ok with soj , why you want a free anni ?

7 : no

8 : play solo in the release date or with 7 friend or public

just go away , this is Diablo 2 preserved with some nice qol change , the devs already said that and this is what we want , if you want something else go play diablo 3 or wait for diablo 3.1 ohh wait its called diablo 4 LOL

We are not miss you ! :rofl:

Reading is so hard for some people.

You have been on the internet for almost 20 years. You still can’t even use punctual marks properly. Yet, you still are rude to people.
Anyways: No, you are wrong. This is not Diablo II 1.15. This is a remake!

I was going to come to the forums to kinda voice some concerns as well and I think you hit most of what I was gonna say.
1. If the trading system works I don’t think there is a need for an auction house because it devalues items too fast, hence why d3 removed it. Even if we had an auction house im pretty sure d2jsp is still going to be a thing. The main reason runes have been used as currency is because they are the easiest things to trade. Even trades are nearly impossible with everything having different values.
2. I agree with 100% the ffa loot system hasnt been a thing in hardly any recent games so I don’t see a legit reason to keep it. Playing diablo 2 back in the day I barely talked to anyone in any public games because they were all farming loot nobody was going to stop to type. The only person I met back then was in a yahoo chat room when i was looking for someone to help me mule and he’s still one of my best friends.
3. I agree to some extent. I think there should be a 2x2 or 3x3 square for a “charm” box with limited space say 3x6 internal space like a keyring of sorts. Stacked gems/runes/potions would be a dream come true but probably wont happen. (end of the day you should be able to pick up every piece of loot from a single boss without having to manage things like charms) Could be something like just limit how many charms you can have on it regardless of size.
4. IMO you just shouldnt be able to toggle someone unless you’re both in town. If one untoggles then you can’t PK
5. I’ve wanted something like this since old d2 because farming in hell when you’re full spec into a tree as a sorc and the mobs are immune is mad annoying. Hybrid specs always end up gimped and it takes so much longer to kill stuff. You also shouldnt be forced to play with other people just to mix damage.
6. I fought plenty of D clones and I never sold a single SOJ. Pretty sure the message was just a temp message to mess with the dupers.
7.Considering they have d3 and other inspiration idk why they didn’t add anything. Yes its a remaster but it feels like its just a basic reskin. Stuff like the loot goblins from d3 and/or random portals in certain zones would be nice.
8. This was debated back in the day. People said this worked but i guess only in single player. Not sure if it would be a good addition or not.
9. Ladder items shouldn’t exist at least not in the capacity that they do. I can understand haveing a handful of things restricted to ladder but 23/78 runewords are ladder only. Also 28 ladder only uniques. Pretty sure most people don’t play ladder for these specific reasons. Also like you said when ladder ends they end up on non ladder anyway.
10. Cow King should be summonable over and over. If you can just make a new game and kill baal over and over whats the difference.

Some things I would like added
Buff timers/icons so you can see what buffs you’re getting and when you’re not.
A lot more recipes for the Cube like low level crafting pre lvl 50.
A lot more runewords. I feel like there could be so many more pre lvl 30 runewords to help with xp gain for ppl who like to power lvl characters.
Reduced cost of some of the higher lvl rune xmutes and cube recipes. I feel like some of the things they list have almost never been used because the cost is too high.

At the end of the day if I wanted to play old diablo 2, I would have just redownloaded that and played it instead. There is no reason they can’t add and change things for d2 to be improved. In its current state it just feels like a reskin. They just copy and pasted better models over the same old game and charged us full price for it. All they changed was trading, the stash, and the models.

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  1. Valid opinion.
  2. Totally agree. Takes away fun social aspect of the game, instead of interacting with other players you are forced to go private. Oh, don’t forget requires multi clienting for better results.
  3. (Charmed inventory) - This is honestly up to debate, I am having second thoughts about it too. Always good to see opinions.
  4. Exactly. PvP should be consensual, and in the case of one player’s death, the flag is unset (to avoid griefing/NK). It’s just toxic griefing.
  5. There was a suggestion of removing immunity and making them high resistance instead. I totally am behind that opinion, nullifying a build is not acceptable imo. Also, balancing means more build diversity!
  6. No, the message is very real sadly. There are still dupers to this day though - hence why he spawns.
  7. Exactly. This shouldn’t be Diablo II 1.15 for 5% of players. This will attract most people who bought D2 AND many new comers after the critical success of D3.
  8. Something similar to D3 difficulty (more/faster exp, better loot), perhaps?
  9. Yep, just punishes people who have a life. Ladder means fresh start.
  10. Yep. But hey, I guess that’s hand-holding making it “ez like d3, go play d3!”. “Purists” don’t understand difficulty and tedious.

