Stop claiming changes to D2R = D3 or D4

Philosophically, providing two options rather than one means that players have a choice and that one view is not being elevated over another.


Wooo calm down dude, logical arguments aren’t allowed here


Why do people complain about ffa loot? Because its hard to pick a rare item in a public game. So the ploot people want to make it to where a rare item drops just for them and no one else could click on. Stop asking for easier way to get loot. Jeez are you guys so bad at video games that you want everything given to you without any skill/effort on your end?


How much skill does it take to run a bot, pickit cheat, or ninja loot? Wouldn’t it be better to have loot for skilled legitimate players and not cheaters?

Bro, if you want to change the game then you don’t like it the way it is.
This is not an assumption, this is an obvious fact :joy:


Cheaters and bots risk getting their whole accounts and hardware banned. And because of existence of cheaters and bots we should get rid a good loot system? My advice is do not play multiplayer games with bots and cheaters, simple as that.


just because 1 aspect of something needs improvement doesn’t make the entire thing bad or you don’t like it. The “core” feature people want to change by adding an option isn’t even present in the game for single player or online private games

it wouldn’t get rid of ffa and my advice would be don’t play in personal loot games.

Philosophically, I can like ice cream sundaes. If I want to change the sundae by adding a marachino cherry to make it better, that does not mean I dislike ice cream sundaes.


Not bloody likely and even if they do they just re-start in the organization.
Unless you take them all down it just continues and continues ext ext

Only minority of players think thats an improvement, according to the official poll, the majority doesn’t want your perceived improvement


Who says something needs to be improved? I’m not saying that because I love the game just the way it is.
If I say something that needs to be changed is destroying the game or a reason for a refund or not to buy it, you don’t like it.
The game is as it is - there is no need to change if you like it without a doubt.


there is no official poll blizzard has never posted such a thing. Also and more importantly just because a majority want something a certain way it doesn’t mean its better.


Yeah they did lol, check reddit Ill send you the link
Here, just delete empty space between s and :
“https ://”

There is a big difference between “it MUST be changed” and “I can imagine it would be good if …”

still not seeing where this change is in your mind adding and additional option doesn’t change or remove ffa loot

It’s not about what the majority wants, it’s about what the game is.
Change is a circumstance and not a continuation.
Why do you always think a change is to be equated with circumstances? What world do you live in?

how is that official? it was made by a random reddit user.

also that poll you linked showed the majority to be for personal loot or personal loot with a trade off

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Survey was posted on r/diablo, r/diablo2 and blizzard forums.
4352 people participated yet, which is a big sample-size that gives us strong data.
We get a very good idea of what changes the community wants to see.
• 99% of the participants have played Diablo 2 / Diablo 2 LOD in the past, which makes
the data more valuable and meaningful due to the participants experience with Diablo.

yes he posted it on multiple places but it clearly says it was made by chrompower on reddit not blizzard.