Stop claiming changes to D2R = D3 or D4

They are all different games with different core mechanics, story, itemization

People claiming

“if you want changes to D2, go play D3 or wait for D4”

is as dumb as saying

“you want salt on your cucumber? Go eat coriander or a pineapple instead”

Stop assuming that people don’t like the game or want to play another just because they want to improve it


Thanks for the PSA…

Whats wrong with Salt on a Cucumber?



Except that changing core mechanics of D2R could make it more like D3; like ploot for example.

The problem is what you see as an “improvement” may not be seen the same by others. Small QOL changes are fine, large core mechanical changes are not.


I don’t get this innate, obsessive demand for loot system change? You knew this was going to be a remaster, you know that D4 is in the making, if you are looking for a Diablo experience that is not D2, just wait for D4 and play D3 in the meantime, then everyone is happy, this is why we say that, we say it for a reason.


YOU dont have to improve it. go play another game.
THIS game is fine as it is.


because some people want to change fundamental stuff that would make D2 totally a different game
like personal loot for example … thats not qol … that would change the game in a serous way

this aint a new game this is a D2 facelift

if you want certain BIG changes you better play D3 or wait for D4


This is a perfect example of what I’m talking about
Assuming stuff and ignoring the possibility that what the person wants to play is D2R+, not D3 or D4

D2R isn’t D3 or D4 with changes or not and will never be


I think we should just give a rest and see how launch goes?


But I am assuming nothing, you have made many a statement and threads (bordering on spam) in favor of countless changes, with the emphasis being on getting ploot put into the game.

You can’t blame people for being confused when nothing about the game seems to appeal to you unless it gets changed first.


Lol that blatantly false… I’m not even a Ploot advocate lol

How is advocating for changes to something considered wanting to change or hate everything else lol

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Maybe people will start accepting D2R couple of days/weeks after launch as they realize D2 is fine the way it is


yeah but certain changes are waaaay beyond a D2R+

D2R+ = stuff like bigger box storage … or inventory shortcuts so that you dont have to drag and drop stuff all the time

only time i have seen people say “go play D3” or “maybe its not the game for you” is when people ask for stuff that changes the game in a way so it isnt D2 anymore

diablo 2 is the way it is because of certain features
its not D2 anymore if you change certain stuff that is fundamental to the game experience

its a facelift of D2 after all and not a new game


Oh come on man, just look in the general discussions.


Why the hell should I look in my post history to search for something I already know I’m not in favour or promoting


Okay fine, I believe you.

Well the thing to point out here is people are asking for things like they are ordering a cheeseburger from McDonalds and asking them to make it like a bigmac. Yes McD’s will do it but did you really want the cheeseburger to begin with?

That said, this example also does little justice to how much time and effort it would take to make some of these changes. Ploot as an example sure sounds feasible when you say “give me an option” to turn it on or off but in practicality it would probably take an entire year to implement. You also now have to maintain 2 different looting systems which just adds overall complexity to maintaining the product.


That’s where you’re wrong


Why you want to force changes to the game on other players? Why do you put yourself above others? Do you understand what a remaster is? Its not a remake its a remaster. So leave it alone and go play something that already has all the things you are looking for