Yep, forgot about it. Like when Battle Orders runs out.

For sure.

But also, buff or make new uniques/rare items.
In addition, they should show range of stats (e.g. if you found Nagelring with 15% MF, it should show: min: 15%, max: 30%. This is especially useful for rare items).

Not really sure what you mean by this?

My thoughts exactly, reskin with introduced bugs and things like trade window scam.
This is not Diablo II 1.15.

Thank you!

Putting rarity on items would add too much imo. It’s not too difficult to look up on the multitude of sites to find this data at least.
The reduce cost of high lvl rune xmutes I’m mainly referring to stuff like using a stone of jordan plus other stuff to add a socket to a rare item. I thought there were other things but I may be misremembering them.
Adding items I’m gonna do some digging and find out how many white items arent being used. I remember there being some but can’t remember how many. In any case there is room for more items.

EDIT FOR ITEMS These are white items that don’t corelate to any unique/set items.

Axe - Small Crescent, Feral
Bow - Spider, Blade, Shadow, Great, Diamond, Stag, Reflex, Ashwood, Cerem, Matria
Crossbow - Pellet, Gorgon
Dagger - Mithril
Throwing - Throwing Knife, Balanced, War, Flying, Hurlbat, Throwing Axe, Balanced Axe
Javelins - 13
Claws - 16
Mace - Reinforced
Orbs - 12
Polearm - Colossus, Great, Mat. Pike, Maiden pike
Scepter - Seraph
Spear - Ghost, Ceremonial, Maiden
Staff - Walking, Stalagmite, Shillelagh
Sword - Crystal, hydra, Conquest, 2H - Legend, Highland
Wand - polished, Ghost

Armor Edit later

no its not remake , its remastered

Diablo® II: Resurrected™ is a remastered version of the quintessential action RPG Diablo® II. Pursue the mysterious Dark Wanderer and fight the denizens of hell as you uncover the fate of the Prime Evils Diablo, Mephisto, and Baal, now in up to 4K (2160p) resolution on PC. Diablo II Resurrected features:

Remastered graphics—monsters, heroes, items, spells, all resurrected

Classic gameplay—the same Diablo II you know and love, preserved.

This I understand is not a remake but if they can do simple improvements like they’re doing with the stash and trading, there is no reason they can’t do a few more quality of life improvements. I don’t see the point in bringing this game out and leaving it like it was 20 years ago with a prettier look to it. It didn’t go so well with WC3.

  1. Its because you don’t know how to trade. I’ve played for 20 years, always got all my gear np by just making games and saying what I want and what I’m paying for it. You want to waste time in the “wug” game, that’s your loss…we don’t need nor want an AH. Or JSP. Or anything else. Use the trade channel or make a game with a proper name.

  2. We don’t want Personal loot…part of the fun of this game is fighting for loot. There are many ARPGS that have Ploot, and all of them are boring because of it.

  3. Inventory is fine, we have 4 large tabs.

  4. Not always knowing whats going to happen next is a good thing. You can duel anytime you want by making the proper game. Maybe you want to hostile someone because you dont like them, or you want to steal their gold, or they got an item before you, or they wont stop TPing ahead and killing the mobs…its great o have that ability.

  5. The game does need balancing. I gotta say your “counter arguments” sound like the ravings of a madman btw)

  6. Its not perfect, offer solutions then. Selling SOJs is just outdated thats all.

  7. They did this in PD2 mod. It was a good thing for the most part.

  8. Meh, could go either way. /players 8 would make it so everyone would just stay private though…not very fun.

ONE. Doesnt bother me to have them on NL as I’ll never ever play NL if theres a Ladder going. Non ladder gets too flooded with items and become worthless too fast.

TWO. They already fixed cows.

I recommend that you try D3 instead.