They no longer love us are they breaking up with us?

Sure, why not? There have been restrictions and preventive measures enacted on a global scale. In my country it’s about 12% of the population that’s been confirmed infected, and we have had mandatory testing for basically every worker on a fairly regular schedule (as well as anyone that has been in contact with an active outbreak), so while some for sure has fallen trough the cracks, I have a hard time seeing 55% of the population having done so.

Another thread gets derailed. From news about the D4 blog all the way to Covid-19. :man_facepalming:

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I’ll stock more popcorn, this gonna be long. :popcorn:

That’s not how maths works. Let’s imagine a population of 100.

10 of them have a value of 110.
90 of them have a value of 10.

The average of the values is (10 * 110) + (90 * 10) / 100 = (1100) + (900) / 100 = 2000 / 100 = 20

So, 90% of the population have below average value.

So wheres all your stats proving that it’s a poor assumption in the first place
and over 14 million D3 sold, there is nowhere near that many people on here ever
Sad state of affairs when we have to post proof of what we say yet you don’t post your proof showing it is a poor assumption
Could it be there is no proof of what you say to backup your claim otherwise it would of been put up
Not that I care what you think, it’s only your opinion and I know different from experience and If you want to believe your right all the time go right ahead no skin off my nose, I’m not going to waste my time trying to change your mind

Buddy… The point is no one has any proof of any stats (unless one is a Blizz employee). Its all feelings and assumptions. Poor assumptions though because there are people you do not log in but surf the forums. There are those who log in but don’t post. The number of people on social media compared to forum visitors is irrelevant.


Even if you’re not logged in the view counter for any thread still updates. So again, by that alone we can tell that the forum is not particularly active. The pinned thread about D4 have garnered 23k views over 2 years, the pinned thread about the current season have got 14k over 3 months.

You only have to google D4 and it clearly states it won’t be released soon… who ventures further usually?

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The point is that it’s a pinned thread, always the first you see when you enter the forum, so should be at the top of activity. Check the rest of the forum majority of threads sits low to mid hundreds as far as views goes.

Ok well… ok. Cool info thanks!

The thread counters mean nothing if people choose not to post. There could be 4x the visitation as compared to the amount of posting. Sometimes there is nothing to say thus no point in posting. Again, most people do not read. Some do read. Some do more selective searches. You assume read and post counts define activity. Once the post counts accumulate into the hundreds some folks just tune out and assume the thread has been turned into a troll minstrel show.

The pinned thread for the current season has over 100 posts. Why would I be reading through what was originally an announcement thread after the 30 day mark, when I’ve already read the season announcement blog article? Let’s crowd everything pertaining to (and not pertaining to) the current season into one massive, unstructured, vertical silo. Yes, let’s disincentivize reading by clumping stuff together in an unorganized fashion and hope the search function can save us.

Well, if you’re only interested in Blizzard posts / announcements then you could indeed just click the Blizz Tracker each day and see if there’s anything new…

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The post counter, sure, but I specifically said “View” counter. As in how many times someone just opened the thread.

Well, it does. The sole purpose of a forum is to read and write. If no one does either it’s a dead forum.

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Or just be a complete mong and always use google for everything, even to get to the forums YAAAAY!

Or trust that someone with more than 10k posts isn’t going to mislead me by saying…

… thus I would be looking for a NEW stickied thread that would be addressing the performance issues (not a season announcement thread) especially since the performance issues are not limited to the current season. I would expect that the update fix info., based on the performance problem lingering across seasonal boundaries, would not be buried in post 134 of an announcement thread and that I would not have to scroll through Blizz tracker to find the update info.

Maybe you misspoke by accident while typing quickly. Maybe it was laziness or lack of sleep. How the hell would I know?

Thank you for letting me know that blizz tracker exists, but your post from Aug 20th did not say to hit the Blizz tracker, check the season announcement thread, or go on an easter egg hunt through the bug report and tech support forums. Also, do you really think I should put any trust in blizz tracker when leaked info. from twitter doesn’t show up there?

You are really stuck… If:

  • I’m logged out
  • I scan the the thread titles and see the post count on a thread is 200+
  • by my guest-imates I last read post 22
    … I may or may not have the time to read through the other 178. However, I’ve visited the forums. I have not logged in, posted, or clicked on an individual thread. If I go to a D3 dev’s twitter page that constitutes a visit. He may or may not have more visitors than D3 general page 1.

Still counts views.

Yeah, I’m sure most forum users don’t actually read anything, they just open the forum and then exit the forum…

Point still stands, if people don’t read or write whether 100 000 open up the forum is irrelevant as the forum has no activity.

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When I said “pretty sure” I was basing it on the fact that the issue had been outstanding a long time and they’d actually brought up the PTR specifically to investigate the issue and, having found the cause and patched it, I expected they would have made a new sticky in General Discussion. I wasn’t trying to mislead anyone. I genuinely expected that they’d want to make sure as many people as possible saw this had been fixed.

Of course, the CMs did something else instead and tucked it away in an existing thread. I genuinely have no clue why they’d make news about fixing a bug that had been outstanding for over a year hard to find. But, hey, I also have no clue why the CMs only post things on Twitter about a quarterly blog update being a week late rather than also saying something on the official forums.

No, I genuinely expected a new sticky in General Discussion.

I refer you to my previous answer.


Bro your above explanation would have been all that was needed, instead of…

I agree a fix to a bug that has affected an uneven group of players and has been around for 2 seasons or more should not be tucked away deep in an announcement thread. The fact that I did not see anything based on where I checked for more than a month lead to thread creation. At this point the season is passed the 75% mark, I don’t see a reason to bother with it. We’ll see what they do with next season.

Hooray D4 Quarterly update is up. I think I spent about 4 to 5 mins just checking out the videos. Nice work sound team(s).

That’s not how statistic works.
Things like IQ usually have a Gauss distribution .

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No the point is we disagree with you and you demand proof of what we believe and you supply none.
If we are required to supply proof and make a big deal about it because we didn’t supply proof and it is a requirement to supply proof for us with statements like

We have to supply proof on your say so but you don’t supply proof for your own statements

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander

Or is it one rule for you and one rule for everyone else

I just have issue with people that require everyone else to supply proof of why they think the way they do but the person demanding the proof doesn’t hand out there own proof as to why they think they are right and everyone else is wrong